Sunday, March 24, 2024

Turning suns into black holes

I have pinched my title (only changing the capitalization so as to conform to the FTND style guide) from William Wright's February 29 post "Turning Suns into Black Holes." The post included this photo William's son had taken, in which "Through the magic of the VTech Kidizoom camera, the sun was transformed into either a black hole or a solar eclipse":

This evening I was trying to declutter my desk a bit, sorting through some stacks of books, and I ended up picking up and flipping through an old paperback I had found at a junk shop in Taichung some months ago: a 1976 English edition of Antonin Artaud's The Peyote Dance, published by The Noonday Press at 19 Union Square West, New York. (In the Tarot, 19 is the number of the Sun.)

I discovered something I hadn't noticed when I bought the book: Glued to the inside of the back cover was a little handmade envelope made of folded blue paper, and inside it turned out to be a Fujifilm Instax photo on a rather familiar theme:

Nothing is written on the photo or envelope or in the book, so we will never know who took this photo, made a special envelope for it, and glued it to the back cover of The Peyote Dance, or why.

A further coincidence is that on March 20 I myself had stuck a photo inside this very book. The ophthalmologist (see "Eye drops on 113/3/20") had given me a photo of my own bloodshot eye to take home, and not knowing what else to do with it, I had stuck it between the pages of one of the many books on my desk, figuring it could serve as a bookmark if and when I got around to reading it. Unbeknownst to me, the book I chose just happened to be the one that already had a photo hidden inside.

The last pages of The Peyote Dance, just before the envelope with the "black hole sun" photo, are devoted to a poem by the author, composed in Ivry-sur-Seine on February 16, 1948, called "Tutuguri: The Rite of Black Night." The opening lines are as follows:

Dedicated to the eternal glory of the sun Tutuguri is a black rite.
The Rite of black night and of the eternal death of the sun.
No, the sun will never come back

Is it this poem, with its blackened-sun imagery, that inspired the book's previous owner to provide it with a little pocket for a photo of a blacked-out sun? There's no way to know, but it seems as good a guess as any.


cae said...

Also, coming this April 8th, total solar eclipse visible over U.S...forming a cross with the 2017 eclipse..

cae said...

Sorry about the multiple post and deletions - keep forgetting things...

You may find this substance article very interesting:

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

The upcoming eclipse is very much on our radar, Carol, and appears in many recent posts here and at William Wright’s blog.

Ra1119bee said...


Thank you for your link to the Druid Stares Back.
What an intriguing read!!

I 'met' Steiner' in several dreams starting back in 2003, which
I didn't know about Rudolph Steiner until after the first dream after which
I spent a gazillion hours and YEARS researching.

Much of what was in the Druid Stares Back article, I've been predicting
for a very very long time and posted many comments on this blog
in the last several months, in particular about the 3 eclipses
(The totality Aug 21, 2017, Oct 2023 ( an annular eclipse)
and the upcoming April 8 totality) forming an Aleph over America.

I copied and pasted this from the Druid article :
"Here’s the mind-blowing part: Steiner interprets the “beasts”
of the Apocalypse as comets: “Whenever the apocalyptist is speaking of the beast he is actually referring to the powers and effects of comets.”
My response:
I absolutely agree with Steiner about comets.

Please allow me explain:

I had a dream in March 1997, 2 days BEFORE the Heavens' Gate Cult Mass suicide 'attempt'
to "hitch a ride" on the Hale-Bopp comet.

I won't share the entire dream here but the summary of the dream is I saw a space
ship in the back yard of the house where I grew up. A 'space man' appeared
and telepathically told me : "It's time to Go."

When I responded that I didn't want to go,
the 'space man' gave me a Styrofoam cup with a milky crystal that I knew I had to ingest
in order to 'make me human' and stay on Earth.

2 days later(in real life) as I was getting ready to go to work lo and behold
I happened to glance over to the TV morning news and saw
the report about Heaven's Gate and I was shocked and IMMEDIATELY said to myself:
I was suppose to be on that Ship!!

I DID NOT KNOW about HEAVEN'S Gate BEFORE the dream and although Hale Bopp had
been in the news on and off at that time ,
I really had no clue whatsoever of Heaven Gate's or comets( past or present)

I shared my 1997 Hale-Bopp dream on William's blog before.
I 'met' William because of a dream I had in Oct of 2021 I titled: Tulips.
Researching Tulips lead me to Oswald Wirth which lead me to William's Blog.

I believe that Hale-Bopp was a harbinger of an upcoming Great Reset, as I
believe humanity is on the precipice of a Shifting of Ages, from the Industrial (Iron)
Age to the Silicon (Data) Age, aka The Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius,
and especially The New Atlantis, we now know as America.

Here are just a minuscule list of interesting theories towards that end
and information which I've commented (and posted links to) on this blog before:

1.The Red Heifer and The Third Temple
2.Pluto in Aquarius
3.John Dee, Francis Bacon and Manly Hall's The New Atlantis
4.End Times descending and Hale Bopp ( see link )
5. if you haven't seen the apocalyptic Netflix movie; Leave the World Behind'
(released on Dec 8 2023 and bankrolled by Barack and Michelle Obama's production
company Higher Ground with Barack serving as consultant) you
may want to check it out.

IMO, we (humanity) are being warned of an upcoming Great Upheaval
having to do with Transhumanism via Artificial Intelligence, which
I believe with usher in the Beast.

Thank you for sharing such a thought provoking article.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Debbie, two days before the Heaven's Gate mass suicide? That would be March 24, no?

Ra1119bee said...


Excellent catch!!!~

Everything is connected, no?

Ra1119bee said...


Also according to Wiki,Heaven Gate's 'headquarters' in 1995
was in Manzano, New Mexico, which is on the 104 Meridian West (actually
the 106 but do factor in The Law of Three).

Recall my many comments about the mirror numbers 14/41 and Switzerland's
unofficial motto: One(1) for (4) all.... and all for(4) one (1) ,
and the significance of the 104 Meridian West and Denver Colorado.

Recall I've shared my perspective and prediction
that I believe Denver is going to be
the capital of The New Atlantis.

Do note the tabernacles on the roof of DIA (Denver International Airport)
which connects my 2015 Where's My Horn Dream which in that dream, Marshall
and I had sold our home here in Wilmington and moved to a condo
near Kings Island Amusement Park in Mason (Mason?) Ohio.

In the dream I built a white 'tent' outside the condo's patio door because I didn't want
to see people walking back and forth across our patio porch going to Kings Island.
In the dream my grandfather(who has been deceased in real life since 1977)
appeared through the opening of the tent and asked me very firmly;

It was because of the dream and the gazillion hours of research
which led me down the rabbit hole to the Shmita and the Ram's Horn, King Solomon,
the Red Heifer and the prophecy of The Third Temple, especially this information
about the Tabernacle.( see link )

Of course ( and I DID NOT KNOW this before the dream and research)
a tabernacle is a tent.

Also Heaven Gate's second headquarters in Rancho Santa Fe Cali (which
was the location of the mass suicide) is on the 33-degree parallel.

Loaves of gold

(Not to be confused with " Leaves of gold .") Wherever these bread syncs are going, the sync fairies seem intent on connecting all...