Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Another horse-racing omen

In my August 2, 2022, post "Mr. Q 2310 and the Heavenly Trump omen," I mentioned a race in which a horse called Heavenly Trump, went from last place (out of five horses) to winning the race in just 18 seconds.

Today I saw news that in a recent 12-horse race, a horse named Ridin With Biden finished dead last.

This happens just as ben has started bringing up the number 2310 (and 1320) again in the comments.

Not that "omens" mean anything at this point -- it's more than two years too late for that -- but I found it amusing.

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WanderingGondola said...

Once a week, Julie Green goes over some of her previous prophecies which have come to pass. This happened to be the first thing she discussed in last week's vid, with "Pegasus" (part of the event name) briefly prophesied about twice. The first instance was back in July.

A bunch of graffiti tags -- sometimes "omen", sometimes "omens" -- began appearing around my neighbourhood in late September. The culprit was rather persistent with one fence, his work there being cleaned up then re-tagged several times. Most of the tags are gone now, but the remaining ones still make me pause.

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