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Her prophets are light

I read light as a noun at first, until I saw it was followed by “and treacherous persons” (Zephaniah 3:4). I love little tricks like that, even, or perhaps especially, when they are serendipities of translation.

The light leads you home, but the light lead you astray.

Don’t be blinded by the light.

To be light is to be insufficiently affected by “the Love that moves the sun and the other stars.” It is caused by — or causes — or is indistinguishable from — a lack of inner substance.

Easy to confuse lightness with spirituality. The wind bloweth where it listeth, yes, but only the heavier planets can hold onto an atmosphere.


Ra1119bee said...


I agree. All power sources in this duality dimension
can be used for Good or Evil, depending on the intent.

I believe that is the continued battle we must conquer in our incarnations
in this dimension i.e. the Ego(EVIL) vs the Soul.
Wasn't Lucifer known as the Morning Light Venus the brightest star?
All glitter ain't gold.

Interestingly in the Twilight Zone The Parallel starting at marker/frame
8:12--8:36, it's the intense bright light
that blinds and transforms Major Gains into his 'carbon copy' Colonel Gains.

Ra1119bee said...


Sorry , forgot the link.

Also starting at marker/frame 35:29--40:58 when Colonel Gains re-enters
the space capsule (so as to do another attempt back to Earth)
he encounters FIRE as opposed to intense light.
Also listen to the reference to Twins.

And last but not least,( and I just noticed this today (3/25):

Copy and paste from wiki; (asterisks mine)

"The Parallel" is episode ***113*** of the American television anthology
series The Twilight Zone.

hmmmm....what's the odds???


The Parallel Full Episode

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

About three hours after posting this, with its gravity metaphors, I started reading The Peyote Dance. Artaud says of the Tarahumara Indians, “I cannot help thinking that they have somehow retained the instinctive force of gravitation of the first men.”

Ra1119bee said...


Me being unaware of the Tarahumara Indians but very curious about what
you've written about gravity, I decided to wiki Tarahumara Indians because
my first thought after reading your comment was: I wonder if this has a connection
with levitation and the Siddhis powers which I've shared my lifetime of esoteric dreams
and gazillion hours of research on this topic several times on your blog.

Sure enough the first sentence on the wiki page about the Tarahumara Indians
was this: (** asterisks mine)

"The Rarámuri or Tarahumara are a group of Indigenous people of the Americas living in the state of Chihuahua in Mexico.
They are renowned for their ***long-distance running ability.***

After reading that info about running abilities, my immediate thought
was of the Lung-gom-pa in Tibet:
According to Wiki:
The Lung-gom-pa is esoteric skill in Tibetan Buddhism, which is said
to allow a practitioner to run at an extraordinary speed for days without stopping...

So, speaking of Siddhis powers and regarding this post about the Light
I also think my previous comment (in another post) about The Shining Ones ( see link)
most certainly connects.

I understand that you do not believe in reincarnation,
and I respect that, but I am a believer because it explains, at least to me,
and answers the gazillion WHYS of many of my esoteric dreams, especially about levitation
which I began having recurring levitation dreams after my grandmother died in 1965.
I still have them to this day.

Do recall I shared my 1974 past life reader visit and his 'reading 'about
an incarnation in Atlantis and Tibet and several others although I don't recall
what those others were.

The reader did NOT use any cards, i.e. tarot etc. He sat across from me in a room
near a window and asked me to take off one shoe and show him the bottom of my foot.

Oddly enough the reader 'knew' and told me EXACTLY about my levitation dreams
explaining it started as a sacrifice in Atlantis.
Every detail in my recurring dream, he knew.

He also told me of an incarnation in Tibet as a Monk which
was very intriguing as well, because as stated, even as a very young girl
I've always been attracted to that part of the world.

The past life reader and I did NOT know each other as I just answered his ad in
the classified section of the Dayton Daily News paper.

I personally do not identify with any one traditional religion, although
I absolutely believe in God and believe that God is connected to us through
our Soul and that every incarceration oops I mean incarnation we are tested
and if/when we succumb to our Ego/Evil is why we(our Soul) fall down
again and again ( Man Overboard) and become trapped in this duality dimension
on the Wheel of Linear Time ( gravity) until we find balance and earn
our way home to the Divine, and IMHO, that's Heaven.

The Shining Ones




Ra1119bee said...


Perhaps this isn't exactly on topic with your post,
however if appears that perhaps one of my recent comments and prediction
about a possible event(s) concerning Bridges (Brooklyn and the Golden Gate )
might be coming true albeit
not quite accurate, but close.

This morning (3-26) the Francis Scott KEY Bridge in Baltimore Maryland
was hit by a Singapore cargo ship.
The entire bridge has collapsed. This is a very large bridge.

What was interesting is this bridge is on the 77th Meridian West

Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapses | Special Report

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