Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Gold and silver keys, stones, Colorado, and audio equipment

On October 27, I posted "Gold and silver keys," which linked William Wright's October 26 post "Stones and Keys: Run, boy, run!" Yesterday's post "Francis Bacon, papal keys, triple tiara, Denver Airport" juxtaposed the papal keys (traditionally gold and silver, but portrayed as brownish in that post's picture) with two locations in Colorado: Denver International Airport and Columbine High School.

Today I taught a private English lesson with the CEO of a cable manufacturer. As part of the lesson, we read and discussed this article, from a magazine my student subscribes to:

An additional sync is that William Wright's October 30 post "'Deadly Head Droned' and the Morley Hum Exterminator" included a photo of "gold and silver stereo adapters . . . they were sitting on my desk next to my computer last week as I was typing out my post on the gold and silver crossed keys." Mr. Wright says he took the photo more or less in spite of himself: "I told the [Sync] Fairies while I put them under evaluation that I wasn't going to take pictures, but this one was too good to pass up."

Notice that these adapters are next to a box with "Max" written on it. My student's English name begins with "Max." The company specializes in high-end audio cable, including many products made with gold and silver, and they also produce a variety of connectors and plugs:


WanderingGondola said...

Most of my clothing is kept in a vintage wardrobe (handed down from my grandma) with two keys for its three doors. I usually keep the left-side door locked, but never needed to do so for the other two until my cat, adopted almost a year ago, acclimatised to his new home and started exploring.

This morning I had an annoyingly difficult time trying to unlock the right-side door, even switching keys (pointless in hindsight but we all do stuff like that... right?). After a minute or two, I decided to try again after a shower. Of course, there was no problem the second time round -- I'd just forgotten to push the key in further. Derp.

When I arrived home in the afternoon, I looked closer at the locks and keys. Though tarnished, the difference in metal colour should be clear enough.

Hrm, the LegendsofAmerica article doesn't say anything about the original number of bars. Where'd the amount come from?

"Max" just makes me think of Mad Max. Been meaning to watch those in full.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

The article cites the Fairplay Flume (great name!) as the source for most of its details.

WanderingGondola said...

What an odd word!

While I'm here, the two bottom-most audio connectors look like goofy sci-fi laser pistols.

They are the Eggmen

In connection with my recent posts about Eleanor Cameron's Mushroom Planet  novels, both Wandering Gondola and William Wright have drawn...