Thursday, July 7, 2022

If the Cabinet were full of Mormons

Not counting the VP, there are 24 members of the Cabinet of the United States. Mormons account for about 2% of the US population. Now imagine if a president gave a quarter of all Cabinet-level positions -- including three of the four highest-ranking -- to Mormons. Imagine if we had, I don't know, let's say
  • a Mormon Secretary of State
  • a Mormon Secretary of the Treasury
  • a Mormon Attorney General
  • a Mormon Secretary of Homeland Security
  • a Mormon Director of National Intelligence
  • a Mormon Chief of Staff
Wouldn't that be extremely noteworthy? I think everyone would be asking what was going on, why so many Mormons. Many would want assurances that the administration wouldn't be unduly influenced by the agenda of this tiny religious minority. Even Mormons and Mormon sympathizers would be wondering what was up and might even find the situation embarrassing, especially if the president himself was a Satanist. Yes, I think everyone across the board would agree that this was something very much out of the ordinary and would want an explanation.

Of course it could never really happen -- they're only 2% of the population! -- but it's fun to imagine.


Bruce Charlton said...

It could never happen that a small minority religious group could thus dominate... But if it did happen, and anybody mentioned it then it would only go to show how persecuted that group still is. Why shouldn't Mormons be allowed to succeed - is social exclusion being advocated, like the past?

And anyway, Mormons would deserve it in recompense for the wholesale demonization of Mormons and attempted military genocide (by the federal US government), only a few generations ago. This made Mormons an eternally persecuted victim minority, regardless of actual circumstances.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Yes, I agree. If it really did happen -- obviously impossible! -- I certainly wouldn't be so gauche as to mention it directly, but would make up some example about Quakers or something.

johnson said...

Its almost like Romney won in 2008, there are so many Mormons in the cabinet now. Oh wait its the Morons who didn't come to America on the boat with Nephi but came much later. Morons not Mormons. Nevermind. I can't mention them. That would be anti-moronic and that's a no no.

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