Friday, June 14, 2024

Stink Gorilla More

This morning, I woke up with the phrase "Stink Gorilla More" in my head. For those who slept through Art History, that's the name of one of the most famous paintings ever produced by a gorilla, probably second only to "Pink Pink Stink Nice Drink." Michael and Koko, the gorilla artists behind these two pieces had, apparently, adapted the sign for "stink" to mean "flower."

In the context of the previous morning's dream about "A Sasquatch-eating party every week," I thought "Stink Gorilla" was suggestive of the "skunk ape," a Sasquatch-like creature also known as the "Florida Bigfoot." Actually, this second name also matches up with "Stink Gorilla," since Florida means "flowery," and Michael used stink to refer to flowers.

Then my attention was drawn to the fitted sheet I had been sleeping on. Foreign languages are often used decoratively here, and the design includes words in both French and slightly garbled English:

It's obviously supposed to say "love yourself more," but it's been misprinted so that it looks like an old-fashioned spelling of Jove, from a time when j was considered a variant of i and was generally only used at the end of a word -- or, more often, of a lowercase Roman numeral. In the days of Shakespeare and Spenser, v was still used only as a word-initial variant of u, and so the latter invokes Cupid as "moſt dreaded impe of higheſt Ioue." The capital form was always V, though, so he would have written IOVE in all caps.

"Jove yourself more" is also an ungrammatical series of three words, ending in more, and so my not-quite-awake mind decided that this, too, mapped to "Stink Gorilla More." If mapping Jove to stink seems impious, remember that the latter also means "flower," and that animals were decked with flowers before being sacrificed to that god (see Acts 14:13). The second mapping is what got my attention, though:

In a comment on my last post, William Wright relates a dream in which he sees "a big, hairy beast . . . something like Bigfoot," only later to conclude, "I was seeing myself in a bit of a caricature of how these 'aliens' [Heavenly Beings] must view us." (The bracketed gloss is William's.) Bigfoot = yourself.

What can "Jove yourself more" mean, though? I've never seen Jove used as a verb, but Shakespeare does use god that way, which should give us a clue. This is from Coriolanus:

This last old man,
Whom with a crack'd heart I have sent to Rome,
Loved me above the measure of a father;
Nay, godded me, indeed.

Coriolanus first says loved and then decides godded is more appropriate. In the same way, the sheet replaces the verb love with the name Jove used as a verb. As Shakespeare uses it, to god apparently means to look on someone as a god, or to treat someone as a god. Jove, or Jupiter, is the lowercase-god par excellence -- I believe Roget's original Thesaurus uses Jupiter as the heading under which terms for polytheistic gods and idols are grouped -- and mainstream Christian theology, when it has regarded such beings as real at all, classifies them as "angels." This brings to mind Disraeli's famous question, "Is man an ape or an angel?" -- and "Jove yourself more" could mean to take, like Disraeli, the side of the angels, while still acknowledging the ape/Bigfoot/gorilla side of things. As it happens, a popular meme expresses just this synthesis:

After making the above connections, I happened to see this on one of my wife's bookcases -- on which books have to share space with various tchotchkes and knickknacks:

It's a little figurine of a gorilla raising the roof in front of a book called Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. The Egyptian Jove would be the syncretic deity "Jupiter Ammon." We've already played around with different meanings of Ammon and Ammonite in "Milkommen."

What does that gorilla's color and posture remind me of? Oh, that's right:


William Wright (WW) said...

The final sign given in the LDS temple before one is 'Godded' is lifting both arms up to the sky, like these poses.

Participants in the Temple Endowment used to say "Pay Lay Ale" while doing so.

Gorilla-men (Beings clothed in coats of Gorilla-skins) asking to be heard and enter into God's presence.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

That's good. I hadn't caught that.

Ra1119bee said...


This is going to be lengthy.

Part 1

Please do keep in mind and perhaps consider my recent comments ( and links )
especially about The Weight,
and The Dawn of the Planet of Apes ( with connects with The Weight) and also
my comment and perspective about Humpty Dumpty.

All of these puzzle pieces ( and of course many many more ) I believe connects
to my Big Picture perspective about the Falling Down of Humanity and especially
The Fall of the American Empire. America aka The New Atlantis.

I'm sharing this and perhaps being a bit persistent ( perhaps annoyingly so)
and I really don't want to wear out my welcome here on your blog, however
I think all of these synchroneities are not a coincidence and if they
are not a coincidence, then what do they mean and more
importantly WHY are they given?

Case in point and please allow me to explain:
Two days ago ( June 12 ) I shared a comment on WW's blog and his post titled:
We Found the Book Keeper.

In my comment on WW's blog I mentioned that I had just came across one of my dreams
( the printed paper copy ) and thought it odd.
I actually have the majority of my dreams stored on Word but I also
print them.

Again what was odd is I found the printed copy of a dream I had on September 15, 2016
quite by accident as the printed copy wasn't where
I normally store all my other printed dreams. I was actually looking for some
of my vintage 1960's Seventeen Magazines to look through and enjoy
and the printed copy of the dream was stuck in between several of the magazines.
I' titled that dream : Don't Open the Window

Again, I thought it odd and what's really odd is the dream itself,
and the research I did in the last several days and my connection of the
2016 Window dream to not only your post today, but my recent comments
about the Falling Down and The Weight and especially the 2014 movie
The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes which I just watched that movie on
Prime last night (June 13) because of these recent syncs and the Window dream
I'd just came across.

Here's the dream: ( note the name Mugs was my mother's nickname
(her name was Mary). My mother passed over in 2002.

Don’t open the Window
I had an interesting dream today…. The dream is as follows…
I can’t recall all of this dream , but I do recall that Barack Obama was in it.
At one point I felt that there was a deadly virus that was killing
everyone and it was airborne.

At one point I recall being with Mugs and telling her about it and
warning her it was coming and to prepare. I also recall that at some point
I was also talking to Donald Trump about it and he was giving me some
‘secret advice’ on how to survive the tragic upcoming event.
I do recall telling him that I loved him!
I woke up

Ra1119bee said...


Part 2
On the printed copy of the dream, I had attached several other papers
(dated Aug 2021 ) with an update of my interpretation of the original Window dream.
Keep in mind that I had the Window dream in 2016 pre cOvid
and I must have been going through my dream archives in Aug 2021
and came across the Window dream and thought of the very odd connection
to a virus in the dream, with cOvid.

So fast forward two days ago ( June 12) I did a bit more research
and included all the recent syncs including your post today about Apes and Jove
and lo and behold I think
I found the answer and message of the dream.

First and foremost I think the message of the dream isn't
about a physical virus or pandemic.
A window is a portal to see 'outside' the illusion. The shape of windows
especially on houses and especially in North America are mostly
square or rectangular having Four corners.

However on commercial aircrafts the windows are oval or circular
because sharp 4 corner edges create weak spots.
The port holes on a ship are round as well.

I think the Windows (in the dream) are symbolic of Microsoft Windows.
In Microsoft Windows logo, note there is a cross in the white space.
A cross is also an X.
Do recall my recent comments about X and Osiris rising.

Microsoft's logo also has 4 colorful Windows ( all square , 4 corners )
Of course the number 4 Daleth in Hebrew is a door.

When we look outside through our windows ( our 2 eyes)
and into the net(internet), we have crossed over
through a portal. Microsoft windows is one of the portals.
Our phone is a portal as well.

Do recall my recent comments (either on your blog or WW)
about my perspective and interpretation
of the Orange spinning Union 76 sign in the Dawn of the Planet of Apes
movie.( see link )
7+6=13 and when reduced to a single digit, 3+1=4.

*** Please do note that I saw the Dawn of the Planet of Apes movie
in 2014 ( in 3 D ) when it was released in the theaters. I HAVE NOT seen or read
any books about the movie before or after 2014.

I think the hidden symbolism of the virus in my Windows dream is not about a
physical virus or pandemic but rather having to do with the potential destruction
of humanity (from the venom, poison ) in technology.
Do recall my many many comments and links
and my perspective about Transhumanism via Artificial Intelligence
and the destruction of our SOUL.

Ra1119bee said...

part 3
Also in the dream is reference to airborne. The zodiac air signs are : Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.
Who in our collective consciousness right now has connections to Gemini? Actually
Trump's birthday is Today (June 14 ).
Coincidently Donald ( the Don, Dawn) also appeared in the Window dream.
Which in the dream I tell Donald that I love him!!

When I read the dream again 2 days ago, I knew I had to find a connection
to Love and Donald Trump ( because IRL I DO NOT LOVE Donald Trump
or any politician for that matter)
and after much research I think I found the connection.

The biggest catalyst puzzle piece for my interpretation of the dream
I believe is the word LOVE/JOVE. I think Donald Trump
has been chosen to symbolize the archetype of the Roman God Jupiter ,
Greek Zeus, the SKY FATHER deity.
The Sky of course being 'airborne' and airborne being mentioned in the dream.

If you recall I commented about Jupiter a week or so ago when
I shared my perspective about the number 5 , the Penta.
Jupiter being the 5th planet from the Sun. Do recall my recent SUN comments
(Sirius ) as well.
Also the 'colors' of Jupiter being a goldenish-yellow- orange.

Recall my comments ( and many links ) about Donald Trump and the color Orange,
the Orange 76 sign in the Dawn of the Planet of Ape movie (see clip) and also
the two Golden Gates and what I believe will be an event at both Golden Gates
(Jerusalem as well as San Fran) possibly in the FALL ( Autumn)
Maybe your recent Golden Leaves syncs connects with this as well?

The Golden Gate bridge's color is International Orange
and also and lo and behold the setting in the movie The Dawn of the Planet of Apes
is in San Franciso. (see link of the Opening Scene, Virus Spreading)

Also in the opening scene clip below, the 'laboratory'
Genesis (the location of the monkey experiments)
shows what appears to be a lightning bolt in its logo.
Whose symbolism is the lightning bolt? ( check out marker/frame 0:14--0:17
in the clip below )

Also I found it interesting all the 'storms and rain and flooding
happening on the World Stage right now, especially in America and
the recent 20 inches of rain and flash flooding in Miami Florida.
Also all the many tornados. Do note that a tornado is a 'wind/air element.
Interesting connection to Florida
considering in this particular post you mention Florida.

Also who is in 'hot water' currently over a Stormy relationship recent?
Also recall my comment and links to Donald Trump's 2018 Time magazine
Stormy cover ( link below )
Note in both of the Time cover illustrations Trump's hair is blowing.

Ra1119bee said...


And last but not least,

Part 4
Also in the opening scene clip listen to the mention of the primate being exposed
to the virus and the number. AEL Z 113.
Recall several months ago my comments on your blog about my 2015 dream
I titled: Number 113.

Also in the clip below note OBAMA makes an appearance.

Also as I shared previously, on the movie poster of The Dawn of the Planet
of Apes is a photo of the Golden Gate bridge in the background
and also the date July 11 which July 11, 2014 was the release date
of the movie.
On July 11 2024 supposedly Donald Trump is to be sentenced.

Coincidently, July 11, 2024 is on a Thursday.
Guess what day is sacred to Jupiter?

Also, the Roman Sky Father Jupiter ruled under a Triumvirate governance,
which I think I shared my perspective and
prediction about the New Atlantis and Obama ushering in a Triumvirate governance.
Also in the Windows dream, I made reference to Obama.
As stated several times, I don't think we've seen the last of Obama.

copy and paste from wiki:
"The Capitoline Triad was a group of three deities who were worshipped in ancient Roman religion
in an elaborate temple on Rome's Capitoline Hill (Latin Capitolium).
It comprised Jupiter, Juno and Minerva."

Also you posted the photo of the Gorilla statue with its
arms up, and the person in the photo: A Season In Hell,
with his arms up as well.
What's interesting is the hands up gesture appears many times
in the Beatles video: I am the Walrus.

Although you might think there is not a connection to the gorilla
hands up in the Beatles Walrus, I beg to differ.
Remember the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is about a Great Fall,
(a Fallen Empire).
Humpty Dumpty (the Eggman) is also about a Fall .

Check out the two hands up gestures in the Walrus vid
starting about marker/frame 2:18

When I read your post today, I thought :
'Dem Sync Faires be busy.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - Opening Scene, Virus Spreading

Movie Poster ( note the bridge and July 11 )

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 「the Weight) In this scene note the looking
into a Window )

The Beatles - I Am The Walrus

How beautiful upon the mountains are their feet!

In his July 21 post " Twister, 'The Extreme', and Shine On ," William Wright mentions a couple of Book of Mormon passages ...