Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Ramer on Humpty Dumpty

In my June 2 post “Just how far did Hinbad and Rinbad travel?” I explored an alternate interpretation of Rinbad the Railer, one which reminded me of something Bruce Charlton had posted back in 2011 about “Tolkien as a Lucid Dreamer of Faery,” which was based largely on the character Ramer in “The Notion Club Papers.” That piqued my curiosity enough that I started reading the NCPs (which, oddly, I’ve never read before), where I found that the etymology Christopher Tolkien proposed for Ramer was extremely similar in meaning to railer.

Today, reading a bit more in the NCPs, I unexpectedly ran into none other than the man -- or egg -- of the hour, Humpty Dumpty. The speaker is, naturally, Ramer (i.e. Rinbad the Railer):

If a haunted house were pulled to pieces, it would stop being haunted, even if it were built up as accurately as possible again. Or so I think, and so-called 'psychical' research seems to bear me out. In a way analogous to life in a body. If all the king's horses and all his men had put Humpty Dumpty together again, they’d have got, well, an egg-shell.

Update (12:45 p.m.):

About 10 hours after posting this, with its reference to Humpty as "the man -- or egg -- of the hour," I saw this on the wall of a bakery:

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Ra1119bee said...


Speaking of Lucid Dreaming,
Lucid dreaming was also a very significant part in Robert Monroe's work,
Hemi Sync.

Recall my recent comment about Monroe's obsession with the number
11, and check out my link to the trailer of the Third Eye Spies documentary.

Regarding Humpty Dumpty again, interesting the two words
dumpty and Fanny is symbolic of the "weight".

I believe that the weight is that which we carry** behind*** us,
which is: the good, the bad and the ugly.

The lyrics of the song The Weight, by the Band ( which was part of the music
score of the 1969 movie Easy Rider) is about a woman named Fanny.

If you haven't seen Easy Rider, please check it out, especially the ending
which is VERY symbolic to the ideology of the Fall.
I shared my perspective about this in a previous comment.

I found this interesting description of the meaning of the word/name Fanny.

Copy and paste
Fanny is a name of Latin origin that was initially used as a nickname for Frances, a name that was popular in Europe1. It was also a common name in ancient Rome, derived from the Latin name “Fannius”2. In medieval Europe, it became associated with femininity and beauty, often used as a diminutive of Frances or Francesca2.

The word "fanny" means "buttocks" in American English, and earlier British meaning "vulva"

Recall my recent comment about my perspective as to the meaning of Humpty.
and the Big Bang (intercourse).

Perhaps the Humpty Dumpty poem you posted on a previous post,
is a hidden symbolic message about The Great Fall
which I believe occurs when our soul falls from the God source into matter.
Man Overboard.

I believe that humanity is on the precipice once again
of a great fall from all of the weight we carry.
I don't think this great Fall will be our first rodeo.

And speaking of rodeo,
check out the Netflix series Outer Range which I believe interestingly
mirrors my perspective about The Fall, and the Weight we carry
( trailer link below)

Also please recall my previous comments about The Weight(Easy Rider) and the Beetles
I am the Walrus.

I also found the photo you posted of the pinecone shaped, yellow and red (ROSES) image
which you found at the bakery very interesting indeed.

My Senator Baker dream came to mind along
with the wording in the Italian proverb especially regarding "bread'.

Everything is connected.

The Weight - The Band

The Band The Weight (Easy Rider, 1969) ( note Billy's ( Dennis Hopper)
yellow and red 'fire' engine

The Beatles - I Am The Walrus ( note the yellow bus, red seats)
Also in the lyrics is mention of cornflakes. Didn't you have a sync stream
recently about cornflakes?

Outer Range trailer Season 2 ( note all the yellow and red hue)

Go to the window; it’s dark but clear

In a period of just a few days, the following things happened: On May 30, William Wright proposed that the beings I know as Joan of Arc (Je...