Sunday, June 9, 2024

Over troubled water

At the end of my last post, I mention listening to two songs on YouTube: "The Sound of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel, and then Emily Linge's cover of Ben E. King's "Stand by Me." Since I listened to both and gave each a thumbs-up, the algorithm figured that what I wanted to listen to today was Emily Linge singing Simon and Garfunkel, namely "Bridge over Troubled Water":

I soon as I saw the title, I figured it was synchronistically relevant. St. Peter has been in the sync-stream of late, particularly in his role as "first pope." He went by two different names, Simon and Peter, the latter meaning "stone." The name Garfunkel ultimately derives from the Latin carbunculus, meaning "reddish, bright kind of precious stone, probably comprising the ruby, carbuncle, hyacinth, garnet." Catholics consider Peter to have been the first pontiff, a title which literally means "bridge-maker." So when Simon and Garfunkel sing about a bridge, that seems likely to have something to do with Peter.

Furthermore, Peter has been associated recently with the title character of the Yeats poem "The Song of Wandering Aengus," in which Aengus pursues a "glimmering girl." I figured this tied in with the "silver girl" in "Bridge over Troubled Water," and I saw that Emily was even wearing a glimmering silver dress to sing it, as if in costume as the glimmering/silver girl herself.

When I played the Emily Linge video, though, I found that she had changed the lyrics -- something she never does! -- and replaced "silver girl" with "children." Now this is unacceptable. Children don't need a bridge over troubled water, nor do they need to sail. When the water is troubled, they wade.

Since Emily had dropped the ball on the "silver girl" bit, I decided to listen to the original. When I put bridge over troubled water in the search box, though, what came up was another Emily Linge cover of the same song, uploaded just a month ago. She's wearing the same silver dress, and this time she gets the lyrics right:

A few hours after writing the above, mentioning three different ways of crossing "troubled water" -- sailing, wading, and using a bridge -- I read this in Louise Varèse's English translation of Arthur Rimbaud's A Season in Hell:

Jesus walked on the troubled waters. The lantern showed him to us, erect, white, with long brown hair, on the flank of an emerald wave.

Yet another way of crossing troubled water! And of course, Jesus was one of two people to walk on water, the other being Peter. The "emerald wave" also syncs with one of Ramer's recurring dreams in The Notion Club Papers:

There is a Green Wave, whitecrested, fluted and scallop-shaped but vast, towering above green fields, often with a wood of trees, too; that has constantly appeared.

This is presumably a vision of the destruction of Númenor, which happened in the reign of its last king, Ar-Pharazôn -- whom William Wright identifies with Peter.


Bruce Charlton said...

Although I don't wish to encourage you - I feel obliged to point out that yesterday I listened to S&G's Sound of Silence and BoTW on Youtube for the first time in... ever.

This was triggered by re-watching The BBC series The Detectorists, where there is a running joke about two rival/ evil detectorists that our heroes have nicknamed Simon and Garfunkel, and they try (covertly) to work-in song references whenever the two pairs converse.

Ra1119bee said...


Maybe the troubled waters is the bitter sea.

Interesting this :

copy and paste ( link below)
"The name Mary means "bitter sea," and St. Bonaventure saw that
meaning as a reference to her role in spiritual warfare.
The Blessed Virgin was named Mary, a name in Hebrew that has
a very interesting meaning"

I believe that when our Soul falls down from the divine source (God ) we fall into
the bitter sea, birthed through Mary via the fish (vesica piscis).

I believe this duality dimension is the bitter sea.

The bridge of course is a portal. Recall my many comments about the two Golden Gates
and what I believe their symbolic and iconic role in the Shifting of Ages
i.e. The Great Reset.

If I were to bet, I'd bet Simon and Garfunkel, both Jewish,
are familiar with the bitter sea.

Also regarding your reference of Garfunkel and the ruby, recall the recent sync streams
and my comments about the Beetles movie Help and Ringo's ( symbolic of Saturn) ruby

Ruby is also the gemstone of the Zodiac sign Cancer ( which Richard Starkey
is born in the Zodiac sign Cancer). July is also the beginning month
of The Dog Days of Summer.

And speaking of Garfunkel and rubies and Siriusly hot, note that Garfunkel
was born on Nov 5, Guy Fawkes Day (aka Bonfire Night) .

Recall my previous comments about the colors of yellow and red
and Fire and the Phoenix.

Also note that election day in America this year is Nov 5.

And speaking of dark knights and jokers,
why so sirius? ( note the Joker's reference to the father's drinking problem(
of course alcohol being the fire water).

Ra1119bee said...


I want to clarify something I wrote.
I wrote that the soul is birthed through Mary the bitter sea.
Of course, as we all know, not all women who give birth are named Mary.

Mary is just the archetype symbolic of humanity's mother.

P.S. However, having said that, my mother's name was Mary!!

Ra1119bee said...

Part 1

I just found this very interesting puzzle piece connection to the Weight,
and the Weight causing the Fall of humanity, and also a connection to Dawn.

Here's the puzzles pieces:
First and foremost do recall my many recent comments on your blog and
on WW's blog about my perspective and predictions on : the Falling Down of humanity
and the fall of the American Empire. Also The Weight meaning in regard to the
Egyptian goddess Maʽat.

Another puzzle piece (which I had forgotten about!) was the 2014 movie
DAWN of the Planet of the Apes.

On the wiki page, check out the movie's poster. See the falling bridge?
Recall my recent bridge comments.
Also check out the poster and the release date of the movie.
July 11 sounds familiar??
If not see New York times link below.

Here's a brief copy and paste of the plot of The Dawn of the Planet of Apes.
from wiki:
"Ten years after the spread of the deadly Simian Flu pandemic,
the human population has been reduced to only about 14 million,
with only those genetically immune to the disease surviving the pandemic;
most of human civilization has collapsed".

The clip shows a group of the survivors attempting to fix the grid,
which has been destroyed by the global collapse.
The survivors come upon a 76 gas station and one of the survivors was able
to connect wires which starts the music playing. The song is The Weight.

I recall seeing this movie in 2014 at the theater and I recall wondering
WHY (of all the songs available ) would the screen writers choose
that particular song?

As all investigators know, the WHY is where the truth can be found.
I've always been a WHY gal searching for answers to the Big Picture.

When I found this clip today on youtube ( while searching more
of The Weight videos),the reason this clip caught my eye was not only because
of my recent comments about The Weight, but also because of the wording DAWN.

Ra1119bee said...

Part 2

I also think there is a hidden clue behind the gas station Union 76.
I find it interesting that the orange spinning ball is very iconic
and significant in the company (Phillip's 66) history.

Also 7 +6 = 13 which when reduced to a single digit (1+3), equals 4.
Recall my previous 13 (13 resembling the letter B)
and my comments about the number 4.

Of course, the number 4 being the door (portal ).

And last but not least and speaking of portals and Golden Gate Bridges
note that the 2011 Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie also features
a Golden Gate Bridge takeover scene.(see link)

A whole lot of coincidences, no?

Down of the Planet of the Apes (the Weight scene). I think the word Down
is obviously a typo for Dawn.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Trailer ( note the gold ,yellow and red hues )

July 11 date

Apes vs Humans - Bridge Battle - Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

Go to the window; it’s dark but clear

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