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Eclipse skull and crossbones

Besides Makanda, the "eclipse crossroads" in Southern Illinois also includes Carbondale -- which has an interesting city logo:

That design looks a little too perfect to be a coincidence, and sure enough, it's not. It was introduced months after the 2017 eclipse and explicitly references the two eclipse paths:

[Carbondale Mayor Mike] Henry said the logo is an abstract crossroad, which fits with Carbondale being the "eclipse crossroads of America." In the middle of the design, it looks like a keyhole, which Henry said suggests the door is always open in the city.

He may think it looks like a keyhole, but to me a round white shape superimposed on a white X looks like a skull and crossbones, a theme that came up in "Human skull on the ground, turn around":

In a comment on that post, I added, "The motorcyclist’s jacket shows a star (like the sun) being eclipsed by a dead white object (like the moon)," a link reinforced by "The eclipsing moon as a skull."

Notice the phrase "judgement day" there -- spelled the British way even though it was posted from America.

The article about the Carbondale logo said that a lot of people had been mocking the logo on social media -- some of them stooping so low, the mayor is shocked to report, as to "draw vulgar things on it on Facebook" -- so I wondered if any of these cowardly basement-dwelling idiot anonymous troll-demons had worked the Jolly Roger angle. An image search for carbondale illinois skull and crossbones turned up further confirmation that the moon is a skull:

That image came from the 2013 archive page for a blog called Skull-A-Day. The image itself is from a December 7 post of skull art by Justin Ferreira; and on the same archive page is a December 29 post in which a reader from Carbondale, Illinois, submitted a photo of milk in a sink forming a skull-like shape.

The crescent moon skull design -- with the face on the concave surface of the crescent, and with dark orbits suggesting dark glasses -- reminded me of the old Moon Man meme.

This led me to look up and reread A. T. L. Carver's proposal that, just as Pepe the Frog is the ancient Egyptian god Kek, Moon Man is Thoth. The last bullet point got my attention:

Okay, so both Moon Man and Thoth:
  • Are associated with the moon
  • Have a crescent moon aspect to their heads
  • Deal with words and vocalizing
  • Are “judgement day” figures who lay down the law and establish an order


Ra1119bee said...

Part 1

Regarding Carbondale Ill. As we both know carbon paper produces
carbon copies of an original doucment.
Somewhat like a twin or parallel or Janus are carbon copies
(two sides of the same coin).

Our 'opponents, the Octagon' are obsessed with Twins.
Don't know if you've ever seen the Stanley Kubrick movie the Shining,
but if you have you'll recall The Twins. (see clip below)

And speaking of The Shining, on your Makanda post, William Wright wrote this:

"For the apocalyptically minded, you have a very straightforward translation of "Land to burn" (ma = land or region; kanda = to blaze). A future burning was specifically cited in both the Kirtland Temple's dedicatory prayer, as well as Thomas Marsh's blessing.

For the Xanadu minded, you also have the straightforward "Together in one to shine white" (ma = together, in one; kanda = to blaze). Here blaze, per etymonline, can mean to shine or be white. The things that are together can be Beings reunited back in Xanadu, and it could also refer to the Stones as they link together (Eclipse/ New Moon Shining).

My response:
I personally very much believe that The Shining Ones are 'due' to return(see link)
Perhaps from the Hollow Earth as Admiral Byrd and the SS believed?

In The Shining movie plot both the young boy Danny(played by Danny Loyd)
and the head chief Halloran (played by Scatman Crothers) have psychic
abilities which Halloran calls The Shining.(see link)

In etymology the word Hallo:
"Old English had ea la. Halow as a shipman's cry to incite effort is from mid-15c.;
Halloo as a verb, "to pursue with shouts, to shout in the chase," is from late 14c.
Compare also harou, cry of distress".
Isn't it interesting the significance and perhaps much needed effort in this time of
a Great Upheaval, a cry of distress?

A blowing of the Horn, perhaps?

Ra1119bee said...


Part 2

I also want to add another thought regarding The Shining.

The setting is a fictional hotel : The Overlook Hotel in Colorado.
Do recall my many comments about my perspective
regarding Denver being the capital of The New Atlantis, during/after
the Great Upheaval aka The Great Reset aka The Shifting of Ages.

I think I shared my May 12 2017 dream I titled; Colorado Springs
several months ago here on your blog.
It was because of that dream and a gazillion hours of research which helped me
form my perspective about Denver as America's capital in The New Atlantis.
Recall my comments about the 104 meridian West (note the 1 4 and my previous
comment about the mirror 14 and 41)

Denver and Colorado Springs are on the 104 Meridian West.
And although none of the 3 eclipses' path was in the state of Colorado,
what is interesting is that Cloud Croft New Mexico
is on the 104 Meridian West (actually the 105,but do factor in the Law of the three).

Cloud Croft was where Alan Hale first 'discovered' the comet Hale Bopp.
And although Phoenix Arizona is not on the 104 it is on the 33 degree parallel.
Phoenix is where Thomas Bopp 'discovered Hale Bopp.

An interesting side note is Alan Hale's father was in the Air Force
based at Holloman Air Force Base. (the word HOLLO again? )

I believe that Hale-Bopp too was a Very significant harbinger ushering
in The Great Reset. Do recall I shared my Hale-Bopp dream on your blog
( which I had the dream in March of 1997,
a few days before the Heaven Gate mass suicide)

Do note that the first (of the 3 eclipses) was in Aug of 2 0 1 7.
Also do note that I DID NOT KNOW anything about the 3 eclipses Aleph
connections in 2017.
I just recently connected the puzzle pieces (the last 6 months or so) from all of my research and esoteric experiences and dreams.

Regarding your Moon man and Thoth comment.
Interestingly, and IMO, the moon man's head in the photo(on the right)
reminds me of either an elongated skull and/or a Phrygian cap.

Also you wrote this about the Moon man and Thoth
and these two remarks in particular:

1.Deal with words and vocalizing

2.Are “judgement day” figures who lay down the law and establish an order.

My response ;
Do note that Deborah was also a "judge'.

From Wiki:
"According to the Book of Judges, Deborah (Hebrew: דְּבוֹרָה, Dəḇōrā) was a prophetess of Judaism, the fourth Judge of pre-monarchic Israel and the only female judge
mentioned in the Hebrew Bible."

Debora's words and vocalizing are 'songs'.
From Wiki:
" Judges 5 gives the same story in poetic form.
This passage, often called The Song of Deborah..."

The Shining (1980) - Come Play With Us Scene ( there is a gruesome image
in this clip just to let you know and also starting at marker/frame 1:23 note
that Danny is on his bi=cycle in the hallway.
The shadows from the TWO LIGHT fixtures on the ceiling
forms and X.

The Shining - Bat Scene ( starting at marker/frame 4:38--4:41 note the X
on the 'LIGHT fixture')

The Shining scene - Hallorann explains what the Shine is

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