Monday, January 30, 2023

I hate coincidence! From planet n00b to Mr. T cereal and back again

So, continuing from this post, I was thinking about the "There's planet n00b" image, which of course is intended to read "There's no Planet B."

I was thinking that the opposite of "planet n00b" would be "planet 133t," so I ran an image search for the latter phrase. One of the first results was this cereal:

Wondering if I could get a better resolution, I ran a search for 133t cereal. One of the first results (after several copies of the above image) was this picture of Mr. T cereal, which looked like it might be real:

Wondering if it was real, I was going to type mr t cereal into the search box, but as soon as I had typed the first three letters, a search suggestion came up: mr t i hate coincidence -- so, having a love-hate relationship with coincidence myself, I forgot about the cereal and searched for that instead. Nothing interesting came up, so I tried again, this time putting "i hate coincidence" in quotation marks. In the first row of results I saw this (weird cropping in the original):

And we're back where we started: There's no Plan(et) B. Mr. T would really hate this.

Of course, a person who goes by the single initial T made me think of the dinosaur genus that is usually abbreviated the same way.


Remember the old "I Pity the Haiku" site from the Golden Age of the Internet (c. 1998)? Unfortunately, it's no longer viewable even on -- unless you have a really up-to-date browser like Netscape 4.

Did you know that before legally changing his last name to the letter T, he was Mr. Tero? There's a Shaver Mystery link there.

What if Mars is planet n00b?


Poppop said...

I am slow on the uptake today. How does not NOOB equate to 133T ?

Please prove you are not a robot. Will you state for the record please "I'm not a robot" ? That will prove it.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

n00b = newbie
133t = elite h4x0r (opposite of n00b)

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Asimov's Fourth Law of Robotics is that a robot must answer the question "Are you a robot?" honestly so long as this does not conflict with any of the first three laws.

ben said...

1:3:3:T :: A:C:C:T

Connecting 33 to the 1320:ACT situation.

Also the 33 in 133t is like the OO in NOOB which earlier were likened to DD, two doors, two disks in a vesica piscis, dove descending.

ben said...

Also Laurence Tureaud changed his name to legally "Mr. T", as mentioned.

So his initials are MT, MT:1320.

jason said...

B for Braun...because Wernher von Braun supposedly wrote a novel in which a man named Elon leads people to Mars. So There is No Planet B means the impending Elon Mars landing is a prescripted hoax just like the moon landing.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

And CC is also a vesica piscis, as in the Chanel logo.

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