Thursday, September 15, 2022

Wheel in the sky

So, the sync fairies have drawn my attention to St. Catherine, about whom I know little beyond her association with breaking wheel.

When I see a crowned woman with an eight-spoked wheel, though, my first thought is of Fortuna, from whose Greek name Tyche my own surname ultimately derives.

The Wheel of Fortune is something I have written about quite extensively at The Magician's Table. On July 18 of this year, I saw Jupiter in a halo around the Moon and wrote, "When I see a 'wheel' in the sky with the Moon at the center, my immediate thought is 'O Fortuna / Velut luna . . . .'" One month before that, I had ha the last in a series of recurring dreams about a spacecraft sailing through an enormous ring or torus in the sky.

Catherine and her wheel made me think of "Eternity Road," a song by Ray Thomas from To Our Children's Children's Children, the 1969 Moody Blues concept album inspired by the moon landing. The lyrics begin thus:

Hark, listen, here he comes
Hark, listen, here he comes
Turning, spinning, Catherine wheeling
Forever changing, there's no beginning
Speeding through a charcoal sky
Observe the truth, we cannot lie

When I sat down to write this post, I opened the Brave browser. The home screen has a background image which changes from time to time, and today it was, for the first time, this:


cae said...

Hi William,
Not sure if you'll be interested in this, but I keep stumbling on this blog by druid John Michael Greer -
- most recently, last night I hit a link and was directed to a series of monthly bookclub blogs, which Greer has been 'hosting' on Eliphas Levi's "Doctrine and Ritual of High Magic"...
I've just barely dipped in, but it's very interesting stuff, so here's a link to the 'introductory' blog post, which provides a great overview of the work, for any of your readers who are new to it, as I am:

In what little I have read, I am most impressed by the attention paid to the spiritual aspects of the "magic" described - especially the tone of 'warning' in regard to the dark/black magical practices..

I hadn't realized that Levi's work was so 'involved' with the Tarot until I read the post linked above - very fascinating and informative!

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...


Thanks. I'll check it out.

ben said...

more blue moon

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