Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Skulls, crescents, twins

Yesterday I posted "Eclipse skull and crossbones," continuing the theme of "The eclipsing moon as a skull." In the comments, Debbie introduced the theme of twins -- though it had, I thought, only a rather tenuous connection to what I had posted. (The post discussed the "eclipse crossroads" city of Carbondale, from which Debbie free-associated to carbon paper, carbon copies, and twins.)

Yesterday evening, approximately six and a half hours after Debbie's comment, I saw this on /x/, illustrating a thread dedicated to the astrological analysis of "evil people":

I guess this was just intended as a sinister-looking representation of the sign of Gemini, but the details are quite synchy. The twins have skull heads, and above each skull is a crescent, synching with the idea of the moon as a skull. Centered above them is a cross, suggesting the "eclipse crossroads" in Southern Illinois, where the paths of the 2017 and 2024 eclipses intersect. The two crescents, besides representing the moon, could also represent solar eclipses just before or after the moment of totality. (Only very thin crescents, like those in the image, would have this ambiguity. A wider crescent moon is quite distinct in shape from a partially eclipsed sun.)

The constellation of Gemini represents Castor and Pollux, whose "white skullcaps" (and connection with the "second moon," Basidium) I discussed in my December 2 post "They are the eggmen."

This afternoon I ran across this image on /pol/ and clicked on it because it said "The Story of Gog And Magog" -- Gog came up in the March 6 post "Baggu ash-ni fire-dwell a gog ifluaren bansil este repose" -- but the rest of it turned out to have nothing to do with that title:

All nonsense, in case you were wondering. The white and black crescents in Éliphas Lévi's iconic image represent mercy and justice, not anything racial, and the Goat itself shares nothing but a name with the alleged idols of the Knights Templar. Their "Baphomet" -- most likely a corruption of the name Mahomet -- was usually described as a severed human head, a head with three faces, or -- most notably -- a human skull.

Also interesting is the reappearance of the twin crescents from the Gemini image, together with the "Gog and Magog." My uncle William John used to say that Gog and Magog were "the apocalyptic equivalent of Tweedledee and Tweedledum" -- meaning that both sides in the Battle of Armageddon would consist mostly of evil clowns, morally indistinguishable -- so there's the twin theme again.


Andrew said...

That is rather interesting. I see how even the elect could be confused in the apocalypse. It seems we are sort of experience millions of preparations for that (Two party system, National socialism vs Global socialism, Taylor Swift vs ??.) and it certainly seems a very effective tactic.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

As They (the eggmen) put it:

My evil twin,
Bad weather friend,
He always wants to start
When I want to begin

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Just now I was searching Anna’s Archive for The Monkey’s Tail by T. C. Lethbridge. I didn’t find it, but I did find another Lethbridge book, which I’d never heard of before: Gogmagog: The Buried Gods.

Ra1119bee said...

Very Interesting indeed!!

As stated many times, I believe we live in a duality dimension, and perhaps
Earth is the only place where duality exists because of gravity.

As above, so below. Yin/Yang

Our opponents are masters of Divide and Conquer.
Black vs White (and vice versa)
Haves vs Have Nots (and vice versa)
Right vs Left (and vice versa)
Generations vs Generations
Old vs Young (and vice versa)
Males vs Females (and vice versa)
and on and on ad nauseum.

On a spiritual level, we are always fighting Good vs Evil.
Ego vs Soul

Tweedledee and Tweedledum ? Absolutely.
They are both two wings of the same bird,
and they both fly for (work for) the SAME King.

all IMHO, of course ;-)))

Ra1119bee said...


Oh, and I forgot to add ;
Religion vs Religion

Behold, the Lord esteemeth all flesh as one

I was listening to an audio recording of the Book of Mormon, and when it got to the part where Nephi says they "did live upon raw meat ...