Monday, March 25, 2024

I am the wizard Lion

Last night I dreamed that I saw a blog post with that title (including the odd capitalization), though I wasn't sure whether it was on my own blog or someone else's. I didn't read the post; I only saw the title.

By posting this, I am making my dream come true.

In the dream, I thought it was an allusion to Jim Morrison's "The Celebration of the Lizard," with its famous lines "I am the Lizard King / I can do anything." Wizard sounds like lizard, and the lion is the king of beasts -- ergo, Wizard Lion = Lizard King.

Immediately upon waking, I thought, no, the wizard/lizard lion is the chameleon, a lizard with a lion in its name and with the "magical" ability to change color.

Not until this evening did I get around to looking up "The Celebration of the Lizard." Like most Gen-X Mormons, I am a half-assed Doors fan at best and only knew a few lines -- "Is everybody in? / The ceremony is about to begin," plus the Lizard King bit. As it turns out, the very first word of the poem is lions, which would seem to confirm my in-dream interpretation.

I was sync-posting about "The invincible Lizard King" back in January 2023.

Given Mr. Mojo Risin's penchant for anagrams, I thought "I am the wizard Lion" might be one. It's an anagram of "rationalized whim," which seems like a phrase people might use on occasion, so I tried googling it. Only four results -- but the first one was very recent: a March 1, 2024, article for The Lamp by Jude Russo, called "Whim All the Way Down" -- about, of all things, the watches owned by dictators. The key phrase occurs in the first paragraph:

Most Americans, I think, fancy themselves collectors of something or other. It is the natural consequence of our superabundant material culture; with the specter of famine having shuffled almost out of our living memory, people are free to devote a decent portion of their earnings to whim. Collecting is just rationalized whim.

I am no exception. I have my little whims -- books, guns, watches -- but . . .

Note that though the rest of the article is about watches, early on he pairs them with guns.

Scrolling down a bit, I noticed a "colonel" reference:

Col. Muammar Gaddhafi kept up a steady stream of inexpensive quartz watches bearing his likeness at every stage of his fashion sensibility . . .

This led me to the colonel's Wikipedia article, where I found this:

Colonel Gaddafi's golden gun caught my eye because, due to recent Corn Flakes syncs, I had been thinking about songs that mention that cereal: "I Am The Walrus," "Punky's Dilemma" by Simon & Garfunkel, and of course Tori Amos's "Cornflake Girl" -- which has the repeated line "And the man with the golden gun thinks he knows so much."

I hadn't listened to any of those songs or even searched for them -- I had just been thinking about them -- when I opened up the YouTube Music on my phone and found that the first song it had queued up in my "Supermix" was called "Gold Guns Girls":

After that, running into a real-life Colonel with a Golden Gun -- found by searching for an anagram of a line from a dream! -- was quite the coincidence.


Ra1119bee said...


The Man with the Golden Gun perhaps?
That would be fitting especially (and I'm sure you know this)
since Ivan Fleming was said to be a Rosy
and based James Bond's character 007 on John Dee, also a Rosy.
Double OO's.
For Your (2) EYES Only.

The antagonist in the movie, The Man with the Golden Gun, is interesting
and has an eye connection as well.

Ra1119bee said...


And speaking of Bond and Colonels, I googled James Bond
movies with Colonels, and I just found this which I wasn't aware
of this novel.

William Wright (WW) said...

You might have to consider that the anagram points to you.

You like to write your name as "Wm". If you were to poll a random person on the street on how one would pronounce those two letters together as a word, I think they would pronounce it as "Whim". I would, at least.

But what about rationalized? I thought of your dream that had the green book with gold lettering, thinking that this mentioned 'rational'. I had remembered it wrong, though. The book was titled "Narrative Reasoning".

Fortunately, though, if you look up 'rational' on Etymonline, you will get "pertaining to or springing from reason". Plus, reasonable is a very common synonym to rational in modern discourse. Pretty much interchangeable.

How would a Being become rationalized? After reading a book called Narrative Reasoning, perhaps, and becoming acquainted with its rational and reasonable contents. If that Being's name was Wm, he might properly be called a "Rationalized Wm (Whim)"

So, do you prefer to go as Wizard Lion or Lizard King?

William Wright (WW) said...


Debbie brought up the 007 book "Man with the Golden Gun", and specifically cites the antagonist Scaramanga.

Small bit of trivia is that the film stars Christopher Lee as Scaramanga. The same Christopher Lee who played Saruman in LOTR.

Ra1119bee said...


A few other Bond movies where the antagonist had an eye affliction or intense eye
stares or reference to the eyes were:

1.Le Chiffre in Casino Royale. According to Wiki, Fleming based the Le Chiffre
character on Aleister Crowley.

2.The title: Goldeneye. In Goldeneye there is mention of a Colonel as well.
From Wiki:
1986, MI6 agents James Bond and Alec Trevelyan infiltrate a Soviet chemical weapons facility called Arkangel. After Trevelyan is caught and seemingly killed by the facility's commanding officer, Colonel Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov, Bond destroys the site and escapes in a stolen aircraft.

3. Ernst Stavaro Blofeld in You Only Live Twice

4. Emilio Largo in Thunderball

5.Lyutsifer Safin and his mask and intense eyes in No Time to Die

6.Rose Klebb in From Russia with Love and according do the character's description
(see link ), Rose Klebb has yellow eyes and wears thick glasses.

7. For Your Eyes Only

Perhaps Fleming's eye references in several of James Bond's villains are symbolic
having to do with John Dee himself and his role as Double OO ( Eyes for the Queen
and Country).
Eye Spy.

Also Two OO's numerically totals 66 since the letter O is the 15 letter in the alphabet
and 1+5=6.

66 when viewed from another angle is 99 which is Eye Eye (II ) since the letter I is
the ninth letter in the alphabet.

6 and 9 are 'twins'. Same but different.
Bond's opponents are 6's and Bond is a 9.

The 6's 'head' is on the bottom(symbolic of man)
and the nine's 'head' is on the top.

What if 6 turns out to be 9?

 If 6 was 9--Jimmy Hendrix

WanderingGondola said...

The post title alone brought the Wizard of Oz to mind, and "Lizard King" reminded me of a classic Simpsons bit. It took reading The Celebration to really recall past Doors syncs; "Sun, sun, sun / Burn, burn, burn / Moon, moon, moon" also caught my eye thanks to WW.

Look at the title of that article again. Whim All the Way Down. According to Wiki, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"'s "wimoweh" was a mishearing of the original song's chorus of Uyimbube, meaning "You are a lion" in Zulu.

I'm not familiar with The Man with the Golden Gun itself, but the weapon itself appeared in the Nintendo 64's GoldenEye game. Tied for most powerful gun in the game, it only holds one bullet at a time but instakills on hit. There's also a multiplayer mode where players fight for control of the Golden Gun -- note for WW, this page says the Gun-holder appears blue on radar vs. everyone else as red. (Incidentally, these thoughts reminded me of a song I woke to earlier this month.)

William Wright (WW) said...

Casting a broader net than 007 villains, Sauron was also associated very specifically with an eye. His was even described as being a Red Eye, and the orcs in his service wore the Red Eye as a symbol.

In William's post "Turning suns into black holes", where he copied over the title from one of my posts and described finding another example of a 'black sun' photograph, he inserted a picture of his own eye that he described as 'bloodshot', or red.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

And, whatever its in-world etymology may be, the name Sauron certainly suggests “lizard.”

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

WG, in “The Guitar,” TMBG’s version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” (with the great line “Hush, my darling, be still, my darling, the lion’s on the phone”), there’s a repeated line, “Is it Jim? I don’t know. Is it Jim? I don’t know.”

Ra1119bee said...


And speaking of Lions...

As you are probably aware,
this morning ( 3-26) I commented on the sinking of the Francis Scott Key Bridge
in Baltimore Maryland after a major hit from a 117-ton cargo ship named ; Dali.

Also as you know, I've previously shared my prediction on several comments here on your blog of what I believe will be bridge (s) events in America( from Sea to Shinning Sea)
which I believe will happen so as to usher in Globally The Great Reset
and in America , John Dee's The New Atlantis.

Also as I mentioned the Key Bridge is on the 77th Meridian West.

After the Key Bridge incident this morning
I had forgotten to mention in my comment
that in the Dec 2023 apocalyptic Netflix movie:
Leave the World Behind (which I've commented on several times),
there is a scene( at the beginning of the movie )
where an oil tanker runs aground and onto the beach because of a
navigational failure due to a cyber attack .

The oil tanker in the movie is named: White LION.
Please refer to my recent comment on Feb 29 regarding your post
(a red frisbee almost brained
him) featuring The Lion's Den book.

In the clip of the ship scene in the movie (link below )
note the intuitive little girl
whose name is Rose/Rosie(perhaps a nod to the Rosicrucian's ya think? )

Given that the Obama's production company Higher Ground bankrolled this movie
with Barak serving as consultant, I find it very interesting that
now with the Key bridge demise, 'life imitates art?
What a coincidence~!!

And speaking of art and ships,the ship that sunk the KEY Bridge name
was Dali, which coincidently one of Salvador Dali's paintings is titled :
The Broken Bridge and The Dream. ( see link )

Also interestingly in Salvador Dali's bio there is a subtle reference to 'twins'
i.e. Same but different.

copy and paste from article:
"When he was five, Dali was taken to his brother's grave and told by his parents
that he was his brother's reincarnation, a concept which he came to believe.
Of his brother, Dali said, "...[we] resembled each other like two drops of water,
but we had different reflections."
He "was probably a first version of myself but conceived too much in the absolute."

Interesting Dali's reference to water.

We live in VERY interesting times, no?

Ship crashing into beach scene - Leave The World Behind (2023)

John Dee's Calendar and God's Longitude

Loaves of gold

(Not to be confused with " Leaves of gold .") Wherever these bread syncs are going, the sync fairies seem intent on connecting all...