Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Planet Zero

I've been listening to this song a lot recently. Didn't notice the planet n00b connection until today.

The word n00b is spelled with zeroes.

Earth is generally thought of as the third planet, counting outward from the Sun. Planet 3 is Earth, Planet 2 is Venus, Planet 1 is Mercury, and I guess it follows that Planet Zero would be the Sun itself.

In the song, though, Earth is Planet Zero, implying a geocentric perspective. In a comment on my "planet n00b" post, Jason wrote:

Needs a comma.

There's no planet, noob. Earth is a flat plane and space is fake and gay.

"Needs a comma" and "fake and gay" tie in with my last post, "This is why we use commas with non-restrictive modifiers" -- which is about a news headline that needs a comma, and the headline is on a literally "fake and gay" topic. I also mentioned that I saw the headline on the blog The Secret Sun. If Earth is really Planet Zero, but few people know this, then it is a sort "secret sun." Finally, the headline was accompanied by a photo of (a man pretending to be) a woman with long blonde hair and a short red dress.

The "Planet Zero" video -- with a lead singer also named Smith -- features a (presumably real) woman who is similarly attired.

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ben said...

I was thinking yesterday about how the Fool card could kinda be considered 22 as well as 0

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