Thursday, June 2, 2022

Choronzon 333

I've been reading Richard Deacon (Donald McCormick)'s biography of John Dee on and off for a while now. Today I happened to read these two passages. The first is from a section in which Dee and Kelley are contrasted with their would-be imitators Victor Neuberg and Aleister Crowley. (Crowley claimed to be Kelley reincarnated and tried to copy some of the "Enochian" rituals.)

Choronzon in the minds of Dee and Kelley was little more than a symbol of destruction such as Bunyan conjured up in Pilgrim's Progress, a purely allegorical figure. Neither Dee nor Kelley made any attempts to exorcise or propitiate this mythical monster. Crowley, however, performed a "banishing ritual" and claimed to see a demon who changed into an old man and then into a snake. The demon insisted that his name was "333", wailing that "the tenth Aethyr is the world of adjectives and there is no substance therein" and threatened Crowley and Neuberg with the tortures it could inflict.

Several pages later, Deacon returns to this number.

There is a curious note in Dee's manuscripts about this time which poses the rather strange equation of "30 plus M = Bess plus 333. Speke to W." . . . "30", we know, was a code for the son of Mary, Queen of Scots, and Dee was certainly privy to this code. "30 plus M" could mean James and his mother, Mary. But what of "Bess plus 333"? . . .

Could Crowley provide an answer here? Was this his "333" sign of Choronzon or Chaos . . . ? Dee used numerical signs for his spiritual creatures, whether angelic or diabolical, and "333" may well have been one of them. . . . Whichever way one looks at the cryptic comment it is certain that "333" was a code and that this was a note on Intelligence matters.

Approximately an hour after reading the above, I was checking some things on the Net and happened to see this video of captured Azov battalion soldiers showing off their tattoos.

Most of the tattoos were straightforward Satanist and neo-Nazi symbolism -- swastikas, Baphomets, portraits of Hitler, Ukrainian translations of Hitler quotes, etc. Then there was this: a horseshoe with (I think) an explosion and the number 333.

I have no idea what the number 333 would mean to neo-Nazis -- a quick Google search only turns up street addresses like "333 Horseshoe Bend" -- but a connection to Crowley and Choronzon seems likely. These dudes are clearly into Satanism, and one assumes Crowley would be popular with the same sorts of wankers who larp as Nazis.

Running into the number 333 twice in such a short time, and possibly even with a similar meaning, was a significant enough coincidence that I thought it worth documenting.

Update: I found this in one of the darker corners of the Internet. It seems to confirm that neo-Nazi Satanists would associate 333 with Crowley's appropriation of Dee and Kelley's "Choronzon."


Mr. Andrew said...

Interesting. This reminded me of John Wright's Mists of Everness. Basically normies are oblivious, but the supernatural war enters reality and those working for Satan start overtly battling the last remnants of the good.

Some of the badguys were basically a Satanic cult mixed with lower class elements who were only half-aware of the forces they were playing with.

I wonder if this-sort-of-thing could happen. The supernatural entering our world more transparently. If it's possible, it could partly explain some of the recent rush in craziness.

Ra1119bee said...


Last night I was looking at a DVD that I purchased last year.
The DVD is the complete season of an early 1960's TV drama titled: Sam Benedict
which was a drama based on a true story of a prominent San Fran attorney of that time.

Although I don't recall my mother or anyone in my family looking at the Sam Benedict
show in the 1960's, my mother was however a huge fan of the very popular TV series Perry Mason, which I am currently a fan as well, partly because of nostalgia reasons (especially the Perry Mason Theme song! ),, but also because I have always been interested in ' connect the dots' investigator type puzzles. The 1970's TV series Colombo was a fav of both my mother and myself.

Although I watched all of the Sam Benedict episodes last year after purchasing the DVD, I randomly decided to watch a couple of episodes last night.

While watching the show, my eyes were drawn to a scene in which Sam Benedict's Office
building was shown. The Office Building's address was 333.

I recall thinking ( last year when I first watched the Sam Benedict series) the symbolic
significance of 333 and how so much symbolism has been incorporated into our Collective Consciousness for a very long time, hidden in plain sight.

When I read your post this morning ( having randomly chosen and watched Sam Benedict just last night ) I thought:
hmmmm, that's odd, the number 333 again...

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

According to IMDb, "Sam Benedict" is based on an "Alcoa Theatre" episode called "333 Montgomery." The San Francisco defense attorney in not called Sam Benedict but Jake Brittin, and he is played by Star Trek actor DeForest Kelley -- whose name begins with "Dee" and ends with "Kelley"!

Ra1119bee said...


Very interesting .

De Forest Kelley????

What's that saying?
"Ceallaigh see the FOREST for the DEES?":--))

In other words; Hidden In plain sight?

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

The Dee book I'm reading even talks about "de-forestation." Dee discovered a plot by the Spanish to burn the Royal Forest of Dean and conveyed this in code, saying that the "Guardians of the RFΔ . . . must acte against fire by the creatures of the Scorpion." The creatures of the Scorpion were Spanish agents, and RFΔ stood for "Royal Forest of Dean," using the Greek delta in place of the D. In his records of his and Kelley's "angelic conversations," the letter delta invariably refers to the name "Dee" -- so Dee was warning of the de-forestation of the Royal Dee Forest.

I just looked up DeForest Kelley on Wikipedia. It begins: "Jackson DeForest Kelley (January 20, 1920 – June 11, 1999), known to colleagues as 'Dee' . . ."

John Dee was usually referred to as "Dr. Dee" even though he was not a doctor of any kind. His reputation, of course, was as a magician. "Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a magician!"

There is a historical novel I've never read about John Dee called The Bones of Avalon -- which takes on an additional meaning ones the DeForest Kelley connection has been made.

Ra1119bee said...


In keeping with the; "Can't see the Forest for the trees( Dees, Threes )" scheme,
research on Wiki, The Wild Man, and The Green Man in Alchemy.

Also research Wodin/Odin , the Norse god of Frenzy aka Berserkly.

From Etymology website:

berserk (adj.)
1844, from berserk (n.) "Norse warrior" (by 1835), an alternative form of berserker, a word which was introduced (as berserkar) by Sir Walter Scott in "The Pirate" (1822), from Old Norse berserkr (n.) "raging warrior of superhuman strength." It is probably from *ber- "bear" + serkr "shirt," thus literally "a warrior clothed in bearskin" (see bear (n.) + sark). Thus not, as Scott evidently believed, from Old Norse berr "bare, naked" and meaning "warrior who fights without armor."

Recall my previous commentaries about the BR and Note the reference to the Ber.
( the BR's are the BEARS )

From my research over the years, I personally believe that at this Shifting in Ages/Time the OdinFolk may be once again, donning their BearSkins as a tribute to their Norse deity Odin, and rebirth.

These Bersarkarers may explain your comment about the information you found
concerning the Alt Right, the Horseshoe and the 333.

Also research the Horseshoe magnet and its powerful energy field which may explain the
many historical arch designs of buildings like the Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile in Paris
and many other historic building throughout the world.

Perhaps this Energy Field is the reason for the Horsehoe Tatoo on the back of the man in the photo you shared.

Ordo ab Chao?

I think we ( Humanity ) are on the precipice of a Spiritual War.

Check out a very intriguing video on youtube titled: The Lost History of Earth
( link below )

It's a Five hour Documentary, but if you scroll to marker/Frame 1:08:11, there starts much intriguing information about the Arch and the Horseshoe Magnet and the Energy Field.

I would like to also say this; this video is about Flat Earth.

I personally am on the fence regarding the Flat Earth theory, however and I'm sure you would agree, Knowledge from a Vast Spectrum of ideologies is Power.

a_probst said...


"...on the fence regarding the Flat Earth theory..."

Is it a perfectly level fence or does it have a microscopic curvature to it?

Come now, if the earth were flat you should be able to see Polaris from Tierra Del Fuego and the Southern Cross from Lapland. If it's not a globe it's at least a mound. I could buy the classic flat earth consisting of only Eurasia and Africa, but throw in the Americas, the Pacific Islands, and the results of the Magellan expedition and that makes for trouble.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

I'm open to lots of crazy ideas, but Flat Earth is just stupid.

Ra1119bee said...

@ a_probst

Hmmmm... the saying ' on the fence' meaning: neither one side or the other.
My comment and my sharing the link to the video, had nothing Whatsoever
to do with Flat Earth.

As stated, I personally believe the we can learn from a vast spectrum of ideologies.
Just because we don't agree with something, or don't understand something
or are unaware of something... doesn't mean
that 'that something' doesn't exist.

I've always been able to see beyond the veil/Illusion of Linear Time,
which I believe intuition ( and ability to see Past, Present AND FUTURE )
is a gift from our Soul.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Ra1119bee said...

@ William,

Flat Earth Theory stupid?

However, my rule of thumb has always been: to never throw the baby out with the bathwater.
or another favorite saying of mine : can't see the forest for the trees, which means at least to me, that the forest is way way bigger than One tree.

If we concentrate meticulously on only one tree, we'll never find our way out of the illusion/forest.

As stated, my comment was regarding the Horseshoe Magnet theory presented in the video, and connecting the theory of the Horseshoe serving as an Energy Source which I found very intriguing and thought provoking.

I believe the Horseshoe Tatoo on the back of the ' Nazi' may be symbolic of an Energy Source which is why I made the comment and link to the video.

The Flat Earth theory presented in the video, had nothing to do Whatsoever with my comment or whether I believe in the Flat Earth theory or not.

IMHO, Everything is connected in some way, shape or form.

Ra1119bee said...

@ a_probst

I would like to add just one more thought if I may....

You wrote: Is it a perfectly level fence or does it have a microscopic curvature to it?

My response : depending on the landscape. Is the Great Wall of China perfectly LEVEL?

A fence makes a perfect perch for birds so as to see in ALL directions, does it not?

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...


I watched the horseshoe-magnet portion of that video. Stone arches obviously aren't horseshoe magnets because they aren't made of magnetizable material. If one wanted to salvage this person's theory, one might speculate that the arches and domes and such that survive to day are cargo-cult imitations of ancient power stations, not the stations themselves.

Regarding the Azov soldier's horseshoe tattoo, here's my best guess: A horseshoe hung over the door is a warning to the devil to stay away (see the legend of St. Dunstan). The horseshoe is always hung with the curve up and the ends down, though. The inverted horseshoe tattoo may be analogous to other Satanic reversals, such as an inverted cross or the Lord's Prayer recited backward. That is, it welcomes the devil to enter.

(I would not normally assume a horseshoe had a Satanic meaning, but the other soldiers have unambiguously Nazi and Satanic tattoos, and I have found the number 333 to be used specifically where Nazism and Satanism overlap.)

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Actually, I see now that both orientations are common for horseshoes. So it's probably just a generic "good luck" thing.

Ra1119bee said...


Very interesting theory.

What I found intriguing about the YouTuber's information is the thought provoking questions
he asked especially about how, why and who built the massive extremely detailed architecture buildings of that time in history especially given the tools available at that time, were horse and cart.

While the information about the Horseshoe was thought provoking ( my grandfather actually hung a horseshoe in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room of our small home, so the YouTuber's theory about the horseshoe arch as an energy source was very intriguing to me), and no my grandfather was not an Equestrian, although he was a Brass Ankle from
KY near Mammoth Cave, so mysteries abound around my family's roots:-))

My obsession has always been with the quest of finding the WHYS of things and the reason or purpose , as I believe there always is a reason and answer if we dig deep enough.

It may not be an answer that we like or agree with, or even understand or the answer
may be contrary to what we thought/told was true,
but and IMO, there's always an answer to everything nevertheless.

I also stated that I believe that everything is connected in some way, shape or form, which I believe that connectiveness is what synchronicity is.
Much like a spider web, or better yet
puzzle pieces that appear , perhaps randomly, on our path( and at the time unbeknownst to us the meaning) but as we gather more and more pieces and begin to connect the dots, it all
starts to makes sense, at least it does to me.

I encourage you to give the documentary The Lost History of Earth video an hour or so of your time starting from the beginning.

Easy Without You

This is one of the most seamless mashups I've ever heard.