Sunday, November 5, 2023

Taking inventory of Reality Temple syncs

As announced in my last post, I'm putting the sync fairies on hold for a few weeks while I try to make sense of what they've already given me. And like it or not, the linchpin of the recent cloud of syncs (do clouds have linchpins? Jeeves?) is this stupid and gratuitously offensive (not that there's anything wrong with that) meme I found on 4chan:

Hercules in New York

The running man in the foreground of the meme is Arnold Strong as seen in his debut film, Hercules in New York (1970). After this breakthrough role, he would ditch this English-language stage name and replace it with his real surname, Schwarzenegger. In German, the word for a black man is Schwarzer, and their version of our "n-word" is Neger. Etymologically, Arnold's surname means "person from Schwarzenegg" ("Black Ridge") and is unrelated to the racial slur. Still, though, Mr. Strong's becoming Mr. Schwarzenegger obviously syncs with the idea of replacing English words with nigger.

By the way, there are two different places called Schwarzenegg: one in Austria, and one in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland.

For now anyway, Hercules in New York is available on YouTube in its entirety, and it's a pretty decent contribution to the "so bad it's good" genre:

In the scene from which the still in the meme is taken, the demigod Hercules, having just arrived in New York and been befriended by "Pretzie," a nebbishy pretzel vendor, happens upon a park where some college athletes are training. Here's a sample of the top-notch dialogue:

Pretzie: Where are you going?

Hercules: Over there.

Pretzie: What for?

Hercules: To show them how to throw the discus.

Pretzie: No, no. You've gotta stay here. You can't go buttin' in there.

Hercules: They would not like me to instruct them?

Pretzie: No, it's just for college guys. No outsiders allowed.

Hercules: I am Hercules.

So Herc wants to participate in sports with a group of white New Yorkers but is forbidden because there are "no outsiders allowed."

Throughout Herc's adventures in New York, the scene periodically changes to Olympus, where we see Zeus and various lesser gods observing him through -- uh, a big white crystal ball. You remember Zeus's famous crystal ball, right?

Near the end of the movie, Hercules is in trouble, having lost his divine powers and disappointed the gangsters who were counting on him to win a televised weight-lifting competition against a black dude. To save this wayward son of Zeus from the irate gangsters, the Olympians send down Atlas and, you guessed it, Samson! You remember all those Greek myths about Samson, don't you? No explanation is offered of how this Hebrew worthy came to be living on Mount Olympus after being crushed to death in the temple of Dagon; he is just mentioned matter-of-factly, as if he belonged there just as much as Mercury and Apollo and the rest.

Two other bodybuilders briefly show up and join the brawl without having any noticeable effect on Herc's fortunes. It's not clear which of them is supposed to be Samson, as they both have short hair, but in the end it is Hercules himself who ends up playing the Samson role of bringing down the pillars -- only in this case the "pillars" are just stacks of large cylindrical objects, wrapped in brown paper, in the warehouse or wherever it is they're fighting. (The characters never call it anything other than "that building.") Still, the allusion to Samson is obvious and obviously deliberate:

(Notice that the name Samson means "sun," and that the meme shows the sun between the pillars of a temple.)

These "pillars," unlike those of Samson, aren't actually load-bearing structures supporting the building, so nothing falls down other than the pillars themselves. Somehow this translates into a final victory for Herc -- I guess we are to assume that all the gangsters were crushed by the falling objects? -- because the scene immediately cuts to Herc and Pretzie, now apparently without a care in the world, on the observation deck of the Empire State Building. 

Throughout the whole movie, Zeus and the other gods have been trying to persuade Hercules to return to Olympus. While in the Empire State Building, he suddenly has a change of heart and decides to do so. Pretzie is admiring the view, turns around, and Herc has vanished.

Pretzie goes home and turns on his radio, only to hear Hercules speaking to him through the machine. ("Herc? Herc? Where are ya, Herc? What are you doing in my radio?") He starts having a conversation with his radio, asking Herc if he's ever going to come back even for a visit. Hercules leaves him with this:

Radio: Any time you wish me to be with you, all you need to do is think of me, and there I shall be, in your mind and in your heart, for as long as you want me to be, as long as you need me. Due to temporary atmospheric difficulties, we were interrupted in our broadcast. We resume . . .

Pretzie: Herc? Herc? "Any time you need me, any time you want me, just think of me, and I'll be there for as long as you want me to." Yeah. I think I'll eat an apple.

And, except for a brief epilogue set on Olympus, that's where the story ends: with Pretzie thinking he'll eat an apple. An exceedingly odd movie.

The Emperor card of the Tarot

Arnold is a German name meaning "eagle ruler," and the first element in Schwarzenegger means "black." In most pre-Waite versions of the Tarot, the Emperor card features a black eagle -- the Reichsadler which has been the symbol of various German states. This same eagle appears on the coat of arms of modern Austria, Schwarzenegger's homeland. Emperor also syncs with New York and the Empire State Building.

In my January 2022 Tarot post "Pondering his orb," I note that Oswald Wirth (from the Canton of Bern, Switzerland) identified the Emperor card with Hercules, and specifically with Hercules holding apples (cf. the random "apple" reference at the end of Hercules in New York). The emperor is typically shown holding an orb, and I connected this with the "pondering my orb" meme, in which a bearded man stares into a crystal ball much like Zeus's in Hercules in New York. (This meme, in turn, derives from an illustration of Saruman using a Palantir.)

I also connect both the orb meme and the Tarot card with Lehi and his Liahona, and even note that "The name Lehi is associated with Samson, the 'Hebrew Hercules.'" (William Wright has proposed that the Liahona was literally a Palantir. More on that later.) 

Another potentially relevant post is "The Emperor's Urim and Thummim," which focuses specifically on Oswald Wirth's version of the card (Oswald Wirth, who was from Bern and who identified the Emperor with Hercules). His Emperor has a breastplate with the Sun on one breast and the Moon on the other, and I connect these with the Urim and Thummim in Aaron's breastplate. See also "Four rams' heads," where I discuss connections between the Emperor card and Zeus.

Run Boy Run

On October 26, William Wright posted "Stones and Keys: Run, boy, run!" He discusses the music video for "Run Boy Run," by Woodkid. Crossed keys are a prominent theme in this video. When crossed keys are used as a papal symbol, one key is typically silver and the other gold. Mr. Wright identifies these keys with Palantiri: the golden/solar Anor Stone (Liahona) and the silver/lunar Ithil Stone.

The connection with the Reality Temple meme is that the "Run Boy Run" video begins with a shot of the Bern Switzerland Temple while we hear a bell tolling four times. We then see a boy running out of this temple as fast as he can. The boy's running, and various monsters assisting him, is the theme of the rest of the video. Woodkid, who directed the video himself, is a French Jew with no Mormon background, so his choice of this particular building is an odd one.

This temple, dedicated on September 11, 1955, was the first Mormon temple outside the United States. It was originally called the Swiss Temple, not receiving its current name until the 1990s. Like most LDS temples, it has a statue of the Angel Moroni atop its spire, but this was not added until September 7, 2005. The Woodkid video shows the pre-2005, Moroni-less version. The Swiss Temple was the first to replace much of the traditional temple ceremony with a movie. It may be also be relevant that, like all LDS temples, it was closed to black people prior to 1978.

Running out of a temple obviously syncs with the meme about "escaping the Demiurge's Reality Temple." Demiurge refers to the creator of the material universe, and the story of the Creation of the universe is central to the Mormon temple ceremony.

This site gives the following account of how the site for the Swiss Temple was selected:

Kneeling in prayer with this group he was impressed to locate the temple at Bern, Switzerland’s capital. The next morning before the travelers left for Holland, they inspected several sites and chose one in the southeastern part of the city and assigned Swiss-Austrian Mission president Samuel E. Bringhurst to acquire the property. President Bringhurst, however, discovered that this parcel had just been acquired for the city of Bern as a college site. Conferring with David O. McKay by phone, President Bringhurst was directed to identify other potential sites to be inspected by President McKay when he returned for his regularly scheduled visit to Switzerland in early July. 

This syncs with Hercules in New York -- the very scene used in the meme -- in which Hercules (played by an Austrian) is told to stay out of a place because "it's just for college guys. No outsiders allowed." Hercules is addressed as "boy" many times throughout the movie.

The movie 42 and Jackie Robinson

In my October 23 post "Michelangelo conflated with Archangel Michael, Crowley's headless God, 42 in the Tenth Aethyr," I discovered a connection in the works of Aleister Crowley between the numbers 42 and 333. I therefore took notice when I looked up "Run Boy Run" on Wikipedia and found that the song has a duration of 3:33 and was used in the trailer for a movie called 42.

The movie is about Jackie Robinson, the first black player to join an historically white baseball team. His number was 42, and it was retired in all MLB teams in his honor. I found the trailer mentioned on Wikipedia. The main soundtrack is the Jay-Z song "Brooklyn We Go Hard," but the beginning of the trailer does feature "Run Boy Run" (without the vocals).

Like the "Run Boy Run" video, the 42 trailer begins with a shot of a building and a tolling bell. Where "Run Boy Run" has the Bern Switzerland Temple, though, the trailer has the Empire State Building:

Jackie Robinson played for the Brooklyn Dodgers, so this choice of establishing shots -- a building in Manhattan, rather than the Brooklyn Bridge or something -- is an odd one.

As I mentioned, the main music for the trailer is not Woodkid but Jay-Z. Besides "Brooklyn We Go Hard," two of Jay-Z's other songs about New York City are "Empire State of Mind" and "A Star Is Born," both from the 2009 album The Blueprint 3. I know very little about Jay-Z and his music, but I do know that that because that album -- with its motif of three horizontal red stripes -- came up back in October 2020: "Jay-Z in 2009 presages Biden and 2020." One of the things I noted back then was that the cover art for "A Star Is Born" made it look like "A Star Is Bern." I connected that with Bernie Sanders at the time, but now it's yet another link to Bern, Switzerland.

The cover art for "Empire State of Mind," unsurprisingly, shows the Empire State Building. Notice also that it features Alicia Keys -- a link to the crossed-keys motif in "Run Kid Run" and thus indirectly to Bern.

Jackie Robinson, who successfully joined a white New York baseball team which had previously excluded blacks, syncs with the running Arnold image from the meme -- which shows Hercules practicing athletics with white New Yorkers who had tried to exclude him as an "outsider." In the 42 trailer, a white man predicts that "Negroes are gonna run the white man straight out of baseball" -- using the metaphor of "running out" to say that Anglo-Saxons are going to be replaced by Negroes. The meme also shows someone "running out" after replacing all English words with a slang form of the word Negro.

The Swiss Family Robinson

The trailer for the Jackie Robinson biopic 42 begins with music associated with the Swiss Temple in Bern -- a building which, like Major League Baseball, formerly excluded black people. Once Robinson and the Swiss Temple have been linked, this obviously brings The Swiss Family Robinson into the associative web. Its author, Johann David Wyss, was born and died in -- quelle surprise -- Bern.

The Robinson in the title is a reference to Robinson Crusoe, not the name of the family. In Wyss's original, their surname is never given, nor do we learn where in Switzerland they are from. The 1960 Disney movie makes the rather obvious choice to dub them the Robinsons and have them hail from Bern. In the novel, one of the children is usually named Jack in English translations (Jakob in the original), but the Disney movie removes this character, giving the family only three sons -- so we never quite get a Jackie Robinson.

Psalm 19 and the Sun Tarot card

In the November 1 post "Escaping the Demiurge's Reality Temple," I note connections between the meme, the 19th Psalm, and the 19th Tarot trump. The relevant passage from the psalm is this:

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.

Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun, which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race (Ps. 19:1-5).

Not only does the meme show "a strong man to run a race" out of "a tabernacle for the sun"; it literally shows a man named Strong -- that being the stage name used by Schwarzenegger in the film from which the picture is taken. I read Psalm 19 in the course of my regular scripture reading, just two days after finding and posting the Reality Temple meme.

The number 19 is a link to the Sun card of the Tarot, the Rider-Waite version of which is quite similar to the meme. Each shows a shirtless person moving toward the viewer and to the right, with a manmade structure and a huge sun behind him. The face on the Sun is quite similar, as is the pattern of alternating straight and squiggly rays.

One of the main differences is that Arnold is on foot, while the child on the Tarot card rides a white horse. Although Arnold never rides a horse in Hercules in New York, there is an extended chase scene in which he drives two white horses in a chariot (because you can find anything in New York City):

The color scheme matches the Tarot card pretty closely. The chariot is red, like the flag on the card, and the yellow spokes of the chariot wheels suggest the Sun:

I think that about covers the recent syncs that tie in with this meme. Did I miss anything?


Anonymous said...

Pretzie is a Jew who wishes he could worship Hercules rather than Yahweh so he repeats Adam's sin by eating an apple.

WanderingGondola said...

Hercules has his own "pillars" too.

The last few paragraphs here may have some small relevance.

Also, you might want to check the spelling of the post tag for Arnie.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Bern is home to a famous fountain depicting Samson wrestling a lion. In HiNY, Hercules wrestles a bear that escaped from the zoo. The sign on its cage says “European brown bear,” but the zookeeper reports it as an escaped grizzly. The only European grizzlies are the Bern Grizzlies, a football club (real football, not soccer).

WanderingGondola said...

I dare say "real football" be fightin' words to the wrong audience! (Australia sees four different codes in mainstream popularity, none of which is gridiron. I only keep slight interest in a single one, so you're fairly safe with me. :P)

Ra1119bee said...

Part 1 of 2

Very interesting indeed...

If you recall I contacted, you Oct 3 of 2021 after having a dream that I titled
Tulips. I've shared the dream with you at that time and also on this blog,
so I won't go into detail of the dream, but if you recall the setting in the dream
was a restaurant.

To recap just a bit: Marshall and I were dining at a very crowded mom and pop restaurant.
At one point a man got up and introduced himself. The owner of the restaurant thought
this was a good idea and asked everyone to do the same.
. Because I've always been afraid of public speaking, I didn't want to speak
but reluctantly agreed.

At one point the owner of the restaurant cleared the chairs and Tables towards
the wall and all of us diners lined up in a circle around the restaurant to take our turn
telling our personal story. When my turn came a young Black man stepped in front of me
and I was ok with that as I didn't want to speak, however the owner didn't approve
and the owner set a chair for me in the middle of the clearing for me to tell my story.
The owner said to use the word Tulip when addressing myself.

After waking up from the dream, I googled Tulip on wiki to begin the search and nothing in the article really resonated with me as far as the Why and message of the dream,
...suddenly lo and behold I found it!

Copy and paste from Wiki:
"The tulip occurs on a number of the Major Arcana cards of *****occultist Oswald Wirth's******** deck of Tarot cards, specifically the ****Magician*****, Emperor, Temperance and the Fool, described in his 1927 work Le Tarot, des Imagiers du Moyen Âge"

Ra1119bee said...


Part 2

When I did more research about Wirth, I KNEW he was the connection to the dream
because of Wirth's connection to Bern Switzerland, which I also shared with you here on your blog in 2021 my OSCAR dream that I had on 11/22/2018, which lead me down a deep rabbit hole of research about Bern Switzerland and especially regarding the Octagon aka the Hidden Hand.
Germany and Switzerland have become very VERY significant puzzle pieces in my research especially as it connects with the Esoteric/Dreams and Reincarnation .

While researching Wirth and his Tarot card of the Magician
and the TABLE ( recall the restaurant tables in the dream ) the information I found validated for me that I was on the right track so I did a bit more research and I came upon your blog.

What's really intriguing is just today ( 11/5/2023) while revisiting the Tulip Wiki page
to find the copy and paste about Wirth, LO AND BEHOLD, I found information
in the article about Turkey and Iran and their connection to Tulips.

The Turkey and Iran connection is extremely interesting as Marshall and I discuss
and connect the dots of World Stage Events all the time and especially since Oct 7.
As you know I've predicted and commented about the Third Temple before
which I formed my belief about the Third Temple after having
the Where's My Horn dream in Feb 2015.
I've shared this information several times here on your blog.

A few days ago, I found a very intriguing article about Magog Rising (see link)
I don't think me finding the information TODAY (11/5/2023) about Turkey.
and Iran is a coincidence. Unfortunately, I think my prediction about the Third Temple
is going to come true.

As I shared many times, I think there is going to be a Black Swan event also
in the United States having to do with Water. Perhaps the Golden Gate Bridge, which the Golden Gate is significant in the End Days event at the Temple Mount.

The Golden Gate bridge in the US is ORANGE.
Also the Golden Gate in Jerusalem is on the 33-degree parallel (actual lat is 31, but
do allow for the Law of the Three )

Do recall my previous posts about the color red and yellow
( which together makes the color orange ).
Also the color YELLOW and the Embers.
Yellow also has connections to Sulfur as well.

Your 19 connection is also interesting. As I've commented before I believe
that I'm paying back a 19 Karmic Debt.

Also (and I'll go into this in depth on another comment) I think your
Negro/Nigger connection is symbolic of the BLACK SUN, which connects to yet another
prediction I've commented about previously on your blog about Barack Obama ushering in
a Technocracy under a Triumvirate Governance after a Black Swan event.
I don't think we've seen the last of Obama.

We live in VERY interesting times, no?

Magog Rising - Turkey Threatens Intervention In Gaza

Ra1119bee said...


Regarding the color Yellow,
I thought you might find this music video titled Yellow by the band Coldplay

In the Coldplay video,do note the singer's symbolic gray hooded man ( Odin? )
and of course the setting in this video is near the water.

Also listen to the reference in the lyrics to SKIN and BONES.

Also check out a beautiful cover version of Yellow by a Black woman named
Lachune on America's Got Talent.( link below )
Interesting that the bee is yellow and black.

Coldplay - Yellow (Official Video)

Lachuné: Small town singer STUNS the judges with "Yellow" by Coldplay | Auditions | AGT 2023

Ra1119bee said...


I forgot to add this.

You wrote : "Hercules wrestles a bear that escaped from the zoo."

My response:
Isn't Russia symbolic of not only the Bear, but also Magog
in the Gog/Magog war in Biblical prophecy ???

Ra1119bee said...


I forgot to add just one more thing regarding your comment about the name Robinson
(Jackie Robinson and the Swiss Family Robinson), also your reference to
Jack(Jacob/Israel) and Switzerland.

If you recall I commented on your blog that I believe that Barack Obama's real
biological mother was Jewish and if you recall I sent you a link about Obama's
ancestral connection to Switzerland and I believe Obama was 'groomed' there.

Tina Turner( TT=22 ) who lived and died in Switzerland was married to a German.

At last but not least, Michelle Obama's 'maidan' name is Robinson.

Obama's latest speech about Israel and Hamas.
Note the Rodney King mediator persona : Can't
we All get Along?
Yes We Can!

Andrew said...

The fox squirrel (Sciurus niger) is the largest species of tree squirrel native to North America.

Oddly fox squirrels aren't typically known for being black, and the most common squirrel to New York City is actually "Sciurus carolinensis" which is closer to black, though the name isn't mentioned.

The root of Sciurus though does refer to shadow.

So "Sciurus niger" is a lot like "Schwarzenegger"

I only mentioned this because I happened to have a tab opened about small game hunting and "niger" stood out - I thought for some reason it was related to your post.

Ra1119bee said...


I just found this information today ( 11/7 ) and I thought of your recent syn of 42.
The reason this post caught my attention is because of my March 1997 dream
about the Space Man and Hale Bopp, which I've shared that strange dream and
its connection to Heaven's Gate Cult mass suicide, several times here on your blog..

Very interesting perspective...

They are the Eggmen

In connection with my recent posts about Eleanor Cameron's Mushroom Planet  novels, both Wandering Gondola and William Wright have drawn...