Monday, November 27, 2023

Disappearing tools and double frogs

In my November 22 post "They shall take up serpents," I quoted this passage from the Book of Helaman:

Behold, we lay a tool here and on the morrow it is gone; and behold, our swords are taken from us in the day we have sought them for battle. Yea, we have hid up our treasures and they have slipped away from us, because of the curse of the land. O that we had repented in the day that the word of the Lord came unto us; for behold the land is cursed, and all things are become slippery, and we cannot hold them (Hel. 13:34-36).

Today I checked The Secret Sun and found this in a November 24 meme post:

I quoted the same passage in my October 21 post "17 years ago our eyes were opened," which prominently features two identical frogs:

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