Thursday, November 2, 2023

The Man with the Child in His Eyes

Pupil means "small child," and the pupil of your eye is so called because when you look into someone's pupil, you can see a tiny reflection of yourself. In my October 30 post "Newspaper, April 22, the eclipse and the peck," the idea of a "little man" in one's eye made me think of the Pink Floyd song "The Gnome," from their debut album:

Today, I thought of another song that references the etymology of pupil much more directly: Kate Bush's "The Man with the Child in His Eyes," from her debut album:

It is generally assumed that the man Kate is singing about is David Gilmour -- of Pink Floyd. "The Gnome" was written by Syd Barrett, but still it's the same band.

Kate Bush also did a song with Peter Gabriel where the music video is basically nothing but the two of them standing in front of a solar eclipse:

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