Wednesday, July 27, 2022

The Locust Grove crop circle

I really do have a lot of substantial philosophical and theological posts in my drafts folder, but the synchronicity fairies just won't let up with the fire hose. So my apologies to those of you who "just read it for the articles," but this blog is still in sync mode for the time being.

In "Break on through to the other side," I mentioned that I had done a one-card pull from the Rider-Waite, got the Eight of Cups, and noted its similarity to the Flammarion engraving. In my own notes on the reading, not published on the blog until later, I mentioned a mental image of

the overlapping circles of a Venn diagram (forming the vesica piscis where Christ sits enthroned in the Maiestas Domini icon), and I associated this with the strange object in the sky of the Eight of Cups (a combined crescent moon and full moon?)

My next post was "The Green Door," and Debbie left a comment all about yoni symbolism in connection with the Door, not knowing of my recent mental image of a vesica piscis (a yoni symbol) in connection with the Eight of Cups (a card I had featured in a post with a Doors lyric as its title).

The thing is, the object in the sky of the Eight of Cups doesn't really look anything like a Venn diagram or a vesica piscis. I just connected it with that at a conceptual level because it seemed to be a union of opposites (Sun and Moon, or full moon and crescent).

My posts sent Debbie looking through her old dream journals, though, and her attention was drawn to one dream in particular, called Serpent Holes. Some convoluted but inspired train of thought led her from that to Serpent Mound in Ohio and to the Locust Grove crop circle, which was discovered on August 24, 2003, less than 2,000 feet from the Mound. Here's a schematic drawing of the layout of the circle:

In "The vesica piscis and the blue moon," I noted that the "moon" on the Eight of Cups is not actually a circle divided into two parts by an arc (like the bright and dark parts of a crescent moon), but is a smaller circle overlapping a larger one. If you look at the silhouette of the entire object, it's not circular but has a convex bulge on one side. The resemblance to the Locust Grove circle is uncanny.

What the Locust Grove formation also includes -- but which is absent from the Eight of Cups -- is an explicit vesica piscis. This is mentioned in the write-up I linked (originally linked to by Debbie in her comment):

So I intuitively connected the Eight of Cups "moon" with the vesica piscis even though nothing in the image really suggests that; and Debbie, following the thread of her own dreams, stumbled upon a formation (in Ohio, which is where I usually say I'm "from"; in 2003, I lived less than 100 miles from Serpent Mound) which combines the Eight of Cups shape with a vesica piscis.

In a similar way, Ben looked at the Eight of Cups and for some reason thought of the Archangel Michael of Panormitas, even though I can't see any connection between the two at all except for the Sun and Moon on Michael's chest -- which Ben did not even notice until after he had made the link. This led me to look up other representations of Michael with a Sun and Moon, and I ended up finding one that corresponds perfectly to the Nebra sky disc -- which disc had also been brought up by Debbie in connection with her dream journal. This is an unusually collaborative sync-stream that's emerging; Ben, Debbie, and I all seem to be "in sync," so to speak.

The Archangel Michael, of course, is generally shown with his foot on the defeated serpent or dragon -- which syncs with the crop formation being so close to Serpent Mound. The file Debbie linked to about the crop circle even says that Serpent Mound probably represents the constellation Draco, identified by the Sumerians with Tiamat. In D&D, Tiamat is the evil counterpart to the good Bahamut, the Metal Worm.

If the serpent is the Metal Worm, who is Michael? He's Mr. Owl, of course. In the de Vos painting of Michael, written around his hand is the Latin motto Qui ut Deus? -- a translation of the literal meaning of the name Michael. In English, it would be Who is like God?

In the sky, Hercules is depicted with one foot on Draco -- in other words, he plays the role of St. Michael. In Oswald Wirth's Tarot, the Emperor is associated with Hercules, and he has a Sun and Moon on his breastplate just like the depictions of Michael we have been discussing.

Wirth also identified his Herculean Emperor with the Hebrew letter Daleth -- the Door. The Emperor is numbered 4, and his throne is a cube -- adorned with, if not actually an owl, at least a bird of prey.

In a recent discussion I was having with someone about the Owl Door, the number 64 and the word Lionclad (from a dream) came up. Lionclad clearly means Hercules, and 64 is the cube of 4. (Also, if 4 = Daleth = Door, 64 corresponds to Six Doors -- called Six Owl Door in English.)

It's also worth noting that my posts on Oswald Wirth's Emperor card are what first led Debbie to contact me.


Ra1119bee said...


I posting this in 2 parts.

Part 1

You wrote; It's also worth noting that my posts on Oswald Wirth's Emperor card are what first led Debbie to contact me.

My response: I actually had a dream on Oct 3 2021 I titled; Tulips, which while researching that dream is how I found your blog.

Upon awakening from the Tulip dream, I googled Wiki and as I read through the article,
which I felt nothing really 'clicked' until I read this sentence
in the wiki article;
The tulip occurs on a number of the Major Arcana cards of occultist Oswald Wirth's deck of Tarot cards, specifically the Magician, Emperor, Temperance and the Fool, described in his 1927 work Le Tarot, des Imagiers du Moyen Âge.
When I read that one sentence about Wirth being an occultist I knew I had found my connection. The fact that Wirth was a Swiss occultist from Bern validated my feeling as far as which direction to take my research.
Because the reason being, on November 22, 2018 I had a dream I titled ; Oscar which I think I shared the Oscar dream with you as well.

In that dream there is a Switzerland and BERN connection which after a gazillion hours of research I discovered the BR( Bears).
Do note that I did NOT have any clue about Switzerland and the Bern and the Bears before the dream.

I then googled Wirth and when I saw the Magician's Table Tarot card, I really knew I'd found my connection because the setting in the Tulip dream was in a restaurant with "tables".
(Please read the continuation of this in my 2nd post about the tables)

Also if you recall I shared with you a dream I had on March 10, 2017 which I titled: School Dues.
In that dream I was at a place which I felt to be a school with many people from all around the world.
In my School Dues dream journal I wrote that I met a man whom I felt
was from the Ukraine, although he never said that he was from the Ukraine.

I won't share the School Dues dream in its entirety here, but if you recall in Oct of 2021
(and in our correspondences) I told you that I believed that you were the 'Ukraine' man in
in the dream.

Also I do want to say this. I truly believe that Everything is Connected, which is why
and how, I believe, that I found you, and you found me.
I am seeking knowledge, much like the Norse God Odin.

I believe that we all are carriers of the Sacred Science knowledge
through our Soul.
When I find information (from research and from a vast spectrum of ideologies) and if any of that information 'connects' with my gazillion dream journals and esoteric experiences which I call 'puzzle pieces', then it helps validate (at least for me) that the Big Picture of the Puzzle makes sense and then it becomes my truth.
Much like an investigator , psychics see the Big Picture first, and then they use
their puzzle pieces to connect the dots.

In the School Dues dream journal I wrote
that at the school the people there were smarter than me as far as having literary competence, however I was there because I am a psychic, in other words, I source information from 'another place i.e the other side, which I believe that source is the Soul the domain of Intuition/Telepathy/Remote Viewing.

However, I believe WE ALL have psychic ability, not just me.

As far as The Serpent Mound and the Crop Circle, as stated, I live about 40 minutes away
from the Mound. And "coincidently" Marshall and I were down there the day after the Crop Circle was found, which we pulled over the side of the road which that road is State Route 73 which coincidently we live on State Route 73.

Many other cars were there but we were not permitted to walk in the field.
The Crop Circle link I sent you I'd never seen before or researched, and I was in complete
shocked when I found that information and that the Crop Circle at the Serpent Mound was in the shape of the vesica piscis, especially given the fact of the recent dialogue here on your blog.

Ra1119bee said...

Part 2

As far as your comment about Wirth's Herculean Emperor Tarot card and the Hebrew letter Daleth If you recall I shared my perspective about the Daleth and Delta being the doorway/gate/portal aka The Yoni.

Also in the photo of Wirth's Herculean Emperor Card, check out the black bird.
I've had many dreams of black birds over the years, including in the Serpent Holes dream.
Also if you recall I commented on your previous recent post which you titled;
The grizzly bear, six doors and an owl.
I wrote this:
Yet another interesting Bear connection is this:
Google the Coat of Arms for Saxony-Anhalt.
Saxony-Anhalt is where the Nebra Sky Disc was found.
Those BR's (Bears) are everywhere, no?

Also if you look on the photo of the Coat of Arms for Saxony-Anhalt, you'll see
that same black bird is on Wirth's Herculean Emperor Tarot card, and last
but not least, you'll see a Tulip.

Everything is Connected.

Here is the Tulip dream
Oct 3, 2021
I had a very interesting dream today. The dream is as follows..
I recall Marshall and I went to a restaurant. It wasn’t a fancy or expensive restaurant, more like a family style restaurant in other words the restaurant was local and not a chain.
The restaurant was packed, there were many people there, Black and White, old and young.
For some reason someone stood up from their chair and said a few words about themselves.
She or He (I can’t recall which) briefly introduce himself and told a little about his story.

The owners (who were White) of the restaurant thought this was good PR for the restaurant, and the owners suggested we all stand up and say a little bit about ourselves.

Although I liked the idea I told Marshall that I was going to pass when it came to my turn, as I have NEVER Liked anything having to do with public speaking.

At this point we all had gathered in a line and took turns introducing ourselves, but as stated, I didn’t want to do this, but I did anyway. I also decided that I was just going to use my first name and not my last as everybody else was stating their first and last name.
At one point one of the owners came up to me while I was standing in the long line and said to me: “ I want you to use the name Tulip.” I said Ok.
As my turn was rapidly approaching a young Black guy jumped in the front up the line before me, which I was ok with that, but the owners intervened, and I was next.

For some reason, the owners cleared all of the tables out of the restaurant, and made a large open space, much like a dance floor, and many of the people were still in line all along the perimeter of this makeshift dance floor. The owners then sat a chair in the middle of the open space dance floor, for me to sit.

I sat in the chair, and I recall I introduced myself as Tulip and began telling my story which was about me having esoteric experiences and dreams (many premonition) my entire life.

I woke up.

ben said...

Lots of doors on this blog recently. The place I'm staying has these three doors (that go nowhere) leaning against the wall in my bedroom:

Not sure what it means. On the blog there've been a green door, a moon that should've been blue... Maybe some talented synchromysticism persons could make something of it.

Ra1119bee said...


I'd like to respond to your post if I may and speaking for myself, I personally don't consider myself a talented anything.

However I have had many many many dreams with the numbers 5, 15 and especially 11.
I've also had many dreams and esoteric experiences with doorways, gates and windows.

From my personal experience and research I believe that the master number 11 is the visionary, having the ability to see beyond the 10. Which the 10 is our 10 fingers.

For example, with your arms stretched out in from of you, touch your right fingers with your left fingers and that entire space within the circle is the 10.
The visionary sees beyond the circle, beyond the 10.

William's commentary about the 1960's group The Doors and their song: Break on Through (to the other side) is a perfect example of what I believe is: seeing beyond the 10.

Jim Morrison called himself the Lizard King, by the way.
Of course that's a whole different rabbit hole.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...


The numbers on your doors make me think of the 7-Eleven chain of convenience stores. I'm not sure if it's the same in the US, but here in Taiwan -- number one in the world for 7-Elevens per capita -- their (appropriately door-related) slogan is "Always open, 7-Eleven." This is so well known that the slang term 7-11 zui, "7-11 mouth," is commonly used to refer to someone who talks too much.

The blue door in connection with 7-Eleven makes me think of my 2020 dream of Blue Harbor:

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...


I assume a woman of culture such as yourself is familiar with that immortal work of art, This Is Spinal Tap?

Ha! Watching the clip now, I see that it prominently features your husband's name!

Also, thanks for mentioning the Lizard King. Somehow that had slipped my mind, even with Doors syncs coming hot on the heels of lizard syncs. (I'm quite aware of Morrison's various monikers and even have a cat named Mr. Mojo Risin', so there's no excuse for not thinking of this myself!)

I suppose the Lizard King is identical to the Metal Worm?

Craig Davis said...

My impression of the "moon" on the Eight of Cups is that it represents a solar eclipse.

ben said...

@Debbie @Wm, thanks for the tips

Ben Pratt said...

Unlike 7-11, Serpent Mound is not always open. During a roadtrip almost exactly two years ago (August 5, 2020) we drove to Serpent Mound but arrived at 5:15 pm local time, 15 minutes after it closed. We did not know that it closed so early.

The door was closed.

WanderingGondola said...

It seems I'm syncing on lions now.

On July 14, I had a call from someone claiming to be my phone service provider. As the caller was using a mobile number and had a heavy exotic accent, he didn't get very far into his spiel before I cut him off, saying I didn't believe him, and hung up. I've never been so abrupt on the phone before, and it startled me that I'd had the confidence to do that.

Earlier today I was directed to an article in the local newspaper about phone scammers. The writer reported that a scammer had hit a woman's bank account every 30 seconds, a random amount each time, with the money transferred to an account with the name "Drothy". In the aftermath, the woman's bank gave her much grief, and only paid back half of the money she'd lost. With the bank having a lion for its logo, the article writer connected that and "Drothy" to the Wizard of Oz, opining the bank needs to drink from the Cowardly Lion's bowl of courage and step up its attitude and response to scammers.

For an extra sync, I read up about the Cowardly Lion on Wikipedia. At one point in the original Wizard of Oz book, the Lion keeps two "kalidahs" at bay, giving the Tin Man time to cut down a tree for use as a bridge. The kalidah monsters have the heads of tigers and the bodies of bears. How this links to me is, one of my friend Froggy's game avatars was named Khalidah. I never asked her where the name came from, assuming she made it up, and I don't recall that avatar having any gear relating to tigers or bears.

They have a fight, Triangle wins, Triangle Man

A monster made of hundreds of tiny triangles