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Every man and every woman is an ape

My June 14 post "Stink Gorilla More" explored the idea that apes represent ourselves, human beings, as seen by beings more heavenly. In a comment there, William Wright referred to human beings at worship as "Gorilla-men (Beings clothed in coats of Gorilla-skins) asking to be heard and enter into God's presence."

In Chinese, the term for a great ape is xīng-xīng (猩猩), with the x being roughly similar to our "sh" in pronunciation. A chimp is a "black xīng-xīng," a gorilla is a "big xīng-xīng," and an orangutan is a "red fur xīng-xīng." The word for "star" is xīng-xīng (星星), which is pronounced exactly the same. One of the terms for "planet" is xīng-qiú (星球), literally "star-globe." When the titles of the various Planet of the Apes movies were translated into Chinese, the translator went straight for the low-hanging pun-fruit and swapped out the "star" character for the "ape" one: 猩球 -- literally "ape-ball," but pronounced exactly the same as the word for "planet." Concise.

Thus it was that as I was thinking about this idea that all humans are "apes" from the point of view of higher beings, my mind jumped to one of Aleister Crowley's most famous lines, one of the very first sentences in The Book of the Law:

There are various options for the translator here, but the one I thought of -- and one of which I'm sure the old Beast would have heartily approved (one of his groupies went by the handle "Ape of Thoth") -- is 每一名男女都是星星。 -- "Every man and every woman is a star," but sounding exactly the same as "Every man and every woman is an ape."

This is very much in the spirit of "Stink Gorilla More," where I quoted Disraeli's question -- "Is man an ape or an angel?" -- followed by a Harambe meme implying that one could be both simultaneously.

Despite the impression a casual reader might get, I am very much not a fan of Crowley and own none of his books. To get the image above, I had to look up The Book of the Law on The thing is, whenever I try to go to that site, autocomplete always guesses that want I really want is, a randomly selected thread from /x/ -- and for sync's sake, I usually go ahead and press enter before bringing up in a new window. The random /x/ thread it served up when I was trying to find the Crowley book was this one, soliciting comments on a schizo meme about symbolism. Since some of the "galaxy brain" level symbols -- deer, rainbow, bee, sunflower -- seemed potentially relevant, I scrolled down a bit until what to my wondering eyes should appear but this:

To be clear, I had typed everything before the Crowley screenshot -- including the little digression on what Planet of the Apes is called in Chinese -- before getting the random /x/ thread that randomly included the cover of a Planet of the Apes novel.


Ra1119bee said...


Perhaps every man and woman have the 'Potential to be a star',
a potential to serve as a bright light,
which when we Shine TOGETHER we help each other along the way.

That bright light comes from our Soul ( which I believe
our Soul is connected to God source) housed in the pineal
gland when in physical body.

What makes us 'just an animal(ape, donkey, elephant or whatever)
is our EGO which pleasures and protects the physical body only.

It's our EGO/Evil that gathers and carries The Weight of :
hate, division, greed, lust, ignorance and arrogance.

It's our EGO that prevents
humanity from ascending and evolving, and lo and behold
here we are, once again
standing on the precipice of yet another Great Upheaval i.e. Falling Down
because we (collectively as humans) are carrying so much WEIGHT.

An excellent example which somewhat supports my perspective
about this (especially where it concerns the EGO as our(humanity's) destruction) is
an episode of the iconic 1960's TV show The Twilight Zone.
That episode is called The Shelter. (link below)

Although I've seen The Shelter many times throughout the years
and have the entire
Twilight Zone collection on DVD, last night I just randomly chose
to look at one of the Twilight Zone's Dvd and I pulled one from the huge stack.

Unfortunately I'm not very organized and my huge collection of DVDs
are not marked in certain categories, so again I just randomly chose one
and popped it into the DVD player.

As I watched The Shelter this time around, I found a few Easter Eggs that I
had not seen before which coincidently connects with my recent comments on your blog
and WW's blog as well.
( I say coincidently, but I personally do NOT believe in coincidences
as I believe that our Soul, through our Third Eye,
can 'see' ; past, present and future).

While in this duality dimension, our soul is our bright starlight
because it gives us the gift of The Shine. To see the future
is PRICELESS and powerful and I believe we ALL have that Shine potential, whether
we know it, use it, like it, fear it, or understand it or discard it, or not.

It's our Ego/Evil that destroys our Soul i.e.our Shine/Light.

When the bees work diligently Together (not just one bee or two).
to make the Honey, maybe their purpose and I would say
responsibility, is to share the sweet with mankind.
In my opinion that Sweet is knowledge (
and knowledge from a vast spectrum of ideologies
the good (sweet)... the bad( the sting) and the ugly ( the ignorance)

It's knowledge which helps us evolve.

Starting at marker/frame abt 3:29 in the Twilight Zone link below,
note the reference to 11, and yet another VERY odd sync was the
emergency announcement warning on the radio. Listen
for the words : YELLOW ALERT.

Recall all of my previous Yellow comments and connections
and meanings.

Everything is connected.

The Twilight Zone 1959 068 The Shelter

The Shining scene - Hallorann explains what the Shine is

Ra1119bee said...


I just want to add, to my previous comment which I wrote this:

"It's knowledge which helps us evolve."

What I want to add is this:

It's knowledge which helps us evolve, because knowledge lifts the Weight.

Ra1119bee said...


I just have a few more Easter Eggs to share regarding
the Twilight Zone episode , The Shelter.
Easter Eggs that I hadn't seen before, but they coincidentally'
connect with a few of my recent comments on your blog and WW's blog
as well.

Those Easter Eggs are at the very beginning of the episode( starting at marker/frame
3:27-- 4:47 where the Doctor's son alerts his father about the emergency warning
on the radio.

On my previous comment I pointed out the Yellow and 11 Easter Egg,
but there is also a FOUR mentioned as well. 11:04.
Also the announcer on the radio says: **** Keep All Windows and Doors Closed***

How odd is that, a day after I comment on your other post: Stink Gorilla More
where I shared my perspective about what I believe are possible connections and perhaps
the 'message/meaning/'warning? of my Sept 15, 2016 dream ;
***Don't Open the Window.****


I truly believe that our soul is a powerful source that helps us transcend this illusion
and shows us the Big Picture/ WHY of our existence here and how to navigate
through this bitter sea.

... and just to let you know that I hadn't seen The Shelter for several years although
I do have it on DVD. I certainly didn't notice those particular Easter Eggs when I saw
that episode several years ago.

How beautiful upon the mountains are their feet!

In his July 21 post " Twister, 'The Extreme', and Shine On ," William Wright mentions a couple of Book of Mormon passages ...