Monday, November 27, 2023

Never mind the Pollux

My wife recently ordered some new luggage, and it arrived a couple of days ago. She kept the box it was delivered in because she wanted to use it for something else later.

This morning, just before I went out, she asked me about the word caster, which appeared on the box, wanting to know if it was used only for wheels on luggage or more broadly.

Immediately after answering her question (I had learned the word caster as a child from a Piers Anthony novel, where it figured in a pun about castor oil), I went out to run some errands. At my first stop, I found this on the ground right next to where I had parked:

Caster paired with the numeral 5 on an empty box, and maybe 10 minutes between the two occurrences. This strikes me as an extremely low-probability sync. Caster, the Internet informs me, was a Japanese cigarette brand that was discontinued in 2015, which makes running across a discarded Caster pack in 2023 even more improbable. Five wheels on a suitcase is also quite unusual, two or four being much more common.

As for the possible significance of the sync, the first thing that came to mind is that caster could mean a spell-caster, i.e. a wizard, and that there are five Wizards in Tolkien: Saruman, Gandalf, Radagast, and the two Blue Wizards. Both Saruman and the Blue Wizards have been popping up in the sync-stream these days.


William Wright (WW) said...

Also tying to wizards, you had brought up Aaron and the sorcerers throwing down their rods and turning into snakes in an earlier post. In the King James Version, they are said to cast their rods, so each of them would have been 'casters' in that story.

Rods, if we call them wands, are also things that spells are cast from, as in Harry Potter, which also fits with your wizard commentary.

Lastly, rods are also said to be cast when one goes fishing.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

My title is of course a reference to the Sex Pistols album. At one point, Johnny Rotten sarcastically offered to bowdlerize it as “Never Mind the Stones, Here’s the Sex Pistols.”

William Wright (WW) said...

Hmmm - that went over my head. I've never listened to them and don't know a thing about them, until I looked them up just now.

A seeming reference to your latest post on raising eyebrows? Seems like that group raised a few back in the day, from what I've just read.

A group referencing themselves as Dicks (using this slang here on purpose for reasons below) that asks folks to not mind (pay attention to) the Stones is interesting, in a bad way I guess, if one is willing to interpret Stones in a different way than intended.

Your Banana group that charged after the Civil War nuts seemed to be also a reference to dicks, if I understood you correctly?

Dick is a nickname based on Richard, which also has Rick as a nickname. You wrote about a picture of someone who likes to "rick", meaning swinging a massive morningstar, which you mentioned was badass and pretty cool. We see a similar weapon (a flail, technically) in the Iron video held by a person that could probably be described as a badass.

In your post announcing you were sync posting again, you actually did the same thing that the Sex Pistols are telling people to do in their album title, in a way. You changed "Let's rock and roll" to "Let's rick and roll", replacing the rock (Stone) with a rick (dick) in, never mind the Rock-Stone, here is the Rick-Dick.

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