Thursday, June 6, 2024

What's the connection between Joan and Claire?

In his May 30 post "'Naming' Joan (and 'Beware this one!')," William Wright proposes that the beings I know as Joan of Arc and Claire Delune are actually one and the same, and also the same as one of the beings he has been in contact with, one of "a group of laughing women" whom he thinks of as the Daughters of Asenath. It is strongly implied that this being may not actually have anything to do with the historical Joan of Arc even though "that is how she has allowed herself to be thought of for a few reasons." In his June 4 post "The French Connection" he refers to "Joan-Claire" as if the identity has been established.

As the person who has actually interacted with these two women, I'm still not quite sold on the idea, though I haven't ruled it out.

Basically, Joan and Claire just feel like very different presences. My first two encounters with Joan, on January 1, 2021 (see "Can you just choose a patron saint?") were absolutely overwhelming. The sense of goodness and purity was so intense that it left me trembling and in tears. I felt very much as if I'd literally been in the presence of a goddess. A year later ("Softly now"), she manifested again in a way that I wrote was "a good deal subtler" but "still unmistakably her." If William's theory is right, then I suppose that 2022 manifestation is the missing link between Joan in her glory and the much more approachable Claire.

Unlike Joan, Claire first appeared in a dream and only later in waking life. In her first appearance, on January 5, 2024 ("Rapunzel and the True Song of Wandering Aengus"), she didn't actually appear in visual form, but my impression was "of a blonde woman who looked as if she might burst into laughter at any moment." In that dream, although I understood that she wanted to be called Claire Delune, I knew that was not her real name, and she spoke English. Then on January 21 ("The Green Door finally closes"), I "heard" a mental voice that sounded like Claire's saying in French that the Rosary was "one of the keys." I guess this is a potential link to Joan, as she was speaking French and delivering a "Catholic" message. (I'm not sure whether the historical Joan would have known a form of the Rosary or not; the history there is a bit murky.) I didn't assume the voice was Joan, though; I assumed it was Claire. If the 2022 manifestation was "unmistakably her," the 2024 one was not. Of course, the 2022 manifestation came on the anniversary of the original two, and I was actively anticipating a repeat visit; the lack of that context in 2024 may have led to my misidentifying the voice. I don't think so, though. They're just different. With Claire, the dominant impression is exuberant playfulness, which is quite distinct from Joan's affect, and they're also just different in a directly experienced way, the way two different people have different faces and voices.

After I read William Wright's May 30 post, Claire reappeared (for the first time since January) and has done so almost every day since then. Usually this is just an intense feeling of presence with her particular "flavor" to it, but there have been a couple of verbal messages. As soon as I had read the sentence proposing that Claire was Joan, she chimed in with a French pun: "C'est clair : c'est Claire!" -- "This much is clear: It's Claire!" Then, on June 2, she said in English, "Consider the lilies." That's a line from the Sermon on the Mount, of course, but also a link to Joan, who bore a banner "whose field was sown with lilies" -- and also, more surprisingly, to Tim. Tim didn't appear under that name until November 2023 ("Well, that didn't take long"), but I quickly reached the conclusion that the anonymous man who visited Whitley Strieber in Toronto on June 6, 1998, was this same Tim ("'Tim' and The Key"). And what do you know, here I am posting this on June 6! In my 2022 post about Joan, I actually quoted this person I would later identify as Tim: "The most important thing that Christ said was 'be as the lilies of the field.' It is a message for the next millennium."

This, together with the recent sync in which Claire is Tim's assistant ("Tim, Claire, Diego"), makes me wonder if we need to reconsider William Wright's conclusion that Tim is basically the devil.

On May 30, as recounted in "Yeats, Joan, and Claire," I ended up, through a combination of hunch and serendipity, buying a secondhand Rider-Waite Tarot deck, something I would ordinarily never dream of doing. (I spent a couple of hours reconsecrating the whole deck, one card at a time, which seems to have worked. So far, no discernible influence from whoever the previous owner may have been.) In that post, the question of Yeats's possible influence on that deck came up, and I said he may have had a hand in the inclusion of roses and lilies on two of the cards: the Magician and the Ace of Pentacles. I posted a photo showing those two cards, plus the Ace of Swords, which resembles Joan's coat of arms:

As should be clear in that post, I was under the impression that those were the only two Rider-Waite cards to feature roses and lilies. That turns out to be incorrect.

This morning, since Claire seems to have had a hand in my acquiring this deck of cards, I decided to see what it had to say about her. Asking "What is Claire's role?" I drew the Hierophant. This is Waite's version of the Pope card, which he for some reason renamed while keeping the image essentially unchanged and even adding more papal symbolism!

At first this threw me for a loop. The Hierophant typically represents established authorities, formal education, codified religious doctrine, and so on -- quite out of keeping with the spirit of Claire. Then I noticed the crossed keys. This is a papal symbol, obviously, but one that does not appear on traditional Pope cards; Waite added it. It has also come up repeatedly here and on William's blog in various contexts. It definitely relates to Claire: In my first waking encounter with her, she said of the Rosary, "Yes, this is one of the keys" -- implying that there is a second key. In my May 30 post, I tentatively concluded that this very deck of cards was the second key.

Then I noticed the roses and lilies, on the vestments of the two monks in the foreground. Somehow I had never noticed that detail before. This, then, would be another card that potentially has Yeats's fingerprints on it.

Remarkably, in my February 7 post "What's the second key?" my thoughts on the two keys led me to the symbolism of roses and lilies:

I tried to think what attributes the other cross-key might have. One should be gold and the other silver, I guess, but that's not very helpful. Which is the Rosary, anyway, gold or silver? Maybe try a different tack. A rosary is literally a garland of roses, and lilies complement roses as silver complements gold. 

So I first thought the two keys might have something to do with roses and lilies, and then that one of the keys might be the Rider-Waite deck. Not until today did I discover that the Rider-Waite deck actually shows crossed keys juxtaposed with roses and lilies!

I still haven't worked all this out to my satisfaction, but for now my tentative conclusions are that Joan is literally Joan of Arc, that Claire is a different but allied being, and that Tim may end up being one of the good guys after all.


WanderingGondola said...

Uhm. I slept poorly on June 4, waking up at least four times, and three of them presented oddities. Only the final seems immediately relevant: three words floated very briefly into mind. The first was raiment and the second probably de or du, but couldn't retain the third except for a vague sense it too was French. (Frommage kept coming to me later in the day, but a search showed the valid word only has one one M, and it means "cheese", so makes little sense in context.)

BTW, for whatever it's worth, I've never wavered from feeling it's a high probability that Tim is benevolent. Reading The Key for myself (back in November) was only a small contribution.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

“And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow” (Matt. 6:28).

How cheese fits in is anyone’s guess. “Blessed are the cheesemakers?”

WanderingGondola said...

Well, that is a Monty Python quote, just from Life of Brian instead of Holy Grail (as with the Wizard Tim).

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Googling "raiment de," the first result is a clothing brand called Raiment de Molière.

Molière has come up on this blog before, and the comments immediately turned to cheese.

Ra1119bee said...


Interestingly of how many past syncs discussed in this blog
( at least for me personally) is hidden in this Rider-Waite mystical
Tarot card The Hierophant which includes:

Roses(Ancient and Mystical Order Rosæ Crucis),
Shushans/ Lilies(Golden Gates), and what appears to be (at least to me)
Tulips( note the white tulips on the cloak of one of the worshipers standing
at the feet of The Hierophant who is also known as the herald i.e.
the messenger or the teacher of wisdom).

Also, hidden Easter eggs discussed in past syncs and shown in
this Rider-Waite Hierophant card include :
the Hierophant sitting in the middle of the two pillars
the pillars symbolic of 11 or the letter l(LL) i,e the twin El's,
holding the Specter, all the X's/Crosses including on the keys
(X symbolic of Osiris Rising).

The Hierophant's number being the Penta number 5 symbolic of the quintessence
fifth element, ether,5 is balance and harmony of the duality(2 hands 2 feet,
five fingers 5 toes), 5 is the midpoint between 1-9.

The number 5 is also
symbolic of transformation (endings and beginnings), aka the Jubilee.
Recall I shared on your blog my July 14, 2014 Moon River Dream which that
dream was about chaos occurring because of the disappearance of the moon.
In the dream, there was reference to a 50,
which I felt a 50 was some type of gun (firearm-power source).

Which, and speaking of power (and of course I'm sure you know all of this)
but Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and the largest
planet in the solar system which is an interesting twist considering
and according to Roman mythology, the Roman deity Jupiter being a sky deity,
also associated with the eagle, the lightning bolt,
an oak tree and the day Thursday.

Also Jove ruling in a Capitoline triumvirate) governance, which I've shared
my perspective several times as far as what I believe will be another entity
(also symbolic of an eagle) will be ruled by triumvirs in the not too distant
future ushering in The New Atlantis.

Interestingly the Penta-gon sits on the 77 Meridian West in DC.

And last but not least on this particular Rider-Waite card, the colors Yellow and Red
are very prominent.

Also when using the Tarot for divination, doesn't the orientation of the card (either
upright or reverse) have different meanings? Somewhat reminds me of what I believe
as far as in a duality dimension all power sources can be used for good OR bad,
i.e. the honey Or the other words: depending on the intent.

Another example regarding the intent would be in what direction
a 5-point star is placed.
Inverted... or not inverted.
Intent means everything.

Everything is connected, no?

Ra1119bee said...


I forgot to add these interesting tidbits about Jupiter;
I'm not surprised about the orange-red-yellow connection.

copy and paste ( link below )
What Color is Jupiter?
The iconic images of Jupiter show that it reflects many shades of white, red,
orange, brown, and yellow. The color of Jupiter changes with storms and wind in the planet’s atmosphere.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Debbie, you will recall that it was the tulips on Oswald Wirth's Tarot cards that led to our first "meeting." Wirth, being Swiss, was heavily influenced by the Tarot de Besançon, which replaces the Popess and Pope cards with Juno and Jupiter. His own Pope card is traditional, but his interpretation of its symbolism was heavily influenced by the tradition identifying it with Jupiter. I don't remember the details, but you can read his take in Le Tarot des imagiers du moyen-âge.

Ra1119bee said...


Yes, I absolutely remember how we 'met'. I do not believe
that is was a coincidence.

After I had the Tulip dream
on Oct 3, 2021, I recall researching starting with Wiki and I just could not
find what I felt to be a connection to the dream, until I read this in wiki
on Tulips :

copy and paste
"The tulip occurs on a number of the Major Arcana cards of occultist Oswald Wirth's deck of Tarot cards, specifically the Magician, Emperor, Temperance and the Fool, described in his 1927 work Le Tarot, des Imagiers du Moyen Âge".

When I read that, I googled Oswald Wirth and read that he was a Swiss alchemist,
and it was then I KNEW I'd found my connection because (as I've shared before on your blog) I had a dream on 11/22/2018 ( note the master numbers 11 and 22 )..
which I titled the dream Oscar, which the Oscar dream took place in Switzerland and in the dream Oscar refers to BERN. Oscar who was White,
had red hair and a ruddy complexion and wore a rust/red color cap.

After the dream I did a google search of : red hair, ruddy completion, red cap
and lo and behold this article came up (see link) and I shouted out:
That's Oscar!!!

Marshall said ; What are you talking about??!! ;-))

I later found out the cap was a Phrygian cap,
which I had no clue about Phrygian caps BEFORE
the dream. Absolutely no clue whatsover.

I also found your Magician Table's blog which I knew I was in the right place
especially given the fact that the setting of the Tulip dream
was at a restaurant with tables. If you recall I've shared my Tulip
dream on your blog several times.

While researching the Switzerland connection, I found all kinds of puzzle pieces that connected to other dreams and esoteric experiences I've had over the years including 'meeting' Rudolph Steiner in a dream in 2003 and my 2011 Fama Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis
dream in 2011, and the Fama dream which led to Steiner's Goetheanum.

I've also gathered puzzle pieces from the Oscar dream making the connection to the Spectre
(the EIGHTS) and Greenland and the direction North.


Ra1119bee said...


I forgot to add, Lilies and Tupils are in the same family: Liliaceae.
Recall I shared my 2008 Suzy dream with you a couple of years ago
as well.

Ra1119bee said...


Just one more thing, I just noticed the Phrygian Cap article that
I linked was dated 2022 and while this 2022 article may not have been the exact
Article I found after the Oscar dream in 2018, the illustration of 'Oscar'
is Exactly the same illustration I found in 2018 , perhaps in another article.
I actually put this Oscar illustration in my photos folder.

I do recall clearly shouting out : Oh My God , that's Oscar!!

Also when I found this article today, I immediately thought of all
of the recent Joan of Arc syncs of late. Of course I didn't know
at the time of my Phrygian cap research, nor do I recall reading or
making the connection of Joan of Arc with the French Revolution
and the Fleur de lis (the Lilies).

Maybe Joan was a Lily.

William Wright (WW) said...

"Raiment de...".

So something like "Garment of...".

That part sure does sound familiar.

William Wright (WW) said...

You are pretty convinced that you are the only one that has 'actually' interacted with Claire. You sure about that?

I also think her view counts too - not just what you decide to rule out. She did seem to agree with my assessment fairly immediately, as you related.

A couple other thoughts if helpful:

My guess is the Lilies that you might need to consider at some point are the ones that the Numenoreans destroyed.

The pope card would be right on here. Peter was the original pope, and still holds the keys and specific authority in my story.

It might be worth a try to explore these keys within your own riddle as "who" they represent In addition to "what" they represent.

You ever see the Fifth Element? They finally figured out that the Element was a who rather than a what.

Maybe give that a shot. You've identified the Rosary (and the cross on it) and the syncs, I believe, at one point as your two Keys. That is the what. Who would those represent? And maybe have a male and female represented, and see where it goes?

And Tim is Evil, my man. Straight up.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Claire may well have been one of your laughing women, and I know at least one other person who has been visited by Joan of Arc (with her explicitly identifying herself as such). So far as I know, I’m the only one to have interacted with both “Joan” and “Claire” and can judge whether they seem to be the same being or two different beings.

My impression right now, backed up by the cards, is that something or someone is preventing Joan from manifesting now, and so she is sending (or perhaps disguising herself as?) Claire instead.

As for Tim, he hasn’t made his presence felt in quite some time, so I can afford to suspend judgment for the time being.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

If the keys are people, Claire may be implying that she herself is one of them. "C'est Claire [de Lune]" echoes her earlier statement "C'est l'une des clés."

William Wright (WW) said...

Yes, that is what I think, too. One of the keys in your story is Claire.

As far as to why 'Joan' isn't around right now, maybe because she finally took off the mask? Joan was just a symbol or a representation, and now the Being behind the symbol wants to be known a little bit better than that in how she interacts with you. That could be one possible explanation, at least.

Ra1119bee said...


Regarding the dialogue between you and WJT:

But doesn't symbolism just serve as a tool for the 'whats or the whos'?.

IMHO, our ultimate quest is to determine the WHYS i.e. the Big Picture
which is static.
There is always a Big Picture in this duality dimension.

The Who's and the What's are interchangeable and always in a state of flux.

"The more things change the more they remain the same."

In order words:
There's nothing new under the sun.

Ra1119bee said...


I would add the Wheres and the Whens to the Whos and the Whats.

For example and IMHO:
The Wheres, Whens, Whos, Whats, all serve as puzzle pieces.

Our dreams, esoteric experiences and synchronicities events are all puzzle pieces.

In a box of puzzle pieces , jumbled, scattered and confusing, is Chaos.
Because what and more importantly why, does all the puzzle pieces mean?

A perfect example (as far as the Whos)is the archetype (symbolism)
many of us know as the devil.

Think of how many 'devils and antichrists
(all cloaked with different names)
there has been throughout history and throughout all cultures.

History, much like a compass,
is a symbolic tool representing the Whens and the Wheres.

There always has to be a point of reference, which is why
Linear TIME was established. Recall my comments about John Dee.

In this duality dimension,
we (humanity) are controlled by the Wheel of Time/Saturn.

The Soul transcends linear time.

The Whos (the Antichrist ( in this example)
and the Whats is : creating Chaos which is fear.

The ultimate question and quest is to determine the WHY.
Why does a devil always exist in this duality dimension?
What is its purpose, its Big Picture?
Fear perhaps?

When we solve the WHYs of the puzzle pieces we begin to see the Big Picture
and when we see the Big Picture, we find balance and harmony.
( No more doubts, tensions, hate, fear, division, ego
in other words: no more chaos).

All of that WEIGHT we carry, that is: doubts, tensions, hate, fear, division
ego etc. prevents us from
entering a place of balance and harmony which is 'heaven'.

Recall the mythology of the Egyptian Maat and her feather.

Recall my recent comments and perspective about The Weight, the prime
video Outer Range, and humpty dumpty's
Great Fall.

We all have the gift of the 'shine',(whether we understand it or afraid of it or not).
The gift of shine is not exclusive to one 'special ' person
(in history or otherwise) ... or a group of certain people.

All IMHO, of course.

William Wright (WW) said...


Well, in my story it is all about Family and the love they have for each other. So, to me, the Who is really what matters.

Ra1119bee said...


I understand what you're saying,
however my point being is that the WHO is always in a state of flux
and that certainly applies to those we love, and also those we hate/fear.

The constant, the unchanging, the Big Picture ( i.e. the WHY) however,
is the LOVE itself (and I would also add the emotion of Hope).

In this duality dimension, it's Fear and Hope that serve as the two constants( i.e.
the WHYS)which dictates how we interact with our fellow man/woman( i.e. the family
of humanity ).

Fear and Hope, Hate and Love, Negative and Positive serve as the Big Picture, (the WHYS)
everything else ( the whats, wheres, whos, whens ) is just theater.... because
those elements are always in a state of flux like the changing of the setting and scenery
and characters in a play.

The characters in a play are archetypes. Joan of Arc is just an archetype of Passion which encompasses both fear and hope. This is my point when I say that I believe
the WHOS are irreverent. Fear and Hope is not.
There has been and will continue to be many Joans of Arc's.

All, IMHO.

Ra1119bee said...


I just want to clarify what I said about the WHOS being irreverent.
I meant to say that I believe the WHOS are somewhat irreverent because
of being in a state of flux.

Of course, even being in a state of flux,
we all leave our legacy behind, in someway shape or form,
be it a large or a small legacy, good, bad or the ugly.

I believe that humanity learns and earns insight, knowledge and growth
from the good (love) as well as the evil(fear).

So in that regard, and IMO,
it's our Legacy/Purpose that becomes the Big Picture, which answers
the WHY (at least to me) our existence here.

Go to the window; it’s dark but clear

In a period of just a few days, the following things happened: On May 30, William Wright proposed that the beings I know as Joan of Arc (Je...