Sunday, June 2, 2024

Fourth Down

I’m not actually all that clear on what a “fourth down” is in football terms (don’t tell my Cousin Lou!), but it’s the name of one of my uncle’s songs, which I quoted recently because it name-drops William Butler Yeats:

I sent my Butler to the Land of Ire
To bring me back some Yeast
Because I needed to bake some bread
For my wedding feast.
He came back empty-handed,
And I thought my heart would break
When he told me he’d been robbed
By a bandit named Billy Blake.
That postponed my wedding,
And I had to shed a tear,
Then locked myself in the bathroom
So I could shake my spear.

And then the chorus:

Drown my head in water.
Lay it on the chopping block.
You can turn that oil up hotter
Cause I’m singing, but I ain’t gonna talk.

I had quoted the first lines earlier in connection with The Tarot by Richard Cavendish, which has a portrait of Yeats in it. Today I started reading it. On p. 15, Cavendish mentions that some packs of cards, both Tarot and ordinary playing cards, have portrayed the court cards as historical figures. The first he mentions is Shakespeare (Jack of Diamonds in an 1879 German pack), and another is “La Hire . . . a supporter of Joan of Arc,” whose name is used by the French to this day as a nickname for the Jack of Hearts.

I looked up La Hire. His nom de guerre is believed to have come from the English word ire, with reference to the wrath of God. (Note that as far back as 2016 I had connected the name Claire with the divine ire.)

“Fourth Down” references both Shakespeare (apparently as a euphemism for masturbation!) and the Land of Ire. The chorus is about how torture will make him sing but not talk. I recently quoted Rimbaud saying, just after a Joan of Arc reference, “I am of the race that sang under torture.”


William Wright (WW) said...

Billy Blake would be Black or Dark Billy, who stole the Yeast that would have made the Bread, and thus prevented a wedding feast (and perhaps the wedding itself, or the separation of a family?).

This would fit with Pharazon and his mean stealing and destroying the lilies that the Elves were said to use as the leaven for their bread:

"for our bread is leavened of the lilies that long ago drank up the light blessed"

This might also be nothing, but I had a dream a few weeks back about a Being of who it was said it was their "fourth time" in some manner. I had equated the dream with Pharazon, but I don't know if that is accurate or not.

Anyway, a 'down' in football is when the ball is placed down on the ground at the start of an individual play. Each play that follows is thus called a 'down'. You could perhaps infer that in speaking of Beings, a down could symbolically represent a turn or time in life. A rebirth and new play.

Not sure if connected, but when I saw Fourth Down it just reminded me of Fourth Time.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

That’s wild. I just had a message from Claire earlier today: “Consider the lilies.”

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