Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Still the world's most racist toothpaste

Taiwan tries hard to be woke, they really do, but they don't always quite understand how it works. For instance, they'll appoint a non-binary Minister of Digital Affairs -- which has got to be at least as good as a trans admiral Health Secretary, right? -- only to have him announce that he doesn't care what pronouns anyone uses. Near misses like that.

The most popular brand of toothpaste in Taiwan used to be called Darkie and featured a logo based on the likeness of Al Jolson, "the king of blackface." In 1989, Colgate acquired 50% of the company and let them know how racist it was to imply that black people (or black-painted Jewish people) have good teeth, so they changed the name to Darlie and made the logo more racially ambiguous -- but the Chinese brand name was still 黑人牙膏, "Black Man Toothpaste" until March of this year, when after two years of soul-searching following the "racial reckoning" in the wake of the untimely demise of a certain American fentanyl enjoyer, they finally eradicated the last traces of blackness from their branding by renaming the toothpaste 好來 ("Hawley," the company's name).

Great, right? A victory for racial sensitivity.

But then they had to go and name their latest product . . .


Ra1119bee said...


The Ego always has to have its day in the sun, as it protects and pleasures
the mortal physical body only.
The more the EGO pursues pleasures it stands to reason
that the competition has to be eliminated.
Survival of the Fittest and all that.

Oh, and IMO, that whole American fentanyl enjoyer charade was more likely than not

As a person who worked for 30 years in banking and handled a gazillion pieces of paper ( we know as currency ) and business customers and factoring in that any business in the US especially in a large Urban city like Minneapolis, you can bet that the owners of that Bodega had a stockroom full of inventory of Counterfeit Detection Pens which with one quick swipe of the pen and whola!, bad bill, no sale.

And no, even at the bank we did not call the police if someone presented a counterfeit bill, as many of the counterfeit bills are so good and look authentic that only someone who works with a large amount of money every day would be able to 'feel' the paper, and many times the tellers can't even distinguish if the bill is counterfeit and sometimes the counterfeit bill goes through the system.

If we suspected a counterfeit we kept the bill, told the customer (many times the customer doesn't know it's counterfeit), the teller and the supervisor initialed the bill
and shipped it to Fed with a detail document of who when and where the bill was presented.
We did NOT call the police because of a fake 20 dollar bill.

If something doesn't make sense, it's probably because it didn't happen.

Oh, another thing : The name George means Earth Tiller, which of course someone who tills
the land, also plants NEW SEEDS.
Sounds Familiar?

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Any big news story like that can be presumed to be fake.

My understanding of the official story is that the police were called not because he had given them a fake 20, but because he refused to return the cigarettes he had purchased after they told him the 20 was fake.

Ra1119bee said...


But the mere fact that according to the official story, the cashier 'sold' Georgie
the cigarettes which means the cashier accepted the 20 dollar bill as legal tender and if that was indeed the case, the business 'eats' the mistake, and I'm sure any attorney would have told the business owner the very same thing.

If Georgie left out of that door, with the purchase, the cashier and the business are liable and the 20 dollar mistake, and I'm sure the business owner knew that, so it begs the question, who called the Police?

Doesn't make sense , but look at what transpired on a Global Stage from this 'mistake'.
Social Justice.
New Seeds?

No Longer Reading said...

Debbie, that's interesting about the counterfeit money. I definitely think that's one of the media's tricks. They will present as obvious little details that people who know more know are not obvious or don't work the way the media says they do. But of course people who don't know that will just take their word for it.

Ra1119bee said...



All the World is a Stage (Illusion)

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...


That was actually Kevin (No Longer Reading), not me, but I agree. I'd never really thought much about that part of the story, since the focus has always been on the supposed "murder." (Kneeling on the back of the neck is a standard and obviously non-lethal restraining technique; I remember my FBI-agent scoutmaster demonstrating it.)

It's weird that the crime itself would be faked, though. For what purpose, I wonder? If they wanted to stage a police killing in response to a petty crime, there's no shortage of real petty crimes. If the purpose was to make GF a martyr, you'd think the script would have made him completely innocent, and have someone call the cops on him because he looked "suspicious" or something.

ben said...


I think the purpose was to have the person be as unsympathetic as possible, a stand-in for a demon, for the ensuing black mass (meaning the media, social media, 'protests', movements).

Like how the jabs are intended to be poisonous, so it's evil to get them because it's poisoning yourself and your children.

These are evil rituals.

Ra1119bee said...

@ No Longer Reading,

Oops Sorry, my mistake, I thought I was responding to William.

However, as stated, I absolutely agree with the comment.

Ra1119bee said...


Always factor in the Nigredo. Our Opponents always use Black people for ALL of their Alchemical Transformations. Why do you think ''they'' chose the TWIN CITIES for the ritual of the Earth Tiller Georgie.

Do you recall another TWIN ritual that happened in Sept, say 20 or so years ago?

What was rebuilt in the ""Twins"" place (same footprint)?
E Pluribus Unum?

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Well at least something good came out of it all: African Americans no longer have to suffer the pain of knowing that people on the other side of the world are brushing their teeth with Black Man Toothpaste!

I don't know if I really believe that the whole thing was planned in the detail Debbie is suggesting -- that the chose the Twin Cities on purpose, chose someone named George on purpose, etc. They tried several times before to push stories like this in the media (Trayvon Martin, that "jogger" guy, the guy who attacked a cop in a cop car and tried to take his gun, etc.); for whatever reason, GF happened to be the one that finally blew up. I don't know that anyone could have predicted that in advance.

Which is not to say that the details aren't meaningful, but I would tend to think of them in terms of synchronicity rather than conspiracy.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...


You may be on to something there. For maximum evulz, they had to get someone sympathetic enough to become a "hero" but obviously-bad enough that those lionizing him would be knowingly celebrating evil. GF, who had done some seriously bad things (such as threatening to kill a baby during a home invasion) but in this particular case was under arrest for some bogus petty non-crime, fit the bill.

WanderingGondola said...

His name could be a coincidence, but the Cabal loves its symbology so it could go either way. I'm inclined to the conspiratorial path on the whole thing, though... Previous events to build things up, then hit the trigger on the big one. And if memory serves, somewhere in my internet travels I caught suggestion that both GF and the policeman had ties to Aunty Fa. Something managed by another George. If true, well, seeds of chaos.

(A sync wink: That Hurricane Floyd reference in Outkast's B.O.B.)

ben said...


People will say what they will but the real motivation is "phobophilia" or people being for what is naturally undesirable.

Like with our old friend, dark chocolate.

This would be why there are multiple jabs by the way; people can feel themselves being injured by the first, then they take the second one, and so on.

And this would also be why the modern world is such a nightmare... People using their moral instincts to violate them rather than to avoid horror, people discerning evil in order to pursue it.

Ra1119bee said...


I disagree.

IMO, The entire GF charade and the aftermath begs the question: cui bono?
Isn't Social Justice a very integral part of The Great Reset?

IMO, The GF charade was just a vehicle to usher in BLM so that BLM would be a conduit to not only usher in the Defund the Police movement but to provide fuel for the upcoming Economic and Civil/Race War that America is on the precipice of.

We're at the End stage (the Rubedo) of the American Empire.
This is not a Conspiracy Theory.
The Middle Class has always been the intended victim because The Middle Class is the backbone of Commerce and the American Dream.
The American Dream as we once knew it is being dismantled, and in a few years, will be unrecognizable.

The End Game was always to usher in Social Credit Scores via Artificial Intelligence.

Without the bias of flawed and Racist Humans (the humans being the Police in this case),
A I will serve as Law Enforcement and will do so without judgement of the race of the
alleged Perp. Freedom of Movement will be restricted to only those who with high Social Credit Scores.
I'm sure you are quite aware of Social Credit Scores William.

Also painting Georgie with the broad brush as the Inhuman, Felon, Thief, Druggie, Counterfeiter was typical strategy of demonizing the Black Guy as the whipping boy for Middle Class White America to point an accusing finger to blame for all of Society's ills.

While at first the charade seemed to unite the world for the cause of Social Justice,
IMO, it did anything but.
It has served as fuel for the race caldron, which adding in the economical collapse
will create the perfect Ordo Ab Chao.

So, cui bono?

Also I find it hard to believe that the same nasty Police who ''tortured'' Georgie, would allow a young woman with a mobile phone to record the entire 9 minutes of torture, with D.Chauvin(Chauvinistic?) even looking into the camera as if he was playing a role in a Hollywood movie.. Why didn't one of the other cops grab the phone and smash it to the ground, if they were so nasty?

However, interestingly the next day, the same "filmmaker" returned to the scene of the crime wearing a black T shirt with an image of the Hispanic Singer Selene.? Very odd choice since the mythological goddess Selene is symbolic of the Moon. Maybe the printing presses weren't fired up yet for GF t shirts??

That's NOT TO SAY that I do not think that there is a very precarious relationship
between Law Enforcement and the Black Community. I absolutely believe that there is.

My brother way back in the day (late 1970's) used to get followed by the police quite often and for no reason, even several incidents happening in his older years, in the last decade. Many people in the Black Community especially in the urban city have a very cynical view (at best) of Law Enforcement.

cui bono?

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

@Debbie, you wrote:

"Also painting Georgie with the broad brush as the Inhuman, Felon, Thief, Druggie, Counterfeiter was typical strategy of demonizing the Black Guy as the whipping boy for Middle Class White America to point an accusing finger to blame for all of Society's ills."

But the thing is, he hasn't been demonized at all, and no one is pointing the finger of blame at him. Au contraire, he's treated as a saint and martyr, with statues and murals in his honor even in other countries, and the scene of the crime renamed George Floyd Square, while the finger of blame remains pointed firmly at the police -- all police everywhere. It's a complete inversion of the "typical strategy of demonizing the Black Guy," and I think the inversion must be part of the point.

The purpose of making GF's unsavory background known is not for people to demonize him, but for people to know exactly what they are doing when they treat him as a saint. We saw a much more extreme form of this inversion (this time with Jews instead of blacks) in the Rittenhouse case, where the squeaky-clean hero was demonized and a literal serial child rapist held up as a martyr.

Ra1119bee said...


You wrote:But the thing is, he hasn't been demonized at all, and no one is pointing the finger of blame at him. Au contraire, he's treated as a saint and martyr, with statues and murals in his honor even in other countries, and the scene of the crime renamed George Floyd Square, while the finger of blame remains pointed firmly at the police -- all police everywhere.

My response:

I disagree with you William.
YOU yourself described GF as the American Fentanyl enjoyer
and I didn't detect any admiration at all in your comment.
So who admires GF, Black People?

GF was created to serve as a whipping boy archetype for the White Middle Class Christian (especially the White Middle Class Male) who has always been the target.

Why do you think our Opponents created ; Karen? Karen is an archetype of the perceived comfortable privileged Middle Class Christian White Woman. Karen is the Target.
Note the common denominator of both targets being: The Middle Class.

The Middle Class is the Backbone of Commerce, Growth, Optimism, and the American Dream which stimulates home ownership and families and hope for the future.
And yes, Black People too have strived for the Middle Class American Dream of home and family.

If we take out the backbone, no matter the color, what are we left with?
We are left with The Head and the useless Legs and we both know who the Head ISN'T going to be.

An archetype is just a representation of an idea.

And addressing your comment about the police. Don't you see the bigger picture (End Game) is not about the police, it's about ushering in Social Credit Scores via Artificial Intelligence to REPLACE human police, which A I will "deal" with everyone (at least the 99 percent) the same. No more Human Drama and many people will beg for the demise of the human and cheer for the' 'perceived' 'unbiased, non-hater, efficient, replacement.

This Great Reset has nothing whatsover to do with Social Justice for Black People.

If nothing else the BLM has given young Black Males (collectively, not all) especially in the poor Urban cities, a false sense that they are invincible and that their lives matter when truth be told,they are just a pawn in a game or better yet, the fuel to ignite Order out of Chaos, as they always have been used for.

Look at what's happening in the major cities. Crime is out of control, and as the Economy continues to crumble, it's going to get MUCH worse, especially in the 'hood', and it has nothing whatsoever to do with GF worshiped as a Saint by anybody.

The statues and murals and praise by the media and celebrities and major corporations
are all part of the package, much like how all celebrities are sold. GF is just a product selling 'Social Justice"' and we better buy it or we'll be banished to the hinterlands.

Our Opponents tell us who is the enemy and who is the good guy (which is always in a state of flux) and it our Opponents who supply all the pomp and circus media cheering and promoting whatever horse is running that day.

The American Empire is Economically dying, which was always the plan.

Our Opponents know that there is strength in numbers which is why they have strengthen our EGOs (especially Black males, BLM is a perfect example ) and severed our Collective Consciousness (our harmony with our fellow man) through Divide and Conquer.

The Plan is for us to destroy each other.
Less work for our Opponents.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

@Debbie, you write:

"The statues and murals and praise by the media and celebrities and major corporations are all part of the package, much like how all celebrities are sold. GF is just a product selling 'Social Justice' and we better buy it or we'll be banished to the hinterlands."

Yes, that about sums it up. When I said GF was being lionized rather than demonized, I meant by the media and the powers that shouldn't be -- presumably the same people who scripted the event itself, to the extent that it was scripted. The goal is to make it clear that GF wasn't a particularly good person while at the same time pressuring everyone to celebrate him because that's what all the goodthinkers are doing.

I don't think anyone is demonizing GF, not even people like me who resist the media narrative, not even right-wingers or outright "racists." If they/we demonized anyone in this story, it was the Mostly Peaceful Protesters and the media and corporations egging them on. I've never heard anyone blame GF himself for society's ills; I think it's pretty well understood that he was just some poor schlimazel who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I didn't see anyone anywhere on the political spectrum react the the GF story by fulminating against druggies, counterfeiters, or petty felons.

Ra1119bee said...


I think my point being is the official explanation of the GF event, I absolutely
believe did not happen.
Which begs the question: Why the lie? And if they're lying about one thing
what else are they lying about?

And last but not least, cui bono from the lie?
We find that answer and we find The Truth.

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