Friday, June 3, 2022

Dee, Kelley, and Dee Kelley

When I posted “Choronzon 333,” about a sync relating to the use of that name and number by John Dee and Edward Kelley, Aleister Crowley, and some random Ukrainian neo-Nazi, Debbie left this comment:

I randomly decided to watch a couple of episodes [of 1960s TV drama Sam Benedict] last night. While watching the show, my eyes were drawn to a scene in which Sam Benedict's office building was shown. The office building’s address was 333.

I did a bit of searching and discovered that the Sam Benedict character was based on San Francisco defense lawyer Jake Ehrlich, whose real-life business address was 333 Montgomery Street. Sam Benedict was the second attempt at turning Ehrlich’s career into a TV drama. The first was a 1960 pilot called “333 Montgomery,” written by Gene Roddenberry and starring DeForest Kelley — both shortly to become famous for Star Trek.

DeForest Kelley was known to his friends as Dee. Dee Kelley.

Kristine M. Smith, close friend of the actor and author of the memoir DeForest Kelley: A Harvest of Memories, wrote a blog post in 2019 called “333 = DeForest Kelley Visitations!” She recounts how, during her decades-long friendship with Kelley and his wife, they always seemed to phone her at precisely 3:33. “Ever since De passed away in 1999,” she adds, “I’ve been inundated with 333’s.” Although she is uncertain about life after death, Smith considers it likely that this is Kelley’s way of communicating with her from beyond the grave.

This looks like a connection worth exploring.

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