Wednesday, November 1, 2023

The Empire State Building -- in space!

In William Wright's latest post, "'I'll call ya, pal!': Linking stones, 'aliens', and a toast to Tron," he recounts several brief dream fragments, including this one:

In another sequence, I did not see anybody, but heard a woman's voice say some things which I could not clearly make out. I responded with "Huh?", to which she said much more clearly "Oh, it was just Empire State Building stuff."

This was the only dream fragment that baffled him: "everything except for the reference to the Empire State Building I think I have a pretty good read on the meaning." Later, though, in a comment on his own post, he speculates:

I continued to think about it this afternoon after writing this post and I *think* this could be a reference to the great and spacious building mentioned in the Book of Mormon. In Lehi's dream (and Nephi's) he saw that building high above the Earth in the sky. The fact that it was high above the Earth might be more than just symbolism (as I was taught: pride, riches, evil, etc. being without a foundation, etc.) but also in some way indicate that this building is literally high above the Earth... as in, upon a different world. . . . Perhaps the building Lehi dream of the building and this Empire State Building are about the same place.

On October 24, after discovering that Mr. Wright had resumed blogging, I posted "William Wright is back -- and he's bringing syncs." Some of these syncs had to do with the They Might Be Giants song "The Statue Got Me High." He had mentioned "three triangles" in a Tom Petty music video, and for some unknown reason I have a very strong association between the intro to "The Statue Got Me High" and seeing three glowing triangles on my ceiling. Then I realized that the lyrics -- "The stone, it called to me / And now I see the things the stone has shown to me" -- fit right in with Mr. Wright's obsession with supernatural stones that could be used for communication.

The Empire State Building puts in an appearance in the music video for "The Statue Got Me High":

And then it blasts into space:

Whether or not this counts as a sync depends on whether or not Mr. Wright watched the music video when I posted it. If he did, as seems reasonably likely, then his dream, and his hunch that the Empire State Building might be "literally high above the earth," probably reflect a subconscious memory of this moment in the video. If not, then, well, it's just the sync fairies showing off again.


William Wright (WW) said...


I just left a comment on my blog also.

No, I didn't watch the video - I only read the lyrics you posted, and the follow up pictures you added later, and so didn't ever see the Empire State Building scene until just now this morning my time.

In my comment, I backed away from my Lehi building reference, thinking maybe something else then since its in this video. But, just typing now, I think I might stick with it. I had said Eressea (at least part of it) might be associated with that great and spacious building high above the Earth. It got there, of course, by being separated and 'launched' away from our world, so maybe that is what is going on this video?

I don't know, other than the reference wasn't clear in the dream, there were things said I didn't hear, and I hadn't seen the video.

WanderingGondola said...

Back on the triangles, this tweet was shared in a private chat server I frequent. One person there thought it could represent the stars of Orion's Belt. Me, I dunno, but I do think the pyramids are older than mainstream thought suggests.

This other sync has something for both Williams; I'm writing it here for the best chance you'll both see it. I watched those two Woodkid music videos yesterday, then wondered if the singer might have done any others. There are two more from the album concerned, both linked to the previous two. The comment sections have some discussion about how they all connect.

The first video, "I Love You", stuck out to me more. One man plays a church organ; another (or is it the same guy?), outlines of birds on his jacket, wanders rough terrain until he reaches the sea. He literally disappears into it, drowning, and a pod of whales swarms around him. Sinking deeper, he begins turning to stone and boulders swallow him up. The church man finishes playing and finds his hands turning stony as well.

"The Golden Age" (mixed with someone else's song, maybe the starting sequence?) seems like what ties the singer's intended story together, using the theme of childhood. I've been musing over that recently myself, partly thanks to Zelda.

(While looking at Ocarina of Time footage, a different vid caught my eye. It covers three lines of themes: good vs. evil, nature vs. corruption and childhood vs. adulthood. I'm not expecting either of you to watch, I only mention it because it added to a story/game I've loved for over two decades. Though, hm, nowadays I disagree with time only being "cruel". Too materialistic.)

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

WG, that tweet also connects the three triangles with the history of the Chinese character 山.

See my latest post, about a Chinese painting called Treasures of Yushan (玉山).

WanderingGondola said...

Fascinating, the evolution of visual language over time.

Hiragana was the script focused on in my primary school Japanese classes; yama was one of the words I remember learning, but only as mountain. Of the other meanings listed, climax/peak isn't surprising but mine is odd, cause that's... basically the opposite of a mountain. The meanings of san as 山 are synchy too.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

I guess the idea is that digging a mine creates a large mound of excavated material -- as in an anthill.

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