Friday, July 16, 2021

If Newspeak for "Ministry of Truth" is Minitrue, then the Ministry of Health should be . . .


Start using it.

Also, although I think birdemic is here to stay, it occurred to me today that another good nickname would be the Cyranovirus -- since its main effect seems to be to make people's noses grow.


Bruce Charlton said...

CS Lewis (in That Hideous Strength) pointed out the ways that life-preservation, health and therapy could be deployed to 'justify' unbounded oppression and torment.

This is given a new value-inversion aspect when the 'therapeutic' measures on average actually harm health/ cause death and are universal (at least among the mass majority) - rather than targeted against dissenters.

So yes - very much a Minihell.

Francis Berger said...

That's very good! But Minihell is somewhat misleading seeing as this whole fiasco is rapidly blossoming to become a veritable macrohell.

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