Monday, March 25, 2024

Working out with Bones, and Colonel West

Cleaning out some old files, I found this meme from years ago:

DeForest Kelley, who plays Bones, was in my sync stream back in June 2022 and in William Wright's just last month. Bones have been in my sync stream more recently, for example in the March 18 post "Eclipse skull and crossbones." In the March 23 post "Hay fever," I included a Pogo strip referencing "Straw, that bone building beloved cereal favored by young and old." In a comment on that post, I added:

When I posted this, I had a vague feeling that the "bone" reference in the Pogo strip was significant. Just now I read this in Strange But True by Colin Wilson:

"[French psychometrist Alexis] Didier was given a small leather case belonging to a certain Colonel Llewellyn. Didier placed the case against his stomach, and was then able to tell the owner that it contained a piece of bone — the colonel’s own bone."

This morning's post "Corn Flakes 311" included a reference to the raised fist as a Black Power symbol, and also discussed the words colonel and kernel, the latter of which "comes from the root of corn . . . plus the diminutive suffix -el." That etymology, in a Black Power context, made me think of racial activist (and 2024 presidential candidate) Cornel West. I had the impression that the word west had come up in one of the synchromystic posts I reference there, but a word-search showed that I was mistaken, so I didn't end up referencing Dr. West in the post.

The Kirk and Bones meme made me wonder, given that so many Star Trek characters have military titles, whether there were any colonels among them. It turns out that there is actually a character called Colonel West, who appears in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. William Wright posted about that movie exactly a month ago, in "The Undiscovered Country, flying into stars, Neverland, and NUVO." He doesn't mention the Colonel West character, but he does analyze the NUVO in the title as meaning "West son" in Elvish.

Apparently, the Colonel West character was a thinly-veiled dig at Colonel Oliver North. As it turns out, the Cornel West photo above, which I chose because it was the closest I could find to him with a raised fist, was taken on Colonel North's birthday.

One of the most important colonels in the current sync-stream has been Colonel Sanders. Guess who Cornel West supported before he decided to run for office himself?

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