Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Blue Jays

In a comment on "Jay Leno, Coco, and the killer rabbit," William Wright discusses the possible meanings of the name Jay. When he's not on TV, Leno apparently always wears the same outfit -- blue jeans and a blue shirt -- making him a "blue Jay," and also a possible link to Tim and to the Blue Wizards.

In "William Alizio's links to other stories," I identified the Blue Wizards with the two figures standing in the background of this picture, from the cover or Iris Murdoch's The Philosopher's Pupil:

After the blue jay theme had been introduced, I realized that Blue Jays -- the 1975 album by Moody Blues members Justin Hayward and John Lodge -- features two very similar figures:

As in the Murdoch cover illustration, the two men in blue are standing side by side under an arch and looking across a chasm to the other side.

I've never been a huge fan of Blue Jays, but one of the songs has some potentially relevant lyrics:

Oh, I dreamed last night I was hearing
Hearing your voice
And the things you said, well they left me
Left me no choice

And you told me we had the power
And you told me this was the hour
But that you don't know how
If I could show you now

Well, I dreamed last night you were calling
Calling my name
You were locked inside of your secrets
Calling my name

And you told me lost was the key
And you told me how you long to be free
But that you don't know how
Oh, let me show you now

I introduced Tim (half of the Blue Wizard duo Tim and Patrick) in my post "Well, that didn't take long"; he appeared in the kind of dream where "it's just some guy talking." I later connected him with the stranger in The Key.

Many years ago, I used to entertain the idea that Justin Hayward was the reincarnation of Arnaut Daniel, though I don't remember what first suggested the connection -- probably a dream or something. Possibly relevant in connection with the white rabbit:

I am Arnaut who nets the breeze
and with an ox pursues the hare
and swims against the rising seas.

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