Sunday, August 14, 2022

Flexible graphite arms, purple rubber, and remote viewing

On the afternoon of August 13, the same student who randomly mentioned owls serving as alarm clocks in colonial America asked if she could tell me about a dream she had had about a month ago.

In the dream, she was visited by small purple aliens "from a Blue Planet, but not like Earth because they actually classify Earth as a Green Planet," and they took her on board one of their "flying laboratories" to show her how new aliens were created. "They wanted me to see it because they were really proud of how the whole process works. I didn’t mind, because these aliens are always quite respectful. I'm a bit frightened of them, but only a bit."

There were two big machines in the lab. One made the body parts, and the other assembled them. "First you make the arms, and you have to put, uh, this into the machine" -- and she held up a case of refill lead for a mechanical pencil.

"Lead?" I said.

"No, this. It's not actually lead."

"It's actually graphite."

"Yes, graphite. And the machine uses that to make the arms. When they come out, they're not attached to anything, and they're kind of wiggling and wobbling all over."

"Really? But pencil lead isn't very wiggly."

"I know, but that's how the machine makes it. Their arms are really quite wiggly. They're strong, but they don't actually have any bones."

She went on to explain how the rest of the body -- the torso and the head (this kind of alien levitates and doesn't have legs) -- is made by putting different material into the same machine. The material for the rest of the body is purple rubber. Finally, the arms, torso, and head are put in the second machine, and a complete alien comes out.

"When the alien came out, they told me not to touch it, because it was still very -- you know, it breaks easily, like glass."


"Yes, the new baby aliens are extremely fragile, and they're transparent. They aren't purple yet. You have to wait a bit until it's safe to touch them -- well, you still can't really touch them. You have to wear special gloves like this." She sketched a glove with webbed fingers and drew small circles all over it.

"What are those circles?"

"They're like what an octopus has on its tentacles, they use those gloves to move the babies when they're still fragile -- they didn't let me do it -- and they put them in, I guess it's called a flying nursery, where they stay until they're purple."

"Who takes care of them? I guess they don't have moms and dads if they come out of a machine."

"No, they don't, but there are adult aliens that take care of them. They showed me a bit of the flying nursery, too. They had this thing they were really proud of : an oven, and they would put the babies in the oven."

"They put the babies in an oven? Why did they do that?"

"Well, I guess it's not really an oven. I just called it that because when they opened it I could feel that it was quite warm inside. What it does, is it makes them grow up faster. Well, not grow, because the babies aren't smaller than the adults, but they become adults faster. You can put transparent babies in there, and when they come out they're a bit purple -- not completely, but they've started to become purple. And normally that would take weeks. They've really sped up the process."

"Why do you think they wanted to show you all this stuff."

"They were just proud of it, and when you've done something you're proud of, you want to share it with other people and help them understand it a bit."

Shortly after hearing about this dream, I tried to visit Synlogos, but autocomplete unexpectedly took me instead to SynchroMiss -- a blog I visited months ago when I was methodically going through a list of links to 2009-era sync blogs. The most recent post, "SATuRN STRANger TRANSgender," included this:

Just after I had expressed incredulity that something made of graphite could be "wiggly," I run across this reference to an "incredibly stretchy" material made from graphene.

The reference to pencil lead really being graphite, and in the context of "arms," also syncs with this comment of mine about pencil points, bullets, and "Graffites."

Even the "purple rubber" from which the rest of the alien is made is a sync.

On August 6, I started using the RV Tournament app to practice remote viewing. They give you target coordinates and let you sketch and write notes on the screen. Then they show you two photos, and you guess which was the target image and state your level of confidence. The next day, the correct answer is revealed, and your cumulative score is adjusted based on whether you were right or wrong and how confident you were.

For my first attempt, I decided to keep it simple by trying to get only the predominant colors of the target image, ignoring everything else. The color I got was purple, but then, despite my intention of focusing only on color, I got a spontaneous mental image of a torus, or doughnut shape, and scribbled that down, too.

Neither of the target images was purple, but one of them featured tori, and I correctly chose that one with 90% confidence.

So I saw purple torus when the target image was actually some rubber tori. Later my student would report her dream in which aliens were made of purple rubber.

So far I'm doing okay in RV Tournament, although the number of trials is still too low to draw any real conclusions.

The chances of getting at least 5 out of 6 right by dumb luck are 7/64, or about 11% -- nothing particularly remarkable. And my mental images are extremely crude -- usually enough to choose Image A over Image B, but not enough to describe the target image itself in any real detail.


Mr. Andrew said...

I got the idea from Hollywood or books that if you do too well on this sort of thing a shady government agency shows up to recruit you.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

I’m not even in the first quintile on RV Tournament, so I think I’m safe for now.

Ra1119bee said...


VERY interesting indeed!!

First of all in May 2005 I went to the Monroe Insititue in Charlottesville VA ( which is on the 77th Merdian west by the way, which I DID NOT know the 77 Merdian West significance at the time ).
I'm sure you are familiar with Robert Monroe.
I'll explain the Whys and the details of that experience later.

As far as your reference to a wiggly thing I thought to myself: Hmmm. that's odd. I just (coincidently) found in my dream archives a dream that has reference to a 'wiggly' thing!

Although I had the dream on July 6, 2021, I had forgotten about it and like I say I just
happened to stumble upon it yesterday.
I titled the dream; Cat in the Corn

Cat of the Corn
July 6- 2021

I had an interesting dream today . The dream is a follows.
I can’t recall of this dream, but I felt that Marshall and I was in a group of people Who were full time RV’s (Nomads they are called) .

At one point an older man (actually around our Age!!, that is the age we are now) was helping Marshall and I as far as giving us knowledge about RV Living. At one point he showed us how to stretch an elastic like substance into an effigy of ourselves, and stretch the effigy into a larger shape. I don’t know the importance of this, but I felt that there was one.

At some point Marshall went with the man to learn more stuff and Marshall came back
and told me that the older man told him about a mythology called Cat of the Corn.
I recall looking for The Cat of the Corn mythology in a book and found an interesting story about it.
In the Book, the Cat of the Corn was a dark haired young White woman.

I woke up
End of Dream

What was odd,was when I was reading the dream yesterday ( Sat,8/13) I wondered
what the elastic effigy meant and lo and behold here on your post reference to a wiggly thing.

I have 3 different set of dream archives; some are in Micro Soft Word however I've lost many of the dreams on Word because of various computer crashes over the years,but I also have paper backup which I printed after each dream, and several are in my handwritten diary from before 2000.)

Also just now while after I copied and pasted the Cat in the Corn dream here I realize
that the RV reference in the dream, might mean Remote Viewing, as opposed to Recreational Vehicle and I don't think I would have made that connection if it wasn't for you mentioning Remote Viewing here!!

Very Interesting indeed...

Ra1119bee said...


I'd also like to share my experience about the Monroe Institute.

I went to Monroe in May 2005 not because of Remote Viewing, as I had no clue as to what
Remote Viewing was at that time, but because I had a lifetime of esoteric experiences
and dreams ( many premotion as I've shared that information with you in previous posts)

My dreams and esoteric experiences were getting stronger and the turning point was in 2003 when I had the 11:11 dream and the dream I titled Tweed, which I shared those 2 dreams with you previously.

When I arrived at Monroe they asked me about myself and what I was wanting to know or find
and I shared with them the esoteric experiences and especially about my levitation dreams which I had beginning in 1965 when I was 10.

What I just recently found out however (just in the last month or so) is I was looking at a YouTube video of an interview with Robert Monroe ( link below ) and he mentioned the Delta state as being not only rare but being described by most people who have had an OBE ( Out of Body Experiences ) as ' flying' dreams.

My dreams were/are of levitation, not actually 'flying' like a bird, but I do believe there is a significant connection with the Delta State to air travel that Monroe speaks of.

Also the comment by Mr. Andrew here on your post about 'shady governments' is quite correct, although I am convinced that the government takes the metaphysical quite seriously.

Frederick Holmes "Skip" Atwater, retired Army lieutenant; Gen. Stubblebine's "psychic headhunter"; later president of the Monroe Institute was at Monroe at the time I was there.

There were attendees at Monroe from all over the world.
I met an interesting man (Randy) who was from Calgary Canada who introduced himself after I shared my 2003 Tweed Dream which was about 2012 in one of the sessions at Monroe.
One day at lunch I was talking to Randy about my obsession with finding answers about all the strange stuff that was happening to me, and I told him also about my 2003 11:11 esoteric dream and experience .

After lunch and in the afternoon workshop session, lo and behold the speaker spoke of Robert Monroe's obsession with the number 11.
Immediately Randy and I locked eyes, and I nodded my head yes as if to say; See I told you the strange esoteric stuff is real!!
I DID NOT KNOW about Robert Monroe and his obsession with the number 11 before going to Monroe.

Also if you recall I shared with you an intriguing dream I had in 1990 which came tragically true in 1995. It's only been recently ( in the past year or so ) that I am
convinced that particular esoteric experience and premonition dream was a Remote Viewing event.

Also in the Robert Monroe interview video listen to the mention of The Schumann resonance, which Winfried Otto Schumann was a German physicist who predicted the Schumann resonances, a series of low-frequency resonances caused by lightning discharges in the atmosphere.

Schumann along with 1600 men who very integral to the Nazi party in WW2 were brought
to America under Operation Paperclip.
Schumann was stationed at Wright Patt and the Miamisburg Mound during 1947-1948 'coincidently' at the time of the Roswell aliens being brought to Wright Patt.

hmmmmm...Do you really think the Government didn't/don't take the esoteric seriously?

Robert Monroe interview

Third Eye Spies Trailer (Full episode on Netflix )

Men Who Stare at Goats Trailer,states%3B%20assisted%20the%20%22men%20who%20stare%20at%20goats%22

Ra1119bee said...


I forgot to add that the movie The Men Who Stare at Goats is a black comedy
and is actually quite funny.

However, as I'm sure you know that our Opponents 'cloak' much information
( especially where it concerns the Sacred Science Knowledge) either in comedy or Sci-Fi, so that we won't take the information seriously.

Our Opponents are masters at manipulation.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Very interesting, Debbie. I know of Monroe and have a read a few of his books but prefer to keep "institutes" at arm's length.

Funny you should mention The Men Who Stare at Goats.

Ra1119bee said...


Yes, I absolutely agree with you about institutes.
I am not a formal "degreed" anything as my information and perspective has been from research sourced from a vast spectrum of ideologies all sparked by dreams and esoteric experiences.

The Monroe Institute was one of a gazillion puzzle piece(s) for me that I've collected
over my lifetime.
Everything is connected. IMHO

I did check out your link.
Interesting information Thank You.

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