Thursday, January 19, 2023

Lots of old syncs resurfacing: red turtle dove, vesica piscis, crop circles

Sequence of events this morning:

1. At home on my computer, I prepare an English-to-Chinese glossary for something my students have to read. One of the words that needs to be glossed is dove. I know it, but I type the Chinese into Google Translate translate it back into English, just to be sure I've got the correct character. It's a single morpheme which means only "dove, pigeon" -- but oddly, dove is only the second suggestion from Google; the first is bird of peace.

I also notice in passing the phonetic similarity of 鴿子 (gēzi, "dove") to 哥吉拉 (Gējílā, "Godzilla")

2. I go to my school, and he's back! The red turtle dove that was following me everywhere back in August and then disappeared after I posted about him.

3. I have about half an hour before anyone else will arrive, so I pray my daily Rosary and then mess around a bit with a compass and straightedge, trying to work out a new way of constructing a regular pentagon. I try to get creative, but my first steps are still straight out of Euclid: draw a line segment, and then use it to construct a vesica piscis.

4. I have my morning tutoring session, in which I discuss magazine articles with my student. He's read an article about, of all things, why rugby balls are shaped the way they are, which apparently has to do with the fact that they used to be made from pig bladders. Of course the shape of a rugby ball approximates a vesica piscis, and the word vesica literally means "bladder."

5. Having some more free time, I look up and skim my old "red turtle dove" post. In connection with the "bird of peace" translation, I notice that the post includes this image. It's from this same student's magazine.

Since recent syncs have focused on time, and even on the word time itself (e.g. how its S:E:G: value is 44), this image from the "red turtle dove" post also seems relevant:

5. Since I've got my blog up, I idly check my stats and notice that an old post from August 28 of last year -- the time when I was being followed by the red turtle dove -- is for some reason getting a lot of visits these days, fare more than it got back when I posted it. The post is "More syncs related to the 'Glove Puppet' video and crop circles" -- just another ephemeral sync post, not the sort of thing I would expect to attract a lot of attention months later. I click on the post and see that it prominently features vesica piscis imagery.

Then I scroll down and find that it also includes this image again!

To top things off, the post ends with a reference to the O. Henry story "The Green Door" -- an old sync theme which has suddenly resurfaced in the past few days.

6. I go to YouTube to put on some music. I've been listening to the Muse album Black Holes and Revelations, and YouTube suggests the "official video" for the opening track, "Take a Bow." I didn't know there was a video, so I put it on. It soon becomes obvious that it's not the "official" video at all but something put together by a fan. It's a good song, though -- and very 2020s-relevant -- so I play it anyway.

It begins with a clip from 2001: A Space Odyssey and then footage of Nazis. Then this flashes on the screen repeatedly:

Shortly after that, we get a rapid-fire series of crop circle images.

A bit later, we see a surgeon putting on a glove, and then the Masonic square and compass flashes on the screen. (I had just been using a compass, and then looking at a post about a "glove puppet.")


Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

This song is really growing on me. Something of an AC/DC “Thunderstruck” sound.

Ra1119bee said...


I'm sure you know this, but perhaps all of the red and green door syncs are symbolic of the
Chakra Wheels.

The Muladhara root chakra, having 4 petals, colors of RED

Copy and paste wiki:

Dormant Kundalini is often said to be resting here, wrapped three and a half, or seven or twelve times. Sometimes she is wrapped around the black Svayambhu linga, the lowest of three obstructions to her full rising (also known as knots or granthis).[61] It is symbolised as a four-petaled lotus with a yellow square at its center representing the element of earth.

From another blog: ( link below )
Muladhara: Seat of the Earth element. Our sense of smell. Red colour. Located deep in the pelvis above and forward of the anus. Associated with survival, stabilty, nourishment, downward gravitational flow of energy and elimination. The home of coiled sleeping Kundalini Shakti ( creative potential energy). “To have” Mantra: Lam


My comment :The Red Root Earth Element symbolic of SURVIVAL, which of course I take it to mean on this duality planet our animal (serpent) nature is tested.
I believe that our challenge (task) each incarnation, is to evolve 7 UP to the Third Eye.

I find it interesting that the Muladhara Red chakra's center is yellow, aa I've commented before about the Maritime International Signal Flags particularly the O for Oscar Red and Yellow Flag meaning Man Overboard, which I personally believe our Soul to be Man Overboard when our Soul must incarcerate/incarnate from the Divine Source to this duality dimension.

The Anaharta ( Heart Chakra ) is Green.

Copy and Paste from wiki:
Anahata (Sanskrit: अनाहत, IAST: Anāhata, English: "unstruck") or heart chakra is the fourth primary chakra, according to Hindu Yogic, Shakta and Buddhist Tantric traditions. In Sanskrit, anahata means "unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten.

Within it is a yantra of two intersecting triangles, forming a hexagram, symbolizing a union of the male and female, and the element of air (vayu)

From another blog ( link below )

Anahata: Seat of Air and of touch. Green colour. Located in the chest. relationships, compassion, love self, individual and universal, giving, acceptance, balance. “To Love”. Mantra: Yam

My comment : Interesting the Anahata is represented by a lotus flower with twelve petals which of course 12 is counting two SIXES.

Also the etymology of the word 'struck':

strike (v.)
Old English strican (past tense strac, past participle stricen) "pass lightly over, stroke, smooth, rub," also****"go, move, proceed****

I found this information ( below ) interesting as well especially the reference to air and the actions of the hands, which I just commented about the significance of the hands/arms .

Copy and paste:
Anahata is considered to be the seat of the Jivatman and Parashakti. In the Upanishads, this is described as a tiny flame inside the heart. Anahata is named as such because sages were believed to hear the sound (Anahata – comes without the striking of two objects together).

[8] It is associated with air, touch and the actions of the hands.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Now I just saw a green dove on a company logo!

ben said...

Where I'm staying in the bathroom

This is what it looks like: (there happen to be a 34 and a 33 in that url)

Here are rabbit ears and candles side-by-side - green and red (I have it on good authority):

And rabbit ears with an infinity symbol on this container:

Also notice the silhouette of a lady looking at herself in the mirror.

Container at the top right says "4 in 1".

ben said...

Also the general area I'm staying in is called "The Green". That bag thing between the rabbit ears and candles has those words on it.

ben said...

In earlier posts there was the fleur-de-lis associated with the number 17. This house I'm staying in has double fleur-de-lises in different ways:

Two fleur-de-lis... two 'Joan of Arcs'... two 17s=34...

like the silhouette of the lady in the bathroom and the mirror

ben said...

The lemniscate corresponds to D-and-D, meaning two doors.

Wigner and the infinite quarter

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