Thursday, June 13, 2024

Night of a Thousand N-Words

In my June 2 post "What shall we do with the drinking salesman late in the morning?" I quoted a couple of paragraphs from Rimbaud's A Season in Hell and then said I would refrain from quoting the next one so as to avoid causing unnecessary offense:

I’ll stop there, since the next paragraph uses the nigger word six times in four lines, and I wouldn’t want to invite the wrath of Google. I may not have much more moral sense than Rimbaud, but I at least understand that you never ever say or write the nigger word, not even when quoting a dead French poet who used the nigger word, not even if he was using it metaphorically and without reference to actual niggers. Even one nigger word would be reckless; six nigger words in one paragraph would be inviting a calamity on the scale of the Night of a Thousand Shits from South Park.

For those of my readers who ain't got no culture, that's a reference to the classic South Park episode "It Hits the Fan," in which a TV show announces in advance that someone is going to say shit in an upcoming episode. This generates so much publicity that other programs try to get in on it, and it soon spirals out of control, with new shows appearing like Must Shit TV and Night of a Thousand Shits, which basically consist of nothing but the word shit. Only too late does the world discover that it is very literally a "curse word," which brings a terrible plague and unleashes a dragon.

Yesterday, just 10 days after I'd imagined a similar scenario playing out with the nigger word instead of shit, I happened to see this Mark Dice video on YouTube, about some lady I'd never heard of getting canceled for saying (hold onto your pearls) "broke-ass nigga" on TikTok -- I mean, not even with a "hard r," and with no racial meaning. Big whoop. But I guess I take Dice's word for it that it's big news among people who like that sort of thing.

Dice's proposed solution to this kind of lunacy is -- well, basically Night of a Thousand Shits:

In reality, the Daily Wire host should start dropping that word on a daily basis. They should call it, like "N-Word Week" and just start saying it all the time. . . . Jeremy Boreing is in a position to have like an "N-Word Day" at the Daily Wire, where he tells all the hosts, "We're going to break the stigma. Everybody just start saying it."

I thought it was a bit of a coincidence, coming so soon after my post.


Ra1119bee said...


And here we are ( humanity, collectively) once AGAIN allowing ourselves
to be manipulated by the mouse ( in this case rats) and the rats diabolical ability
to cut/cleave our communication with our fellow man/woman.
(See my previous comments about Yellow Bird and the mouse
in Dr. Seus' book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish)

The phrase ; " Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me",
comes to mind.

The "N's ' were created ( like all alchemical experiments) as a whipping boy
and to provide a perpetual cheap labor source (and entertainment)
to physically build empires, especially in America.

Strategies used in America were and in order to their
occurrence : 1. Chattel Slavery/miscegenation , 2. Sharecropping(Peonage)
3. Black Codes, 4. Jim Crow 5.One Drop aka Hypodescent 6. The War on Drugs
7. Black Lives Matter

Nothing more, nothing less.

We should never underestimate our opponents because after the N's
are no longer an asset, then the next 'N' will be humanity itself
via Transhumanism via Artificial Intelligence,
which has always been the Final Frontier.

Always know the WHYS i.e. The Big Picture of the workings of this duality
dimension and its 'illusion' because there always
is one. The Whos, Wheres, Whens, and Whats,
are just theater and are always in a state of flux.

What's that iconic quote by Orwell: "Some Animals are more Equal to Others",
and I would add ; Until They're Not.
Case in point :Check out the Peonage system and Indentured Servants.

Also check out a Bi-racial women in Colonial America named Elizabeth Keys
who was the WHY behind the enactment of Partus Sequitur Ventrem.

Everything is connected.

Ra1119bee said...


Correction: That Orwell quote should read:
" Some Animals are more Equal THAN Others".

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Preach! But what do you mean by “the Ns” were created as an alchemical experiment? Surely you don’t mean the Black race itself was artificially produced in the lab of some race-swapped Yakub?

Or do you mean the slur itself? I picture a linguistic Edward Teller working out how to create a word with the power of six million F-bombs!

Ra1119bee said...


I believe:

Alchemy is a Concept/theory/ideology ( turning lead(Saturn) into gold).

America was envisioned and manifested alchemically (sparked by the concept )
by our 'opponents' who were the ELite of their day, and still are.

The One Eye were/are the 1 percent OF the one percent. They are the 1 eye
on the detached capstone of the pyramid. I call them the Eights.
The Eights are Bloodline. Perhaps they were/ are the Nephilim and descendants of
in the Bible?

The one percent work for and serves the Eights. The one percent are the very
tip top of the spear of the Pyramid directly under the one eye.
I call them the 11's (El's ).
The El's may or may not be Bloodline.

The El's were/are the Conquerors. They were/are navigators, aviators, mathematicians,
Alchemists, Occultist ( by occultists I mean they KNEW Of the Universal Language i.e
The Sacred Science and they knew/ know how to manipulate it so as to control it )
... the EL's were proponents of eugenics and depopulation...
and masters of Divide and Conquer.

In No way shape of form did the El's think of the Europeans ( the Christians)
as their Equals because the Europeans were NOT bloodline, which is why
the Europeans were recruited as Indentured Servants to either serve in the wars
or to learn a trade to help build the empires. The Europeans also served
as Divide and Conquer fodder as well.

This would make sense and answer the WHY ( at least to me),
the Pursuit of Property was changed to the Pursuit
of Happiness.
I believe it was changed because the El's were never going to allow
those who were not Bloodline to 'own' property
in America, just the 'illusion' of ownership.
That illusion is called property taxes.

America was always an experiment to be built as an Empire (using Black People
symbolically as the Nigredo, the first step in Alchemy )
as a cheap labor and entertainment ( for distraction and Divide
and Conquer ). America was to be destroyed ECONOMICALLY at the Shifting
of Ages which we (ALL OF US collectively ) are now on the precipice of , so
as to usher in The New Atlantis, which was and has always been the destiny
for America.

John Dee started the baal ( ball ) rolling which the first step was to control time
and find Plato's New Atlantis which they believed was on the 77th Meridian
West aka God's Pole.

The Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Moors, French knew of the power of the 77 Meridian
ley line as well which is the reason WHY their ad-mixture is present throughout
the Caribbean AND in North America.
Ask yourself, who built the MOUNDS in North America, Mississippi, Gulf Coast,
Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, etc. People here WAY before so called 'Columbus'.

copy and paste ( John Dee and God's Meridian ).Link below.
"If we consider the 292-year period from 1588 through 1879 we find that the vernal equinox always occurs on March 21 in the Dee Calendar for any longitude from 75°30' W to 78°30' W (using apparent solar time). Thus during 1588-1879 God's Longitude was this 3-degree range of longitudes, centering on 77° W. It is interesting to note that the longitude of the Capitol Building in Washington DC (denoted zero degrees by the District of Columbia's original architect Pierre L'Enfant ca. 1790) is 77°0' W. Coincidence?"
Everything is connected, no?

Manly P. Hall

John Dee and God's Meridian

The 77th Meridian - Part 1

Ra1119bee said...


Regarding your question : "I picture a linguistic Edward Teller working out how to create a word with the power of six million F-bombs!"


My response : It doesn't much matter WHO created the slur, but more importantly

Words are like swords and used for a very specific purpose which again,
(that purpose and Big Picture i.e. the WHYs ) is to continually demonize
Black people so as to create and maintain a whipping boy
to use as fodder for the upcoming spiritual
and civil wars which again, was always planned.

As far as the whipping boy and cheap labor,
that's been accomplished. The Empire has been built
and because of Artificial Intelligence human labor (
cheap or otherwise) is no longer needed. Again, it was always the plan.

Why do you think the N word is so predominantly
used in Rap music by Black puppets who are used by our opponents,
and who (our opponents) in many instances: write, produce, bankroll
and network for sale ,the so called 'music'.

The Rappers are used as a tool, much like the Black Preachers in Antebellum South
were used to sing, dance and preach whatever they are told to sing, dance and preach
so as to keep the collective exactly where they(our opponents) want them
(the collective) to be, say and do.

Do you really think the Black Preachers knew what the Bible said and meant?
How could that be when Black people were forbidden to read?
The Bible is written in Code, Gematria and symbolism which is why
it's difficult to read for many people.

The WHYS i.e. the Big Picture is where the Truth is found.

IMHO, of course.

How beautiful upon the mountains are their feet!

In his July 21 post " Twister, 'The Extreme', and Shine On ," William Wright mentions a couple of Book of Mormon passages ...