Thursday, June 16, 2022

Trust the plan


Ra1119bee said...


Everything old is new again.

Back in the Doo Wop days in 1961 the song: The Duke of Earl, could be heard 'blaring' throughout the West Side of Dayton Ohio, as my sister and I walked or played throughout the
It seemed everyone was listening to and/or singing along with the song The Duke of Earl, listening either on their transistor radios, or High-Fi record players.

Everything old is new again.
and yes, I would agree, nothing can stop the progression of what is to come.

Ben Pratt said...

Debbie, in 2022 my friends get the song stuck in their heads when I share the DOE content William posts.

This is a rare, top-shelf meme.

Easy Without You

This is one of the most seamless mashups I've ever heard.