Monday, June 3, 2024

I said hello. Can you hear me, Joe?

Back in November 2023, I posted “Read my lips: no new syncs,” calling a moratorium which was almost immediately violated by Tim, who required that I be asleep in order to deliver his message and accomplished this by chanting “Sleep now, O sleep now” until I obliged.

In my “no new syncs” post, I included this page from Dr. Seuss:

William Wright, who had been on the point of proposing a female identity for my sync fairies, saw Tim as an impostor and identified him with Saruman and with the wire-cutting mouse.

This year, on Joan’s Day, William revealed that he had also been planning on identifying Joan when things were interrupted by Tim.

A few days ago, I posted a dialogue from a textbook which begins with Joan saying, “Joe! Joe! JOE! Hello?” She wants Joe to wake up and go to the window to see the snow, but Joe wants to sleep. I tied this in with a scene from Help! in which the baddies call Ringo on his black telephone and chant, “Go to the window. Go to the window.”

Here’s the page immediately preceding the one I posted in November:


WanderingGondola said...

This reminded me of a Kill_mR_DJ mashup I looked at on May 25. Plenty of hellos and telephones:

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Originally posted May 31, 2016

Ra1119bee said...


Do you think it's a coincidence that this Seuss 'Bird' is Yellow?
Yellow is the color of Fire, no?

The yellow creature on the phone in this illustration is from Dr. Seuss's book
One Fish Two Fish,and although the yellow creature is not described
as to if it's a bird or not, in Seuss' book:
The Sneetches and Other Stories, the sneetches are yellow birds.

In one fish two fish, note that most ALL of the illustrations
are in the colors of red and yellow.
( see link)

Recall my comments about the
Time magazine 2018 cover of Donald Trump's yellow hair on fire

The PHONEx is the Phoenix. The Bird that rises out of the ashes.

Both HELLo and Yellow have twin El's (LL).
Recall my many comments about the El's aka the 11's and the Shining Ones.

The CELL Phone is a conduit/portal to transhumanism i.e.the Übermensch.
Transhumanism has always been the final frontier.

In the movie Help, Ringo is being summoned to : go to the window' by
the antagonists who are all stuffed inside an iconic British Red PHONE booth.

Both yellow and red are the colors of fire. A Sirius Urgent element indeed!
Perhaps that urgency is why in the Maritime International Signal Flags,
the flag O for Oscar is yellow and red and means: Man Overboard.

Recall in the movie the Matrix, it was the phone that was the portal
in and out of the Matrix. Neo became a Übermensch.

The same with Clark Kent. The phone booth
was Clark's portal for transformation to Superman.

The same with the BAT Phone.( Batman)
A bat is also symbolic of transformation, which is why Batman wears a COAT/cape/cloak.
Recall my recent comments and perspective about Joan Arc and her coat/cloak.

A nocturnal bat 'sees' in the dark, (much like we 'see' beyond
the illusion in the dark when we dream).

A bat also hibernates upside down, much like a human baby does
when preparing for birth. (i.e. transforming from one place to another through
the portal of the vesica piscis).

Windows, gates, bridges, doors and phones are all portals.

Speaking of BEEtles and birds and hellos( i.e voice/talk singing) remember
the song by the Beatles; And your Bird can Sing ?

P.S. and yes, I know ( me being a huge Beatles fan), in Britian human females
are often referred to as birds.

And Your Bird Can Sing-- The Beatles

go to the window

And speaking of Hey(Hello) Joe and birds (females),
check out the lyrics of the 1965 song Hey Joe (sung
by Jimi Hendrix) which is: 'a woman done me wrong' song.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Hey Joe

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Ra1119bee said...


I forgot to add about the 11's.
Recall I shared on your blog a dream/esoteric experience
I had in 2003 which I titled: 11:11,
which after a gazillion hours and years of research, I've come to believe
that 11:11 means: El's-even. In order words: the twin Els are even.

In other words :meaning that the Positive Polarity 11's
and the Negative Polarity 11's( also
known as Black Magic ) have the equal ability to tap the same Übermensch power source,
which is the Sacred Science Knowledge via The Universal Language.

Much like a battery. That is, the power source is the same but it's
the ''intention' that determines if the power
source will be used for good or evil.
Of course, throughout time in this duality
dimension the struggle has always been good vs evil.

When I had the 11:11 experience in 2003 I was obsessed with it as I knew it meant
something that I needed to find the answer to as to what and why.

Recall in 2003 the internet was in its infancy and there was next to No articles
or information about 11:11 online at that time.
Now there are a ga-trillion hits.

Marshall and I didn't get our computer until 1998
and it was dial up. Yuck! So, information was slim to none back in the day.

What's interesting is that while researching the Seuss yellow bird , I came across that
One fish two fish video and lo and behold starting at marker/frame 2:06--2:18 there
is reference to the yellow bird, who is wearing a yellow hat and its number is 11.
Listen in the reading of the book, the wording: ' I wish I had eleven too!
Two(too) Elevens are 11:11.

I also found this interesting description regarding the colon in 11:11.
copy and paste wiki:
Score divider
In German, and sometimes in English, a colon divides the scores of opponents in sports and games.

Note that I just found this Seuss video today, after your post.
I haven't read any Dr. Seuss
books for over 50 years! so I had no clue as to the connection of yellow birds and 11.

However I'm not surprised about yet another 11 Easter egg crossing my path.
I have found throughout all these years that there is hidden 11 symbolism, EVERYWHERE.

Even when I went to the Monroe Institute in 2005, there was mention that Robert Monroe
(Remote Viewing) had an obsession with the number 11.

Which I had NO clue whatsoever
about Robert Monroe before I had the 11:11 dream in 2003.

I recall you referring to Remote Viewing in a few of your posts a year or so ago.
Check out the Third Eye Spies trailer (link below)

There is also a 'humpty' reference in the book one fish two fish.
Recall my recent comments about humpty.

Everything is connected,, no?

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Third Eye Spies

Go to the window; it’s dark but clear

In a period of just a few days, the following things happened: On May 30, William Wright proposed that the beings I know as Joan of Arc (Je...