Thursday, November 2, 2023

The Swiss temple, the Reality Temple, and Jackie Robinson

My posting about the crossed keys of the papacy was started by William Wright's October 26 post "Stones and Keys: Run, boy, run!" which discusses the music video for "Run Boy Run" by Woodkid (Yoann Lemoine, a gay Jew from France):

The video begins with a shot of the LDS temple in Bern, Switzerland, and then shows a boy running away from the temple as fast as he can. Not until now did I make the connection with Arnold running out of the Demiurge's Reality Temple:

Interestingly, the Swiss Temple was the CJCLDS's first "unreality" temple -- the first to replace most of the ceremony with a literal movie.

I began my October 24 post "William Wright is back -- and he's bringing syncs" by saying that I was "on the lookout for synchronistic occurrences of the numbers 42, 126 and 333." Looking up "Run Boy Run" on Wikipedia, I find that, while the music video is a few seconds longer, the song itself has a duration of 3:33. The "In Popular Culture" section mentions that "It was used in the trailer for 42," which is a movie about Jackie Robinson. In fact, only the instrumental intro -- the part that coincides with the boy running out of the Mormon temple -- is used:

One of the lines from the trailer is, "Mark my words and circle this day. Negroes are gonna run the white man straight out of baseball." The relevance to the meme, in which a form of the word negro is going to replace every word in the white man's language -- and in which we see a white man literally running straight out -- should be obvious. And of course Jackie is repeatedly called the nigger word in the movie.

Jackie Robinson was an outsider -- a black man -- competing with white American athletes in New York City. The running man in the Reality Temple meme comes from a scene in Hercules in New York in which an outsider -- a Greek demigod played by an Austrian bodybuilder in his acting debut -- competes with white American athletes in New York City. (The Dodgers later relocated to California; so did Arnold.)


WanderingGondola said...

Seems both the posts you linked here have some relevance! The first link in "Phoenix syncs" connects to another post involving 42. "Nutmeg is a drug" uses both Swiss and Robinson in the very first sentence, and later talks about triangles and 'nog.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Good catch!

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Jackie Robinson makes me think of this Rocky & Bullwinkle episode:

Narrator: And propelled by mighty moose muscle, Rocky flashed clear to town, into the grocery store and back before you could say "Jack Robinson."

Bullwinkle: Jack Robin--

Rocky: Here I am!

William Wright (WW) said...

I had obliquely referenced your 'Arnold fleeing the temple' picture in my post on the Voice of Saruman yesterday (i.e., the strongman), and wondered if you would see that connection also.

One of my dreams in 2021 was of Jackie Robinson sliding into home plate, and then being surrounded by friends shaking dust off of him. Actually, I saw a baseball player with the number 42, and my friend at the time made the connection with Jackie, though it didn't really connect to anything at the time for either of us.

Your reference to Arnold in New York also ties in with and helps build the meaning of the Empire State Building reference in my dream, also, if you are able to see that connection.

Why the racial aspect to this? Well, we are dealing with different races in the story that runs in my head. We have Men/ mortals on Earth, and Elves/ Immortals on Eressea. One Man (Arnold-Faramir-Eonwe) will go where these Elves are, and this is potentially going to cause quite a stir. Men aren't allowed there, just like Black people were not allowed in baseball. But that is going to change, I think.

And your quote on Jackie saying that "Negroes are going to run the white man straight out of baseball" is relevant here to that story also, as well as to Nephi's vision where he saw those on the Promised Land being scattered by the Man who crossed the Many Waters to reach them, along with many others who followed him. This has yet to happen, I believe (i.e., it wasn't Columbus nor America that Nephi saw) and has everything to do with the what may happen soon as a result of the Stones.

I just published a post on graham crackers and Oreos this morning, of all things. Likening the Oreo to the Man who will do this (and his Stone). An Oreo is black on the outside, but white on the inside. My guess is that even though those on Eressea might view this person as 'just' a Man (Gentile) since he is clad in the body of a Man (an inferior race, as many of them see us would be my guess), he is actually something quite different on the inside.

Some interesting things to think about, at least, as we try and take all of this and make a story out of it.

Sorry for the long comment - could have written a follow up post on my own blog after checking here, but thought I would just leave this here instead.

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