Saturday, January 21, 2023

Desert Portal Death Cult

“I’m thinking the red door is bad, green door good,” writes commenter ben. Hey, not so fast!

There’s a podcast called “The Confessionals,” which features eyewitness accounts of paranormal experiences. I subscribed to the YouTube channel quite some time ago after hearing about it on THC because it seemed potentially interesting but have never actually listened to it. Last night, though, I checked my YouTube subscriptions and saw the latest episode, posted on January 18, just days after my Green Door syncs started up again.

It caught my eye because the thumbnail showed a green portal. I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet because it’s nearly four hours long, but apparently it’s about a guy who went to a party out in the desert with a stranger and saw a lot of disturbing demonic stuff (so far nothing inconsistent with the null hypothesis that someone just drugged his drink, but you never know).

The portal is first mentioned just after the 58-minute mark, and yes, it’s green.

I hear this ear-piercing scream, like a bunch of people screaming at this high frequency, and I turn around. I see the tent from the dance floor fly up into the air, I see people flying into the sky, and I see this green portal.

The guest who is telling this story uses the pseudonym Mark for the stranger who took him to this party. It reminds me of this old sync: “Today  is a strange day. Suddenly Mark is flying into the sky. No one knows the reason.”


ben said...

Good useful link to the old post.

On the green door... my understanding is that it's desirable but dangerous.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Listened to some more of the podcast. He tries to run away from the party but is stopped by a “force field” that surrounds it. When he starts reciting “I walk with Jesus, Jesus guides me,” he is able to “break through” (his words).

Tried to run / tried to hide / break on through to the other side

ben said...

This seems relevant:

"We should see the whole of this inconceivably complicated world as a spiritual war between two sides, between which we can and must choose - and this choice is made possible to every individual person, in every relevant circumstance (relevant to the fate of our own soul) by understanding the matter in the correct way; which is simple and dichotomous."

Luke said...

Desert Portal Death Cult would be an excellent band name.

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