Wednesday, January 27, 2021

YouTube is gaslighting us

Yesterday, wanting to quantify how unpopular the Fake President is, I created a spreadsheet and recorded how many likes and dislikes each of the videos on the White House's official YouTube channel had. I didn't take screenshots, because it didn't occur to me that the data I was collecting would later be memory-holed. (A screenshot doesn't prove anything anyway, since it would be easy to modify it. Either you trust me or you don't.)

I checked the same videos again today, and almost every one of them now has fewer dislikes than it had yesterday. Here are the numbers:
  • The Inauguration of the 46th President of the United States
    • Yesterday: 14,000 likes; 69,000 dislikes
    • Today: 14,000 likes; 68,000 dislikes
  • President Biden Reviews the Readiness of Military Troops in a Pass In Review
    • Yesterday: 3,600 likes; 18,000 dislikes
    • Today: 3,700 likes; 16,000 dislikes
  • The Work Begins
    • Yesterday: 5,100 likes; 25,000 dislikes
    • Today: 5,100 likes; 22,000 dislikes
  • President Biden and Vice President Harris Participate in a Wreath Laying Ceremony
    • Yesterday: 3,500 likes; 20,000 dislikes
    • Today: 3,500 likes; 17,000 dislikes
  • President Biden Signs Executive Orders and Other Presidential Actions
    • Yesterday: 6,900 likes; 37,000 dislikes
    • Today: 6,900 likes; 34,000 dislikes
  • President Biden Swears In Day One Presidential Appointees in a Virtual Ceremony
    • Yesterday: 6,500 likes; 27,000 dislikes
    • Today: 6,600 likes; 23,000 dislikes
  • 01/20/21: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki
    • Yesterday: 7,800 likes; 32,000 dislikes
    • Today: 7,800 likes; 29,000 dislikes
  • President Biden Delivers Remarks and Signs Executive Orders
    • Yesterday: 6,300 likes; 19,000 dislikes
    • Today: 6,300 likes; 17,000 dislikes
  • President Biden Takes Action On [The Birdemic]
    • Yesterday: 2,400 likes; 7,800 dislikes
    • Today: 2,400 likes; 7,100 dislikes
  • Five New Economic Actions
    • Yesterday: 2,300 likes; 11,000 dislikes
    • Today: 2,400 likes; 11,000 dislikes
  • President Biden Speaks To The U.S. Conference Of Mayors
    • Yesterday: 4,300 likes; 30,000 dislikes
    • Today: 4,400 likes; 29,000 dislikes
It's not strictly speaking impossible for the number of dislikes to go down in reality, since liking or disliking a video is reversible. It's possible to click the thumbs-down icon, disliking the video, and then change your mind, click it again, and remove the dislike. But even if we accept the ridiculous premise that many thousands of people are doing that -- that many thousands of people have warmed up to Biden and thought, "Gee, I'd better get back on YouTube and un-dislike his videos!" -- wouldn't we expect those same people to then like those videos? But for the most part, the number of likes has remained static since yesterday.

Look at the "Wreath Laying Ceremony" video, for example. Yesterday, 3,500 people liked it and 20,000 people disliked it. Today, if we take the numbers at face value, 3,000 people who had disliked the video had a change of heart. If these hypothetical 3,000 people had all gone back to the video and changed their dislike to a like, the total number of likes would have almost doubled -- but in fact it hasn't changed at all. There are still just 3,500 likes. I guess all those people said, "I thought I disliked this video before, but now I realize that I actually neither like nor dislike it." Okay, sure.

So YouTube is very obviously cooking the numbers. The question is why they're choosing to be so unnecessarily blatant about it. I mean, absolute numbers are not important here. No one has a very clear idea whether 20,000 dislikes is high or low; what they look at is the ratio. The Wreath Laying video had a dislike-to-like ratio of 5.7-to-1 yesterday, and today it's 4.9-to-1. YouTube could have accomplished the same thing by adding 600-some likes rather than deleting 3,000 dislikes. The number of likes going up over time is normal, so no one would have noticed anything fishy. Instead, though, they chose to delete large numbers of dislikes, making the fraud obvious. Why?

All I can conclude is that, as with the Fake Election itself, the Powers That Shouldn't Be want the fraud to be obvious. They want those who go along with it to know that they're going along with fraud -- because the ultimate goal is not to dupe innocent people but to cause people to damn themselves by being complicit in their own deception. As is increasingly true these days, nothing makes sense if you don't recognize the role of purposive evil -- literal demons -- in what is going on.

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Avalon John said...

They will use any number of reasons to justify the manipulation of the data, and many or most will buy into it. It's trolls, or bias, or a glitch. Something VoxDay once said during his podcast is probably closer to the truth: (paraphrased) Evil seems to find it necessary or is compelled to reveal itself.

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