Monday, November 27, 2023

One and forty-four

I had another talking dream last night, though I have no sense of who the speaker was or what language he was speaking. It was a discussion about the meaning of the numbers one and forty-four. I've forgotten almost all of the content, but I remember the gist was that 1 represents the Sun and the Living; 44 represents the Moon and the Dead; and when 1 and 44 are combined, that is the Universal Eclipse. (This last bit at least was in French, I think: l'éclipse universelle, which is a line from "Le Flying Saucer Hat.") Many examples were given in the dream of the numbers 1 and 44 turning up in contexts suggestive of these meanings, and I awoke with a sense that this was an incredible web of synchronicities -- but of course they existed only in the dream. The only specific one I can remember was a quote from Heber J. Grant (president of the Mormon Church from 1918 to 1945) that mentioned "forty-four ancestors" -- a sync because our ancestors are among the Dead. I saw a visual image of this quote -- President Grant's photo on the left, the quote in white text on a black background on the right -- but can't remember anything about it other than the phrase "forty-four ancestors."

In The Philosopher's Pupil, the title character, George McCaffrey, is 44 years old and keeps seeing the number 44 everywhere, which fills him with a sense of foreboding. One of the things Tim said in my first Tim dream was that George was me, that I was to see this character as representing myself -- not very flattering, as George is portrayed as a spiteful putz with no real redeeming qualities. My attention was first attracted to The Philosopher's Pupil because of the Galahad Eridanus video "Contact 2020," in which an eclipse was compared to the pupil of an eye.


Ra1119bee said...


You wrote:" George McCaffrey, is 44 years old and keeps seeing the number 44 everywhere, which fills him with a sense of foreboding.
One of the things Tim said in my first Tim dream was that George was me..."

My response : As I'm sure you know,
the etymology of the name George means the Earth Tiller.
Someone who tills the ground/Earth in order to plant NEW seed.

Do we (collectively) really think the GEORGE Floyd incident just 'happened'
due to a counterfeit 20 dollar bill?

Do we really think that GEORGE W. Bush just so happened to be President
on Sept 11, 2001?

IMO, those 2 extremely transformative events with Georges were not a coincidence.

Regarding George McCaffrey's foreboding and 44 perhaps it means this :

Please do recall the information I shared about the 3 eclipses
and the Aleph.

44 (DD or double D's ) are two doors.
Recall my comments about Double D's.

I believe that Humanity is on the cusp of a Shifting of Ages.

The comet Hale Bopp was a harbinger.

Check out the recent explosion on the Rainbow Bridge in Canada.
Nicola Telsa knew about the significance of Niagra Falls.

I also absolutely believe that the Third Temple is on the near
horizon as it was always planned for the End of this Age of Pisces.
When that happens it will change EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE AND ALL AT ONCE.

I believe that soon the next HUGE Black Swan event in America will be an incident
on.... or to..... an American landmark ( near water).

When that happens, Plato, John Dee, Francis Bacon, and Manly P. Hall's
New Atlantis will be ushered in.

Follow the signs...

William Wright (WW) said...

A couple random data points/ observations...

1 'combined' (or added) with 44 equals 45. There is a total (universal) eclipse that will pass over North America next spring... I think you will be 45 by then.

Its path will cross over a substantial chunk of Ohio.

William Wright (WW) said...

And, of course, the number 144 is very significant in Mormon theology and, although not as well recognized, is also involved in Tolkien's story.

In Fellowship of the Ring, the first chapter is "A Long Expected Party" where Bilbo plans his and Frodo's birthday party after which he will disappear and head to Rivendell. To the party, he invites the whole community, but there is a special family dinner during the party to which he invites only 144 guests (12 dozen, or one Gross).

WanderingGondola said...

Debbie, I'm not familiar with the works of the other three, but I don't recall Plato ever writing about a "new" Atlantis... Or have I misunderstood something?

I was going to say 144 is 12x12, but WW kind of beat me to that one. The only other 1+44 thing that comes to mind is the 45th president, but as far as I remember you haven't connected him with the moon, just the sun.

On the 19th, I woke up with the gloria refrain of the Christmas carol "Angels We Have Heard on High" ringing in my head. According to Wiki, one of the names of its original tune is "Iris".

Could equating George with yourself be more about the character's experiences instead of portrayal? Looking back to where you posted the first two Tim dreams, the page 92 extract uses portent twice in the last sentence. With my usual search engine, most of the first results page gives the word negative connotations, but StartPage itself lists some definitions too, the second more positive.

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